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Full Pictures and Close-ups: M. Salzman Co. Saloon

saloon in a bottle by Carl Worner
Height Bottle Markings
11" tall, 2 1/2" square quart with fancy embossed fluting around the neck, a type of bottle Worner used for many of his creations.
Description, including signature and date

This saloon scene is another made by Carl Worner, signed but not dated. It has the bartender and two patrons in the bar, and a sign over the bar "M. Salzman Co. SALOON" At the bottom of the bar is a sign "Find the Missing Man," and there is a man hidden under the floor in a tiny bathroom. There was an M. Salzman Co., makers of overalls, in Chicago during the relevant period, but no Salzman saloon in Chicago or St. Louis. However, there was a Max Salzman saloon in Newark, NJ, from 1914-1916. It is now known that Worner made saloon bottles for people who did not have saloons, so the overall company could have received this for clothes.

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