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Bottle markings
9 1/4" round-cornered fifth with flattened sides The contents of this bottle are carved from flat pieces of craft mahogany and decorated with pasta alphabets. It reads somewhat like a family tree: Mar. 12 1921 on a slice at the top, then below on separate pieces the names Kenneth, Helen, Martha and Patricia. The stopper is a cork with a glass shaft through it, like the kind that would have a pouring spout for measured jiggers. The bottle has to be fairly recent and was made by Amos Beiler, an artist from Lancaster Co., PA. (Full length picture and links to others)
8" round, no markings This beautiful whimsey is a construction of bent arms coming from a central shaft, with carved birds on each arm and in the center. The center and arms are of a light wood, while the birds and upright supports between the arms are of a varnished dark wood. This bottle came from somewhere in the midwest. (Full length image)
10" tapered flask The carving in this bottle is the work of Carl Worner, known more for his scenes in bottles. This clock has a face cut from a printed clock picture and the name Bert Sturman cut from a business card on top. It is not signed or dated, and efforts to find Bert Sturman in censuses and city directories have not been successful. Worner made at least four clock bottles, another of which is shown directly below. (Full length image)
10" tall, 3" in diameter round bottle The clock in this bottle is the work of Carl Worner, signed and dated 1903. The name on the top of the clock is handwritten: Grandpa's Clock. The face is also hand drawn.

Worner made three other known clock bottles, one of which is directly above. (Full length image)

12 1/4" round; no markings. Lots of bubbles in the glass This bottle contains a wooden structure like a tree with branches; it hangs from the stopper and does not touch the bottom of the bottle. At the end of each branch is a yarn tassle topped with a silver bead and tied on with silver thread. Other similar bottles with threads wound around on the ends of the arms are shown in the Yarn Winders and Spinning Wheels section. (Full length picture and closeup)
8" square; "Eastman & Bro Perfumers" This little bottle contains a cannon, and hanging from the stopper is an American flag made of fabric. The stopper itself is carved. (Full length picture and closeup)
8 1/8" screw top flask; no markings This little bottle contains a wooden frame in which hangs a beaded American flag. Around the frame and attaching to the top are strings of either red plastic beads or red-dyed pasta with beads. It is very faintly marked on the bottom W. L. T. on one side and U. S. A. on the other. On one side of the top piece is "Feb 28" and on the tops of the upright pieces is stamped "19" and "33" (Full length picture)
11" gallon jug with wire and wood carrying handle This very complex bottle contains a carved horseshoe decorated with ribbon and tassles. The horseshoe stands on a platform flanked by bisque porcelain dolls, a boy and a girl. The platform rests on supports decorated with gold bands, and is hung with tassles. On the stopper is the date "Aug 17, 1910". On a small piece of paper inside is "y Finis Tillman." Hanging from a chain is a coin-like medal Underneath the coin is a small Masonic symbol, and a ladder goes up the back. (Full length picture)
11" round quart, no markings This bottle contains a tower built of crossed pieces supported by turned posts in two levels. The top posts have additional cross pieces on top with ivory carved tassles hanging from them. On top of everything is an ivory Maltese cross. (Full length picture)
6 5/8" flask with screw top; "Squibb design pat. 87401 6 1 Bottle made in USA" This little bottle contains a wooden platform with a railing. A preacher (German toy figure) stands on a red plastic die, flanked by two lambs (also German toys). Two long pinecones, coated with green shavings, lean in toward a central shaft which is decorated with a cross made from a piece of jewelry, and a paper American flag. Two posts outside of the railing are halves of Q-Tips. (Full length picture and closeup)

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