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Full Pictures and Close-ups: Henry Eilers Saloon

saloon in a bottle by Carl Worner
Height Bottle Markings

11 1/2" tall,
4 1/4" wide,
2 1/2" deep
quart, Joseph Maserang Drug Co., St. Louis embossed in the glass
Description, including signature and date

This unsigned bottle by Worner is labeled above the bar "Henry Eiler's Saloon." With the bottle itself labeled St. Louis, we found a Henry Eilers with a saloon in St. Louis from 1914 into the 1920's. The saloon was at 5651 Easton Ave. and a Charles J. Warner, no job listed, was living five blocks away from 1916 until 1918 (St. Louis city directories). The bottle has the same features as other saloon bottles.

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