Yarn Winder and Spinning Wheel Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Thread Tree with Rings and Tassles

Height Bottle Markings
7" round bottle, 2-part mold; "Hance Bros & W" on the bottom, and "PHILA" (Hance Bros & White drug company)
Description, including signature and date
This bottle is similar in structure to the one above: a central post with radiating arms which have been threaded from end to end and decorated with tassels. But where the threads cross, they pass through small metal rings. The locking stopper is actually a metal chain with whittled wood drops on the ends. The top of the stopper is beautifully carved. It is signed on a piece of paper on the bottom: "Filled by F. L. Bennett" who made at least two other bottles like this, not pictured on this site.

Yarn Winders 11 - 20


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