Crosses and Crucifix Bottles

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Bottle markings
bottle 1951 9 3/8" 4 1/2" square, no markings The carving in this bottle is first-rate. Some of the tools are painted or stained black, but most of the contents are plain wood. An exceptional rooster has red accents. The bottle is signed on the stopper in pencil, but the script is very difficult to read; it looks like "Jadelal Poljann Anton", but "A" could also be "li" or "Si". The date is quite clear: Febry 1951. (Full length picture)
1968 cross 4 1/2" round, no markings, screw top, but top missing This very small bottle contains a simple cross, inscribed in pencil I N R I, with a few tools and two trees, which are painted bright green. An ax is sticking into a chopping block in front of the cross, where the date is written in fine pencil: 1968 VIII 20. (Full length picture)
1933 cross 8 1/2" round; the bottle is a replacement bottle; the original, marked 500 ml, broke. A gold and silver painted cross hung with a red yarn tassel and a whittled lantern stands in the center of three crossed pieces at the base, out of which come tools painted gold or silver or stylized "trees". A cut-out black and white engraving of Christ is on the cross; two weeping women and an angel, are at the foot with a sign dated 20-3-1933. A bottle sold in a 1993 German auction was made by the same artist. (Full picture)
black crosses 9 " flask-type bottle, no markings Three simple black crosses stand in this bottle, with two large spears and a pole with a "sponge". Other smaller tools are placed around the bottom of the cross. There is a carved round wooden stopper. (Full length picture)
White Jesus with gold foil 5 5/8" 1 3/4" square, no markings This bottle has wonderful detail in the fine carved Christ and is painted in red, white, and turquoise blue with accents in gold foil. (Full length picture)
Dowel cross in blue bottle 5 3/4" flat oval with light blue-green tint to the glass, no markings The cross in this bottle was made with dowels; details such as stripes and knobs are painted in blue and red. There are several tools attached to the cross and potted plants and two smaller crosses at the bottom. (Detailed pictures, front and back)
carved cross with IHS 11 7/8" plain liquor bottle, made in a three-part bottle mold; no markings This crucifix has amazing construction and joinery as well as an outstanding carved Christ. The cross has panels coming out from the center carved to look like rays. The wood is unpainted except for the raised IHS and Christ's face and hair and the nails, which are black. While it is not signed, the artist of this bottle made several of them very similar in features. (Larger pictures and links to other four bottles by same artist)
Cross with carved Jesus 4 7/8" round, no markings This tiny crucifix has a plain cross with a carved Christ and a paper banner over his head with "I N R I"; the I's are written like backwards J's. There are vestiges of a cork stopper and a few tools at the bottom. (Full length picture)
Winged heart stopper 14 1/4" half gallon jug, no markings The carving in this bottle is fairly crude, most of it painted in a dark green. There are several birds that perch on the arms of the cross. The best thing about it is the stopper, which is a winged heart (pictured at left). (Full length picture and closeup of stopper)
Egyptian guards around cross 7 5/8" 1 7/8" square This small bottle has an unusual figure of Christ and four guards, carved and painted with an exotic look of spotted clothes and high headgear. There is at least one other known bottle done by the same artist, but this one is not signed. The stopper is carved like a Turkish hat. (Full length picture and closeup of Christ)

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