Yarn Winder and Spinning Wheel Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Winder with Red and White Yarn

Height Bottle Markings
6" square bottle with truncated corners, no marking on glass
Description, including signature and date
The yarnwinder in this bottle is simple and wound with red and white yarns. The stopper extends down the neck and holds the winder in place. The bottle is signed on a piece of paper in the bottom: "Made by H. H. Hutchins Maquoketa Iowa 1915 Born Feb 5th 1839". This man made other bottles like this one which are not pictured on this site. Mr. Hutchins was a businessman and veteran of the First Iowa Cavalry in the Civil War. He founded a large cheese factory in Lamotte, Iowa, after the war, and later moved to Maquoketa where he started a roofing business. He was known as a great story-teller and left a large family of descendants. (From his obituary in the Maquoketa newspaper, February 1927)