Yarn Winders and Spinning Wheel Bottles

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winders.htmldth="50">8 1/2" including carved stopper,
2 7/8" in diameter
Small Picture
Description, including signature and date
Bottle markings
10" round quart, no markings This bottle contains a niddy-noddy winder wound with red, white and green thread which is tied in bows where the threads cross. (Full image)
8" including carved stopper flat flask type bottle This bottle contains a spinning wheel wound with white thread. Four carved figures stand on either side of the wheel, two men and two women. A fifth figure - a woman - sits on top of the shaft to which the wheel is attached. The stopper of the bottle is a large rack of carved chickens, a rooster in the center and two smaller ones on either side. It is signed "James Dixon Aug 2 1899" and is the second known bottle by the same artist. (Full image)
7 1/2" tall including stopper (bottle is 6"),
2 1/4" in diameter
small round bottle, perhaps medicine or pharmacy This bottle, possibly nineteenth century, contains a simple niddy-noddy made of finely carved walnut. The stopper is turned and smooth. (Full image)
13 1/4" tall, 5 1/4" in diameter pale blue gallon bottle, no markings This bottle contains a four-posted winder at the bottom, the posts about four inches tall and wound with tan and white thread in stripes. A bouquet of artificial flowers in the center fills the top of the bottle. It was found in the Netherlands and could be French. The bottle seems older than the flowers, which are in good condition and color. A rag is tightly stuffed into the top. (Full image.)
8 5/8" tall (bottle only), 10 3/4" tall with stopper,
3 3/8" in diameter
round pharmacy-type bottle, no markings The bottle contains a five-tier tree wound with red, white and blue yarn. Tucked into the crossed lines of yarn are little strips of paper printed with advertising for William S. Scobey, home decorating and repair, of Syracuse, NY. The stopper is a large acorn-shaped piece of turned walnut with a locking cross-piece. Full image, closeups, listing of all the paper strips and information about William Scobey.
10" tall,
3 1/2" in diameter
ONE QUART embossed near the bottom In the probably 19th century bottle from Canada is a heavy post with smaller dowels through it, top and bottom, at 90 degree angles and wound with a few strands of white thread. It also contains a cloth Union Jack and a hand-lettered paper label with the name "Mr. Will W. Campbell." A bird on a branch is painted on the outside of the bottle. The bottle has a locking stopper. (Full image)
7" tall,
2 1/4" in diameter
screw-cap LISTERINE bottle This wonderful bottle contains a finely carved, painted and polished single four-spoke spinning wheel on a turned shaft which stands on a beautifully carved pedestal. The wheel has a crank, and on a thin spike sticking out of the top of the shaft is a yellow and black bird. The maker of this bottle made another one just like it which is dated 1932; the bottle is probably from the midwest US. (Full image)
12" tall, inclulding carved stopper,
3 1/2" in diameter
round quart The yarn winder in this bottle is a complex structure, all painted red and gold, wound with red and white yarn. The bottle has a polished carved stopper with a locking cross bar. (Full image)
6 3/8" tall, 2" square no markings; 2-part mold seams up to the lip This bottle has a central wooden post with six levels of ivory arms. In three of the ivory levels, gold beads are threaded in holes in the arms. The ends of the arms have been wound in thread, and some of the arms have little blue or red tassels. (Full image and closeup)
7" 2-part mold; "Hance Bros & W" around the bottom, and "PHILA" (Hance Bros & White drug company) This bottle is similar in structure to the one above: a central post with radiating arms which have been threaded from end to end and decorated with tassels. But where the threads cross, they pass through small metal rings. The locking stopper is actually a metal chain with whittled wood drops on the ends. The top of the stopper is beautifully carved. It is signed on a piece of paper on the bottom: "Filled by F. L. Bennett" who made at least two other bottles like this, not pictured on this site. (Full image)

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