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Full Pictures and Close-ups: Saloon with Roses

saloon in a bottle by Carl Worner
Height Bottle Markings

11 1/2" tall, 2 1/2" square quart with fancy embossed fluting around the neck, a type of bottle Worner used for many of his creations; HARTMAN embossed on one side.
Description, including signature and date

This is yet another unsigned Carl Worner saloon bottle with "Find the Missing Man" written on the front edge of the floor. The insides are nearly the same other saloon bottles, but there are decorative "Victorian cutouts" of flowers on either side of the bar and on the piece below the floor. I have not succeeded in finding out what city had a Hartman company, but the bottle is similar to many others Worner used, including a Buchu Gin (a bitters cure-all tonic) bottle.

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