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Bottle Markings Description (click on small picture to see larger pictures and closeups)
5 1/2" round; "Listerine" on top and "Lambert Pharmacal Co." on the bottom The chair in this bottle squarechair.htmlseat. Across where the seat would be are three well-carved bones. In the back of the chair is a wooden bottle, and on the top of the back rail is a skull smoking a cigar. (Full length picture and closeup)
9 3/4" "faceted" multi-sided; marked "One pint The chair in this bottle has a woven seat of string and is ably carved. On the inside of the bottle is a piece of masking tape inscribed: "R C Axton 500 West 8 St Elk City Okla," but it is not dated. R. C. Axton was Roscoe C. Axton, born in Kansas in 1885, died in 1957 in a V.A. hospital in Amarillo, TX, and lived most of his life in OK. He was a laborer in the 1930 census in Washita Co., OK. The shape of the legs and the seat of this chair look a lot like another. (Full length picture)
9 3/4" round bottle, thick glass, pale green, no markings, one seam This beautifully constructed chair fills the bottle to its sides. The seat in three separate pieces is nailed to the rails. The wood has a great patina and is slightredchair.html The stopper is a nice carved polyhedron. (Full length image and closeup)
4" tapered square bottle, no markings This nice three-tiered stool fills the entire little bottle. Each seat is woven in yarn. It is signed "mlf 1942" and came from the Kansas City, MO, area,. (Full length image)
4" and 5" square bottles These five chairs are all alike and may have been made in the same place by different people. One is signed "C. W. Griffin IOOF". Another says "Odd Fellows Home Liberty Mo. Col. Barnhart 11-12-1921" and another is dated 2-8-1927. Yet another simply has the initials "F.L.T." A larger one (c. 9 1/2"), not pictured, is known and is signed "A. Sehope, Odd Fellows Home, Mo." and was found in Kansas City. The seats are similarly woven in red yarn. Some are painted gold. Perhaps this craft was taught to residents of the home? (Full image)
12" quart, "Federal Law forbids the reuse..." and something down one side This chair has nicely whittled legs and back. The seat is woven in string. The style of the woven seat and the carving of the legs is very much like the bottle made by Roscoe Axton from Elk City, OK, and other people have sent pictures of similar chairs which are not on this website.
7" round bottle, no markings This chair has thickly carved legs and back and a seat woven in string. (Full length image)
10" square fifth, no markings This chair has thick legs and back and a seat woven in green yarn. The chair is very plain. (Full length image)
c11" round bottle, "4/5Quart" on the glass, with one inch stopper The chair is cleanly done, with a tightly woven seat of black and tan ribbon. The stopper, anchored by a cross piece, is topped with a wooden cube, approximately one inch. (Full length image)
8" tall,
3" wide,
2 1/8" deep
rectangular bottle, no markings The chair iin this bottle has thin legs and stretchers. The seat and back are looped vertically in red yarn, and a piece of lace covers the seat and part of the back. A sticker on the bottom, not as old as the bottle, says "Made in Gardner, Mass. 'The Chair City'." (Full length image)

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