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Pictures of Bottles
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tools, various (picture) "Wm Anderson Fairbault" with God Bless America, WPA and "Not made in Russia" (1930's or '40's)
tools, various "Made by Wm Anderson Fairbault Minn" with WPA, God Bless America, and "Not made in Germany" (1930's or '40's)
cross, tools and trees (picture) "Heozitotte Antalos Jozsef" 1968 VIII 20
cross, tools and rooster (picture) "Jadelal Poljann Anton(?)" (last word could be Linton or Sinton)(Slavic: Constructed by Anton Poljann) Febry 1951
chair with woven seat (picture) "R. C. Axton 500 W 8 St Elk City Okla" written on a piece of masking tape stuck to the inside of the bottle
fans and birds (picture) Signed J.T.B., probably made in Camp Hill, PA Mar 29, 1914
chair (picture) Col. Barnhart made at IOOF Home in Liberty Mo. Nov 12 1921
cross (picture) Erich Bischof of Austria 1994
ship Gioni Bondi 1784
sawbuck, tools, and pile of wood "made by Mel Brasket June 1936 time 8 hours" June 1936
mining scene (pictures) Matthew Buchinger Oct 20 1719
house with fist and chains stopper (picture) E. A. Burlingame, Lansing, Michigan probably before 1900
crucifix (picture) John J. Callaghan may have been from Nashville TN 1922
three cross crucifix "Norman Carlson" on the stopper
flags and yarn winder (picture) D. Carr 1879
crucifixion (picture) "Made by The Caveman" July 10 1934
crucifixion (picture) "Made by The Caveman" Nov. 21 1935
crucifixion (picture) "Made by The Caveman, Branson, MO" 1940
cross and tools (picture) Harmidas Cot or perhaps Col(e). Signed on both sides of the saw, and also initials H.C. Mar 7 1916
spinning wheel and figures (picture) James Dixon Aug 2 1899
doll and yarnwinder (picture) John Elinger 1890
cross and tools, paper face of Jesus (picture) "uspodem ad F. M." ("made by F.M.")
three-level stool (picture) M. L. F. 1942
cross and tools (picture) Gasso Ferencz Urmin Roka 1933
ship and airplanes (picture) A. Figueroa
cross (picture) M. Giovanno from Marseilles 5-7-45
chair (picture) C. W. Griffin
niddy-noddy (picture) L. E. Howe, born October 13, 1832
niddy-noddy with red and white yard "made by H H Hutchins Maquoketa Iowa" Apr 20 1911
niddy-noddy with red and white yard "made for Joan B Hutchins by her father H H Hutchins Maquoketa Iowa Jan 25 1914 Born Feb 5th 1839" Jan 25 1914
niddy-noddy with red and white yarn (picture) "made by H. H. Hutchins Maquoketa Iowa 1915 Born Feb 5th 1839" 1915
yarn winder (picture) Jens Jensen 2126 6th Ave.
ship "Geo. A. Johnson" on the bow
chair "L. A. Keys Lithonia Ga" Jan 21 1893
cross (picture) P. T. Kreid 1911
chest (picture) M.H.L. Apr 9 1918
birds and fans (picture) J. Lacalski (guess: 1950's)
chair (picture) James R. Landen (signed JRL with label) post-ZIP code
crucifixion (picture) A. H. Lemay 10-8-1923
cross/tools (picture) Joe Lepak, Horton, Kansas
crucifix with hanging angel (picture) "Luigi Mastria" carved on pedestal Jan 19 21
framed indulgence card (picture) L. Mercure Bottle was made and rebuilt at a later date; both dates in the bottle Jan 2 1915 Apr 4 1924
WW I memorial cross (picture) Made to commemorate the Trettoni family by "Clois(?) Thion (?) MALOSOVIC" shortly after WW I, prob.
structure with birds and fans (picture) "Henry Moritz" on one side, "Marty(?) Boicz(?) Moritz" on the other, and "Montrose House 1892 on a sign on the structure; possibly made FOR them by Adam Selick, not BY them 1892
ship and airplanes (picture) "Ricordo di Carlo Morteo Marzo 20 Anno 1932 Poughkeepsie, N.Y." Ship named Roma March 20, 1932
angel holding a red flower "Gofus Nielsen 1927" on the back 1927
cross and tools (picture) "Pat Bot" or "Pat Bol" faintly written on bottom
crucifix (picture) W. A. Poole Reading Pa. Oct 12 1888
birds and fans (picture) Alvin and Mary Schoch on a sign in the bottle, but said to have been made by Adam Selick of near Pittsburgh 1893
fans, birds (picture) Adam Selick to whom have been attributed several bottles, many made for other people. "Built 1892"
Flag and photo (picture) G. A. Sichngin June 21 1914
sawbuck and saw "Howard Smith Taswell Ind" Jany 30 1917
fans (picture) W. H. Smith Sept 13 1914
free-form sculpture with brown beads and hanging heart "Arthur Spain NC" His work is documented in "Signs and Wonders: Outsider Art Inside North Carolina", 1989 (He lived 1931-1978)
beaded American flag (picture) W. L./N. T. Feb 28 1933
ladder, hammer and Santa Fe (picture) "C. O. Taggart, 2nd Ham Opr., Fargo, OK" Feb 25 1921
crucifix (picture) L Taylor Rte 2 Box 141 Jamestown Tenn
horseshoe with dolls and coin (picture) Finis Tillman Aug 17, 1910
crucifix with three crosses and dressed figures (picture) "W. V. Vaughn and Will[iam?] D[ ]Zilr(?) Shire[....] Pa"-parts of words obscured
Shoe repair shop Carl Worner made for Casper & Gloor Shoe Repair, possibly in or near St. Louis 1915
saloon Carl Worner made for Frank Behrens Saloon
saloon (picture) Carl Worner made for M. Salzman & Co.
cigar factory (picture) Carl Worner New York, Chicago, Illinois
shoemaker's shop (picture) Carl Worner 1907
saloon (picture) Carl Worner Maker 205 S. Desplaines made for a bar in Chicago; S. Desplaines is a street in Chicago
saloon (picture) Carl Worner 1900
saloon Carl Worner made for a saloon in central Illinois; bottle turned up in Peoria
saloon (picture) Carl Warner. This bottle is in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington 1914
crucifix (picture) Chas Worner Hanau Am Main a city in Germany
saloon (article) Carl Warner made for H. C. Meyer's saloon in Granite City, Illinois; in Illinois State Museum of Art c1912
bakery scene with many figures (picture) Carl Wörner Maker and "Gemacht bei Herman Domke Bäkersgeselle" on the bottom, and "P Boever's Bakery" on the front. Boevers bakery was in Maywood, IL "1907/2" - Feb?
office scene (picture) Carl Worner Germany made for Berghoff Brewing Association, possibly Chicago 1919
"missing man" bar bottle (picture) "Carl Worner" on the back. "John Neubauer's Saloon" on the front. Neubauer's saloon was in Chicago before 1920.
huge tavern with card players and two "missing" men "Chas. Warner the master whittler New York San Francisco Honolulu" signed on the back; made for Charles Lamm's Tavern of Havre-de-Grace, Maryland 1901
rack of postcards (picture) "20 views of Charleston, W Va. 20 views Cal." made by Harry M. Wyman
NOTE: There are other unsigned Carl Worner/Warner bottles. See Scenes and Miscellaneous subjects.
Bottles with dates but no names
beads and victorian cutouts and date cut out of newspaper and glued on the glass inside. Tues. September 24, 1895
Paper Jesus on one side, Mary on other (picture) 1902
trolley car "Red Band Trolley Car 2 The Lates Out" January 9 1904
structure with dolls and beads (picture) Jan. 1911
cross and tools in a gallon jug (picture) 1915
lamp with bottle, memorial to unknown soldier, 1917-18 (picture) soon after 1918, prob.
tintype in memory bottle (picture) 1923
chair (picture) 2 - 8 - 1927
crucifix with paper Jesus, weeping Mary and angel (picture) 20-3-1933
silver cross draped in a shroud (picture) 1935
cross partially hidden by cutout flowers and fans 1936
cross and a few tools, pencil decorated July 1944
triple crucifix with paper Jesus and two thieves (picture) "Emlékül Jozsef-szanatorium Bol" (Hungarian for Commemorating or In Honor of the Josef-Sanatorium) 1949
saw and picture of woman (picture) It is signed, but the signature is illegible 3-11-1951
chair in small bottle (picture) "Glendura, Calif" and "May 20, 1954" written on the back of the chair posts. May 20, 1954
crucifix with paper Jesus (picture) "Emlékül Születésnapod alkalmából" (Hungarian for Commemorating of a birthday) 1960 v 16