Tools in Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Construction with Tools and Foil

Size Bottle Markings

8 5/8" tall, 1 13/16" square small square bottle, no markings
Description, including signature and date
This little bottle was made by the same artist as the wishing well bottles, the two other tools bottles, and possibly the bottle with the doll and pearls in miscellaneous subjects. The contents are four posts in the corners and two levels of tools: a log and saw on top and a hatchet, axe, and shaving horse* on the bottom which has INRI on it, although there is no suggestion of a cross. It is decorated with foil and stickers, one of whice says "I Think of Thee". The stopper is chip-whittled and looks like a Chinese character.

*A shaving horse is a bench where woodworkers could sit and plane wood while holding it in a vice with a foot pedal.

Tools in Bottles, 1 - 10


Tools in Bottles, 21 - 30