Scenes and Buildings in Bottles: Carl Worner

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Paul Boevers Bakery

bakery scene by Carl Worner
Length Bottle Markings
10 1/2" long, 5 1/2" tall bottle broke, but it was a large seltzer or "bar" bottle
Description, including signature and date
Four bakers, whose paper hat crowns are missing, work at ovens while rows of rolls and breads line the front counter. There is even a wedding cake with a bride and groom on top. The sign over the bakery reads "P. Boevers Bakery". Most of the items in the bakery are labeled in English, but one labeled "Zinment", almost Cinnamon in German (Zimt).

The construction is signed on the bottom: "Carl Wörner Maker" and "Gemacht bei Hermann Domke Bäkersgeselle" (in old German script, which translates as "Made at the home of Hermann Domke, journeyman baker"). It is dated "1907/2" probably meaning February 1907. Paul Boevers had a bakery in Maywood, IL, a suburb of Chicago, in the 1910 census.

Carl Worner signature
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