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Susannah Deupree and William Crutcher

Susannah Deupree (1788-1815) married William Crutcher in Charlotte Co. VA in 1807, and they moved to Alabama in 1814.. She died en route in Louisiana. William Crutcher returned to Virginia and remarried, and his three children by Susannah Deupree were raised by their stepmother. They lived in Madison and Limestone Counties in northern Alabama. Three children:
S1. Mary Ann Frances Crutcher (1808-1881) m(1) 1829 Thomas Love (1804-1856), m(2) Joseph Holloway. This second marriage has not been found, but she is named in her father's probate records as Mary A., wife of Joseph Holloway, in 1868. In the 1870 census, she is listed as Mary A. Love. Ten children:
S1A. Susan P. Love (1830-1883) m.1851 Limestone Co. AL James Edward Hatchett (1825-1904). Lived in Limestone Co. Alabama. Six children:
S1A i. William Titus Hatchett (1854-1930) m. Maggie Tipton (1864-1942). Limestone Co. AL. Six children who survived infancy:
S1Ai a. James N. Hatchett (1883-1955).Married, no children.
S1Ai b. Thomas E. Hatchett (1887-1960) married. One child.
S1Ai c. Kathryn S. Hatchett (1889-1973) m. Lawrence Jacks. One child.
S1Ai d. William Carl Hatchett (1893-1977) m. Marguerite Clark (1902-1960). Two children.
S1Ai e. Lulu Hatchett (1897-1978) m. Jimmy Bradley. No children.
S1Ai f. Benjamin Franklin Hatchett (1900- ) m. 1930 Dorothy Schmidt. Florence AL. Four children.
S1A ii. Mollie Hatchett (1856-1929) m. Edwin R. Jennings (1847-1915) Fort Worth, TX. Three children.
S1Aii a. Lula C. Jennings (1881-1947) She was not married
S1Aii b. Edwin Roy Hatchett (1889-<1920) Supposedly married, one child.
S1Aii c. James Earl Jennings (1892->1929) Nothing further known.
S1A iii. Charles Edward Hatchett (1860?-after 1910) m. c1888 Ella Tanner, widow of Mr. Davis. Limestone Co. AL. Told 1910 census taker they had eleven children, eight living, but only three names are known:
S1Aiii a. Susie Hatchett (1888-1973) m. L. C. Callahan. Decatur AL. One child.
S1Aiii b. Mary Hatchett (1890- ) Nothing further known.
S1Aiii c. Nell Hatchett (1894- ) Nothing further known.
S1A iv. James Benton Hatchett (c1863-1927) m. 1898 Leta Bryan Stakeley (d 1932). Doctor in Alabama. Two children who survived infancy:
S1Aiv a. Stakeley Fonville Hatchette (1902-1951) m. 1926 Martha Tuten. Two children.
S1Aiv b. Charles Vernon Hatchette (1905- ) m. 1943 Dorothy McCanne. Four chldren.
S1A v. Robert E. Lee Hatchett (1865-1936) m(1) Emma Fenner, m(2) Laura Bland. Limestone Co. AL. Eight children from first marriage:
S1Av a. Roy Fenner Hatchett (1890-1975) m. 1915 Edna Horton (1888-1989). Athens AL. Two children.
S1Av b. Bessie Lee Hatchett (1892-1961) m. 1910 William Ellis Maples (1874-1951). Limestone Co. AL. Four children.
S1Av c. Clara Ophelia Hatchett (1895-1978) m. 1917 Charles M. Hightower. Limestone Co. AL. Three children.
S1Av d. Mabel Hatchett (1897-before 1971) m. J. M. McDonald. Two children.
S1Av e. Howard B. Hatchett (1899-1947) No marriage record found. Limestone Co. AL
S1Av f. Lela Hatchett (1902-1981) m(1) Mr. Edwards, m(2) M. Eley. One child from first marriage.
S1Av g. Jeannette Hatchett (1907- ) m. 1936 Grayden F. Johnston. No children.
S1Av h. Robert E. Hatchett (1908-1971) m(1) Illa Mae __, m(2) Mildred __. No known children.
S1A vi. Walter L. Hatchett (1873-1934) m. 1896 Mary Elizabeth Scroggins (1873-before 1924). Family notes say there were six or eight children, but only five have been identified:
S1Avi a. Irene E. Hatchett (1897- ) Nothing further known.
S1Avi b. Harold Hatchett (1898-after 1980) Nothing further known.
S1Avi c. Charles Hatchett (1900- ) Nothing further known.
S1Avi d. James Benton Hatchett (1905- ) Nothing further known.
S1Avi e. Ethel Mae Hatchett (1907- ) Nothing further known.
S1B. William A. Love (1832-1891?) m. 1866 Anna M. Mitchell. Two known children:
S1B i. William Bruce Love (b c1868). Nothing further known.
S1B ii. Sarah Love (1869-1936). m. 1888 James Bronaugh (1865-1939). Six children, five of whom reached adulthood:
S1Bii a. Anna Mary Bronaugh (1889-1975) m. Frank Finney and had one child.
S1Bii b. Harriet Beatrice Bronaugh (1891-c1965) m(1) Herman H. Hitt and had one child. m(2) Grady Patterson
S1Bii c. James Bruce Bronaugh (1896-1971) m. Ima Mae Thornton and had two children.
S1Bii d. Samuel Moore Bronaugh (1900-1958) m. Elizabeth Satterfield and had one child.
S1Bii e. Robert Spraggins Bronaugh (1903-1983) m. May ___ and had one child.
S1C. Thomas Oscar Love (1835-1900/10) m. 1856 Lucretia Petty. Lived most of his life in Madison Co. AL. Told 1900 census taker they had nine children, only five of whom were living. Eight known:
S1C i. Mollie A. Love (1857-1894) m. 1878 Melville B. Browning (1856-1915). Madison Co. AL. Four children:
S1Ci a. Robert O. Browning (1883- ) Single in 1910. Nothing further known.
S1Ci b. Ozie E. Browning (1887-1950) Nothing further known.
S1Ci c. James H. Browning (1889- ) m. 1910 Bessie Irene Howard (c1888- ). Five children by the 1920 census, maybe more after:
S1Ci d. John C. Browning (1890- ) Nothing further known.
S1C ii. William A. Love (c1860) Possibly died 1891. Possibly married Mary Lorings. Nothing further known. Not found in 1900 census.
S1C iii. Laura B. Love. Maybe married John Jefferson, 1891. Not found in 1900 census.
S1C iv. Robert T . Love (c1865-after 1920) m. 1886 Mollie Carroll. Three children, two living in 1910, only one known by name:
S1Civ a. Robert M. Love, b. c1892. Nothing further known.
S1C v. James C. Love (1869- ) m(1) 1898 Mattie Ennis, m(2) 1925 B. Nothing further known.
S1C vi. L. V. Love (daughter) (c1871- ). No marriage found; not in 1900 census.
S1C vii. Anna E. Love (1872- ). Single in 1900 census
S1C viii. S. E. Love (daughter) (c1875- ), possibly the B, m. 1891 C. T. Williamson, Madison Co. AL. Not found in 1900 census.
S1D. Henry Benton Love (1839-1912) m(1) 1864 Louisa V. Fielding, m(2) 1884 Mollie Fooshee. He moved to Lamar Co., Texas after serving in the Civil War in the Alabama Infantry. Seven children from each marriage; two from the second marriage probably died young.
S1D i. Ozella Willis Love (1866-c1943) m. Joseph F. Clark. One child:
S1Di a. Frances Clark m. Wiley Richardson. Oklahoma City. Two children.
S1D ii. Sarah "Sallie" Love (1868-1943) m. 1889 Charles H. Peele. He was a Methodist minister. Two children:
S1Dii a. Eunice Peele (1890-1980) m. Ervin L. Harwell, Abilene TX, one child..
S1Dii b. Hubert Peele (1894-1966) m. Helen A. Hardy and had one child.
S1D iii. Mary Susan Love (1870- ) m. 1890 W. S. Smith. Moved to Oklahoma. Two children, but only one who survived infancy:
S1Diii a. Jane/Jennie Smith. Not married.
S1D iv. John Benton Love (1874-1931) m. 1909 Emma Frances Bennett. Wilbarger Co. TX. Eight children, but one died in childhood:
S1Div a. Mary Elizabeth Love (1911-1989) Not married.
S1Div b. Margaret Fielding Love (1913-1999) m. Harry Bunnenberg (1900-1955). No children.
S1Div c. Emma Lou Love (1914-1994) m. James Clark and (2) Hugh Brooks. Two children from her first marriage
S1Div d. Bernice Love (1914- ) m. W. T. Belew. Three children.
S1Div f. Bennett Fielding Love (1918-1945) Killed in World War II. Not married.
S1Div g. Ozella W. Love (1920-1980) m. John Edward Johnston and had two children.
S1Div h. James William Love (1922-1995) m. Anna Belle Lard and had two children.
S1D v. Annie Letitia Love (1872/76-1968) m. 1901 George D. Scott (1859-1953). Four children:
S1Dv a. Nina Virginia Scott (1902-1966). Not married.
S1Dv b. Dorothy Love Scott (1905-2001) m. Samuel P. Johnson (1902-1960). Four children, Commerce TX
S1Dv c. Annie Lou Scott (1909-1996) m. Charles Sam Long (1897-1976). No children.
S1Dv d. Frances Fielding Scott (1911-1988) m. 1936 John R. Wagner (1908- ). One child.
S1D vi. William D. Love (1872/76- ), twin of Annie L., moved to near Wellington TX. Nothing further known.
S1D vii. Ethelwyn Henry Love (1879-1952) m. 1904 Maurice G. Neathery (1874-1959). Vernon, TX. Five children, three of whom reached maturity:
S1Dvii a. Charles Henry Neathery (1911- ) m. 1935 Faye Shaw (1913- ) Vernon TX. Two children
S1Dvii b. Carolyn Neathery (1914- ) m. 1932 Robert Earl Herald. Arkansas. Three children.
S1Dvii c. Sarah Nell Neathery (1917- ) m(1) John Henry King, m(2) Harry R. Haulman, m(3) Bill L. Holland. San Angelo TX. Three children from her first marriage.
S1D viii. Mattie Lou Love (1885-1965) m. 1913 George T. Scruggs (1883-1951). Norman, OK. Four children:
S1Dviii a. George Weldon Scruggs (1915-1986) m. Lurline Hull (d 1982). Two children.
S1Dviii b. Rebecca Jane Scruggs (1917-1987) m. Kenneth G. Weaber. Two children.
S1Dviii c. Frances Dorrell Scruggs (1918-1975) m. Robert A. Tullius. Two children.
S1Dviii d. Ozella Love Scruggs (1921-1998) m. 1990 Darrell D. Mundschenk. No children.
S1D ix. Benton Fooshee Love (1887-1942) m. Nell Payton Scott. One child:
S1Dix a. Benton F. Love Jr. (1924- ) m. Margaret McKean. Three children. Houston TX
S1D x. Carrie Elizabeth Love (1888-c1953). Not married.
S1D xi. Florence Scott Love (1892-1936) m. 1912 Oscar Kelly Allen, Governor of Louisiana. Three children:
S1Dxi a. Joyce Love Allen (1914-1957) m. 1935 Frederick A. Stare. Three children.
S1Dxi b. Oscar Kelly Allen Jr. (1916-c1951) m. Corinne__ . Two children. Shreveport LA
S1Dxi c. Asa Benton Allen m. Joan ___. Three children.
S1D xii. Frank Smith Love (189?-c1946). Not married.
S1E. John Bruce Love (1845-1917) m. 1870 Flora A. Pryor (1845-1905). They lived in Texas and Tennessee and finally moved to Oklahoma. Eight children, but only six who survived childhood:
S1E i. Jennie May Love, (1871-1933) m. Richard Harrison Quick (1870-1935), lived in TN and had four children, only two of whom reached adulthood:
S1Ei a. Walter Bee Quick (1908-1974) married with three children.
S1Ei b. Richard Lafayette Quick (1911-1966) married with two children.
S1E ii. Katy Etta Love, (1872-1954), m. Mr. Morgan, moved to California and had one son:
S1Eii a. William E. Morgan. Nothing further known.
S1E iii. Anna Sue Love (1875-1967), m. Charles W. Liston. No children.
S1E iv. Mattie Pryor Love (1879-1930), m(1) William F. Brown, m(2) Frank Burden. Lived in OK and California, had five children:
S1Eiv a. Flora Brown (1902-1978) m. Fred Stuebner and Alfred G. Gulley and had two children
S1Eiv b. Richard R. Brown (1904-1987) married Elaine Woyczik and had two children.
S1Eiv c. John Frank Burden (1908-1991) married Carma Stewart and Una Cunnan, no children.
S1Eiv d. Ila Burden (1911-2003 ) married Archie Keith. No known children.
S1Eiv e. Ellen Burden (1917-2000) m. Harvey Garant and Lawrence Gill. One child.
S1E v. William Ray Love (1883-1953) m. Eula Mae Burden (1891-1972) and had three children:
S1Ev a. Bessie Mae Love (1910-1996) m. Charles Herbert Hext and had three children.
S1Ev b. Arthur Owen Love (1912-1994) m. Hassie J. Bounds (1909-1998) and had two children.
S1Ev c. Sara Love (1925- ) married, no children.
S1E vi. Jolora Love (1888-1967) m. Josiah Miller (1882-1964). Lived in TX and had four children, only three of whom reached adulthood:
S1Evi a. Loveta Romain Miller (1911-1988) m. John Henry King and had two children.
S1Evi b. Joseph Ray Miller (1915-1971) married three times and had one child.
S1Evi c. Charles Franklin Miller (1928-1997) married and had two children.
S1F. Charles Reuben Love (1848-1911) m. 1875 Emma Z. Bailey (1854-1922). Lamar and Mason Co. TX. Five children:
S1F i. Zadia Love (1876-1942) m. 1892 James Phelps (1870-1934). Lived in Rockwall Co., TX. Six children, five of whom lived to maturity:
S1Fi a. Terrell Arden Phelps (1894-c1950) married twice and had four children.
S1Fi b. Willie Mabel Phelps (c1901-1972) m. Edward Fred Steffen and had three children.
S1Fi c. John Hal Phelps (1903-1973) married Hazel McCollum and had no children.
S1Fi d. Lenna Maurine Phelps (1906-1982) m. Sidney Brandenburger and had no children.
S1Fi e. Charles Love Phelps (1910-1942) Not married.
S1F ii. Sallie Love (1880-1922), married John Garland and had no children.
S1F iii. Essie Lena Love (1886-1954), m. James Oliver Dawson and had six children:
S1Fiii a. Veda L. Dawson (1906-1975) m. Odell E. Durbin and had four children.
S1Fiii b. Floy M. Dawson (1907-1990) m. Jesse Marion Thompson and had three children.
S1Fiii c. Lonnie Love Dawson (1913-1999) married with one child.
S1Fiii d. Thomas Clifford Dawson (1916-1996) married and had two children.
S1Fiii e. James Alvin Dawson (1919-1993) married with one child.
S1Fiii f. Davy Joe Dawson (1922-1993) married Velma Simpson and had two children.
S1F iv. Earl Eldridge Love (1889-1959) married Texia Bostic and had no children.
S1F v. Oral Everett Love (1892-1967) m. Lydia Burkhead and had two children:
S1Fv a. Charles Everett Love married with two children
S1Fv b. Mary Ann Love married twice, two children.
S1G. Edwin Fletcher Love (1851-after 1900). Not married.
S1H. Frank Cowan Love (1855-1923) m(1) 1876 Emma W. Rodgers (1855- ), m(2) 1892 Winnifred Thomas Lewis (1864-1948). Madison Co., AL. Seven children, six of whom survived infancy:
S1H i. Nicy Mary Love (1878-1956) m. 1898 George Hereford and had three children:
S1Hi a. Ozella Hereford (1897-) married
S1Hi b. Emma Sue Hereford (1899-) married
S1Hi c. James Augustus Hereford. Nothing further known.
S1H ii. Zora Irene Love (1881-1945) m. 1903 Marcus Cochran (1881-1957). No children.
S1H iii. Frankie Sue Love (1884-1974) m. Harry C. Howse. Perry Co. AL. Two known children:.
S1Hiii a. Harry C. Howse (c1916- ). Nothing further known.
S1Hiii b. Benton Howse (c1917- ). Nothing further known.
S1H iv. Bettie Jennie Love (1890-1942) m. 1911 Charles Sutton Lowe. Madison Co. AL. No known children.
S1H v. Henry Benton Love (1893- ) married Josephine Kelly. Nothing further known.
S2. James T. Crutcher (1810/15-1862) m. 1841 Limestone Co. AL Margaret A. Davis. Five children, four of whom survived childhood:
S2A. Elizabeth D. Crutcher (c1844-1868/70), m.1861 Monroe Skipworth. Not found in the 1870 or 1880 census, so not known whether they had children before she died.
S2B. George W. Crutcher (1845- ) m.c1866 Sarah Frances Landers. He was a Baptist minister in Alabama and Tennessee. Five children known, although there were some who died in childhood.
S2B i. Susan L. Crutcher (c1867-c1930). married 1893 Woodard L. G. Whited (1871-1905). They moved to OK where he died and then she and her mother and siblings moved to Cass Co., TX. Three children, one of whom died in infancy:
S2Bi a. Ora Whited (1894-1919) married Felton Junior Westmoreland and had four children.
S2Bi b. William Edward Whited (1896-1974) married Mary Ann Frances Chandler and had seven children.
S2B ii. Nicholas D. Crutcher (c1875-1951). He was not married. He died in Terrell, TX.
S2B iii. Fredonia J. Crutcher (1879-1967). married c1899 Edgar Washington Joyce (1872-1958). They moved to Cass Co. TX and had 11 children who survived infancy:
S2Biii a. Ira Bryan Joyce (1900-1966) m. Annie C. Kelly and had eight children.
S2Biii b. William Ezery Joyce (c1903-1930's) married Sallie Harty and had one child
S2Biii c. Perry Abner Joyce (1905-1983) m. Sudie Barnes and had two children.
S2Biii d. Roy E. Joyce (c1909-c1962) m. Hazel Tadlock and had two children.
S2Biii e. Mary Frances Joyce (1910-1996) m. Joseph Melvin Tadlock and had at least three children.
S2Biii f. Mattie Lee Joyce (1912-1989) m. Charley Love Henderson and had three children.
S2Biii g. Millie Ray Joyce (1914- ) married, has seven children.
S2Biii h. Lillie Joyce (1914-2000) m. Newton J. Glover and had at least five children.
S2Biii i. Iva Myrtle Joyce (1917- ) married and has no children.
S2Biii j. Lula Bell Joyce (1919- ) married with two children.
S2Biii k. Winnie Joyce (1921- ) married with three children.
S2B iv. James P. Crutcher (1881-1970). married 1905 Martha "Mattie" Powell (1880-1965). They lived in Cass Co., TX and had seven children, two (twins) who died at birth.
S2Biv. a. Martha Frances "Fannie" Crutcher (1906-1979) married 1948 James Paul Williams (1928-1982). No children.
S2Biv. b. James Elmo "Joe" Crutcher (1907-1988) married 1929 Elizabeth Inez "Ina Beth" Hunt (1911-1990), three children.
S2Biv. c. Alex Driscol "A.D." Crutcher (1909-1984) married twice and had seven children.
S2Biv. d. George William "Bill" Crutcher (1911-1979) married twice and had four children.
S2Biv. e. Edward Dallas "Dal" Crutcher (1921-1992) married Hazel ____ (1921-1994) and had no children.
S2B v. Willis Crutcher (1884-1962) married Annie Lee Powell (1889-1977). They lived in OK before moving to TX before the 1920 census. They had nine children:
S2Bv. a. Lawrence A. Crutcher (1907-1976) married with 3 children.
S2Bv. b. James P. Crutcher (1909-1973) married with 4 children.
S2Bv. c. Jessie L. Crutcher (1913-1970) married with 5 children
S2Bv. d. Lena Maye Crutcher (1916-1986) married Jim Lewis Williams and had four children. Married (2) Roy R. Hayes
S2Bv. e. Ervin C. Crutcher (1918-1970) married with 3 children
S2Bv. f. Nicholas D. Crutcher married with 4 children
S2Bv. g. Vernon Crutcher married with 4 children
S2Bv. h. Ruie Crutcher married George Lewis Owens and had 4 children.
S2Bv. i. Merle Crutcher married Ronnie Goldfinch and had 2 children.
S2C.Rowena Marjorie Crutcher (1847-after 1920) m. her cousin William Henry Crutcher (#S3B below, and continued there).
S2D. Nicholas D. Crutcher (1854-1929) m. 1877 Crucy Elizor Pike (1859-before 1929). He was a Baptist minister, but also had a farm in Madison Co. AL. Seven known children:
S2D i. Maurice Crutcher (1877- ). Nothing further known. Not listed as an heir of his father in 1929.
S2D ii. Josephine Crutcher (1880-after 1955) m. Willie G. Webster (1871-1955). No known children.
S2D iii. Margery R. Crutcher (1885-before 1909?) m. 1905 R. F. Webster. No children.
S2D iv. Thomas Richard Crutcher (1890-1967) m. Hassie Sanderson (1888-1935) and married twice more. Eight children from his first marriage, seven of whom lived to adulthood:
S2Div a. Harvey Hampton Crutcher (1909-1946), married three times, no children.
S2Div b. Crucy Estelle Crutcher (1911-1999) m. Walter T. Whitworth and had three children.
S2Div c. Richard Oscar Crutcher (1915-1999) married with three children.
S2Div d. Nicklas Donaldson Crutcher (1919-1971) married, three children.
S2Div e. Thomas Richard Crutcher Jr. (1921- ), married, two children.
S2Div f. David Malcolm Crutcher (1923- ) married, four children.
S2Div g. Mary Katheryn Crutcher (1925-1983) married, four children
S2D v. Crucy Donnell(?) Crutcher (daughter, listed as son in 1910 census) (1892- ). Possibly married Mr. Foster, but record not found. An heir of her father was named as Mrs. Donnie Foster in 1929.
S2D vi. Mary E. Crutcher (1894-1984) m.c1914 Lawson T. Camper (1894-1926). Four known children:
S2Dvi a. Walton Thomas Camper (1917-1969). Married twice, five children
S2Dvi b. Irene Camper (1919- ) married twice, four children.
S2Dvi c. Robert Camper
S2Dvi d. Edward Camper
S3. Reuben William Crutcher (1812-1867) m. 1833 Madison Co. AL Mary Bailey (1813-1848). He was a Baptist minister in Madison Co. AL. Seven children, five of whom reached maturity:
S3A. Frances Ann Crutcher (1834-1906) m. 1853 James Wesley Farley (1829-1890). Madison Co. AL. Eight children, six of whom reached maturity.
S3A i. Pryor Bailey Farley (1855-1890) m. 1878 Sue W. McGaha (1857-1924). Six children. Madison Co. AL:
S3Ai a. Anna Spraggins Farley (1880-1946) m. 1905 Thomas W. Carter (1872-1945). Two children born before 1910 census. Maybe more after.
S3Ai b. Robert Farley (1880- ) Twin of Anna? m. c1898 Effie __. One child by 1910 census.
S3Ai c. Mary Lila Farley (1881-1904). Apparently not married.
S3Ai d. James Pryor Farley (1882-1956) m. 1914 Florence Clift. One child.
S3Ai e. Carrie P. Farley (1885-1972) m. 1911 William Macon Strong (1884-1955). One child.
S3Ai f. Sallie Polk Farley (1887-1958). Not married
S3A ii. John Benton Farley (1860-1910) m. 1882 Martha Elizabeth McGaha (1860- ). Madison Co. AL. Two children:
S3Aii a. Mary Moore Farley (1883- ) m. 1905 Henry P. Trotman. Five children by the 1920 census. Maybe more after.
S3Aii b. Bruce McGaha Farley (1895- ). Nothing further known.
S3A iii. Sarah Frances Farley (1862-1887)
S3A iv. Joseph Bruce Farley (1866-1894) m. 1892 Nancy H. Gillespie. One child:
S3Aiv a. Frances Lora Farley (1893- ). Nothing further known.
S3A v. William Albert Farley (1868- ) m(1) 1890 Sallie K. McLane. He supposedly did not have children.
S3A vi. Robert Edward Farley (1872- ) Not married.
S3B. William Henry Crutcher (1836-1888/1900) m(1) Mary James, m(2) Mary Jane Price, m(3) his cousin Rowena Marjorie Crutcher #S2C above. One child from first marriage, died in childhood. One child from second marriage and at least seven children from third marriage, possibly more. Only six of them seemed to have survived childhood:
S3B i. Mary Rebecca Crutcher (1861- ) m. 1879 Jeremiah Dupree. Five children, went to Travis Co. TX.
S3Bi a. Mary Dupree (1880- ) Nothing further known.
S3Bi b. Lenah R. Dupree (1884- ) Nothing further known.
S3Bi c. Bertha Dupree (1890- ) Nothing further known.
S3Bi d. Floy Dupree (1895- ) Nothing further known.
S3Bi e. Louisa Dupree (1899- ) Nothing further known.
S3B ii. Henry Oliver Crutcher (1867-1935) m(1) 1894 Mary E. Allen, m(2) 1902 Emma Bernice Sanders (1882-1937). Arlington TN. Two children from his first marriage and eight from his second marriage:
S3Bii a. Joseph Wesley Crutcher (1895-by 1976) m. Audie Mae McKenzie. Memphis area. Five children.
S3Bii b. Rowena Elizabeth Crutcher (1897- ) m. James R. Collins. Memphis. Two children.
S3Bii c. Bertha Odell Crutcher (1903-1959) m. 1925 Jim Lee Spencer (1900-1963). Not known whether they had children.
S3Bii d. Mary Estell Crutcher (1905-1929) m. 1922 Thomas Moses. Two children.
S3Bii e. Edna Lee Crutcher (1907-1971) m. 1924 B. T.Newman (c1902-1950). Two children.
S3Bii f. Myrtle F. Crutcher (1910-1949) m. L. C. Roberson. Memphis. Five children.
S3Bii g. Agnes Sue Crutcher (1914- ) married, one child.
S3Bii h. Woodrow Crutcher (1917- ) married, one child.
S3Bii i. Dorothy B. Crutcher (1920- ) married, two children.
S3Bii j. Margaret R. Crutcher (1923- ) m(1) Clarence Blackburn, m(2) Jeff Fuller. Two children from first marriage and one from second.
S3B iii. James Russell Crutcher (1874-1931) m(1) Ollie Harrison, m(2) Elizabeth Peavy. Memphis TN. One child from his first marriage, two from the second:
S3Biii a. James H. Crutcher (1899- ) Nothing further known.
S3Biii b. Ida Mae Crutcher (1904- ) m. Frank Faught. One child.
S3Biii c. Russell Peavy Crutcher (1905- ) m. 1925 Dorris Mae Stewart. Four children.
S3B iv. Fannie Crutcher (1876- ) m. William Taylor. One child:
S3Biv a. William Taylor Jr. Nothing further known.
S3B v. William N. Crutcher (1885- ) Possibly never married.
S3B vi. Jesse B. Crutcher (1888-1965) m. Annie May Ware (c1899-1967). No children.
S3C. Andrew Benton Crutcher (1838-after 1910) m(1) Henry Ellen Gay, m(2) Nannie M. Johnson. Nine children from his first marriage and six from his second marriage:
S3C i. Martha F. Crutcher (1867-1884). Not married.
S3C ii. John Walter Crutcher (1868-1915) m. 1892 Nannie McCrary (1875-1949). Madison Co. AL. Three children who survived infancy:
S3Cii a. Willie H. Crutcher (1893-1958). Probably not married, no children.
S3Cii b. Edgar Crutcher (1896-1914). Not married.
S3Cii c. Mattie Ellen Crutcher (1899- ) m 1919 Thomas W. Duncan. One child.
S3C iii. Reuben H. Crutcher (1870- ) m. 1896 Lizzie J. Pike (1879- ). Madison Co. AL. Seven known children, some of whom probably died young:
S3Ciii a. Charles Bruce Crutcher (1897-1937). Nothing further known.
S3Ciii b. Mary Pearl Crutcher (1898->1920) Nothing further known.
S3Ciii c. Harry C. Crutcher (1900-1967) married Ruth Lynch and had three children..
S3Ciii d. Mattie G. Crutcher (1904- ) Nothing further known.
S3Ciii e. Ellen Josephine Crutcher (1906-1986) married William Whitworth and hada four children.
S3Ciii f. Edna L. Crutcher (1910- ) Nothing further known.
S3C iv. Mary E. Crutcher (1873-c1898) m. 1895 E. R. Oxley. One child:
S3Civ a. Brownie Oxley married 1913 John Miller and had children.
S3C v. Joseph E. Crutcher (1875-1930). Not married.
S3C vi. Lynda L. "Lennie" Crutcher (1878-1935) m. John Y. Martin. Three children:
S3Cvi a. Jessie Lenora Martin (1904-1955) Apparently not married.
S3Cvi b. Johnnye Martin (1907-1979) m. Roy Tate and had two children.
S3Cvi c. Eugene Martin married, three children.
S3C vii. Kitt Crutcher (son, 1882-1900/30 ) No marriage record found.
S3C viii. Jessie Crutcher (c1885- ) m. 1903 Joseph S. Williams (c1881- ). Madison Co. AL. Three children by 1910 census:
S3Cviii a. Hobert E. Williams (1904/5-1988) married, one child.
S3Cviii b. Odell V. Williams (1908-1988) married twice, no children.
S3Cviii c. Linnie Katherine Williams (1913-1983) m. Horace Nance and had three children.
S3C ix. Willie C. Crutcher (living 1930). Nothing further known.
S3C x. Bezaliel E. Crutcher (1893-1973) m. 1922 Maymie Ruth Hill (1899- ). Three children:
S3Cx a. Erold Crutcher (1926- ) m. Dorothy Varner. No children.
S3Cx b. Robert E. Crutcher (1927- ) m. 1956 Doris Mavity. One child.
S3Cx c. Louise G. Crutcher (1935- ) m. Tony B. Cates. Two children.
S3C xi. Pauline Crutcher (1895- ) m. Philip Gee. Shreveport, LA. No children.
S3C xii. Opia Pride Crutcher (1897- ) m. 1919 Eldredge W.Herrin. Shreveport LA. Three children:
S3Cxii a. Dorothy Herrin married twice, two children.
S3Cxii b. Billie Joyce Herrin (1925-1982) married, five known children.
S3Cxii c. Hattie June Herrin. married twice, two children.
S3C xiii. Bailey Crutcher (1899- ) probably died young.
S3C xiv. Roy Crutcher (1901-1976) m(1) ??, m(2) Frances Hall. One child from first marriage:
S3Cxiv a. Wilford Crutcher (1926-1983) He was not married.
S3C xv. Edwin Puryear Crutcher (1905-1982) Shreveport LA. married Era Mae Tipton. One child:
S3Cxv a. Peggy Ruth Crutcher married with children.
S3D. Susanna Dupree Crutcher (1839- ) m. 1882 John Lawler (d. 1893). Probably no children. Not found in 1900 census.
S3E. Joseph Holloway Crutcher (1844-1870) m. 1867 Sallie E. Stephens. One son who died in infancy.