Yarn Winder and Spinning Wheel Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Simple Niddy Noddy

Height Bottle Markings
7 1/2" tall including stopper (bottle is 6"),
2 1/4" in diameter
small round bottle, perhaps medicine or pharmacy
Description, including signature and date
This bottle, possibly nineteenth century, contains a simple niddy-noddy made of finely carved walnut. The stopper is turned and smooth. The bars at the ends of the central shaft of the winder are T's facing 90° from each other. Yarn was wound around the ends of the T's as a way of measuring lengths of yarn. Often the person winding yarn would say or sing a rhyme which had a refrain like this: "Niddy Noddy Niddy Noddy Two Heads and One Body." The verses would keep count of the number of circuits around the winder.

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