Crosses and Crucifix Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Triple Crucifix by Carl Worner

Height Bottle Markings
9 3/4" tall, 3 3/4" wide and 2 1/2" deep no markings, rectangular quart-sized bottle
Description, including signature and date
This is another fanciful crucifixion scene by the amazing Carl Worner, better known for his saloon scenes. This one is very similar to the one possibly made in Norwalk, CT, and has features similar to the one signed with Hanau (Germany). The arms of the bodies are attached to the back of the shoulders, like wings, and the faces are drawn in fine pencil. The crosses are plain and the decoration is made with Victorian-style stickers and cutouts. Signed and dated "K. Worner 1890" on the back (below). A fourth Worner crucifixion bottle shown on this website is larger and all decorated with pencil; it is not signed or dated.


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