Tools in Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Construction with Tools and Cutouts

Size Bottle Markings
6" little square bottle, no markings and either a broken off lip or there was never a lip applied.
Description, including signature and date
This little bottle was surely made by the same artist as allof the wishing well bottles and a construction bottle on the Miscellaneous #2 page. It contains support pieces at each corner which hold up thin cross pieces half way up and at the top. In the bottle section is a shaving horse* with INRI across it and a chalice and stump with a knife and an axe. These are decorated with bits of foil. On the upper level is a log and cross-cut saw. The stopper is carved and initialed with a G on one side and E on the other. A sticker inside says "Be Mine"

A shaving horse is a bench where woodworkers could sit and plane wood while holding it in a vice with a foot pedal.

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Tools in Bottles, 21 - 30