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Bottle markings
c10 1/2" oval quart This bottle by Carl Worner was found in Princeton, Illinois, a small town in Illinois coal country. The sign over the bar reads "Mattie E. Hayden Coal Miner's Headquarter." The two men standing at the bar are wearing miners' helmets and overalls. This bottle is not signed or dated. (Closeup image)
c11" round quart This bottle was made by Carl Worner for the Frank Behrens saloon in St. Louis. Behrens had a saloon from 1904 until 1918.

The bottle is similar to all of Worner's other saloon bottles; like the bottles for M. Rummel and Michael Walsh, it is decorated with glitter.(Closeup images)

c15" round seltzer or "bar" bottle This Carl Worner saloon is a grand example of the artist's work. It was made for Sven J. Mellin of Chicago who had a lodge and saloon in McHenry County, northwest of the city. Above the bar is a carved barrel and two bottles flanked by American and Swedish flags. Below the floor are two privies, one with a woman and the other with a man. On the front panels are more flags and a verse in Swedish which is almost exactly like one he wrote in German in another bottle. (full image and closeups)
c15" round seltzer or "bar" bottle This Carl Worner meat market bottle was made for Charles Grepling's meat market in Chicago, possibly before 1900. In front of the counter, a butcher cuts meat for a well-dressed female customer. Another customer is at the right. Behind the counter hang all kinds of meats. Above the Meat Market sign is Grepling's name and two American flags. The bottle contains four potted trees like the ones Worner put in many of his saloon scenes. (Full image)
11 1/2" high,
3 1/4" in diameter
round quart This Carl Worner saloon is a little different from most of the others. It has a wonderful painting over the bar showing a rustic lake, trees and deer or cattle. The bar is named "Jim Cave." The patron standing at the bar is wearing a yellow straw hat, and the patron at the table is facing front. Instead of a wooden stopper, this bottle was plugged with newspaper, the Dunkirk (NY) Evening Observer, June __ 1907. The bottle was part of the Strong Museum (Rochester NY)'s collection but was recently deaccessioned at auction. (Full image and closeup)
c 11" tall, 4" across, 2 1/2" deep rectangular bottle, no markings This Worner saloon bottle was made for Joe Birkey's saloon on Western Ave. in Blue Island, IL, a suburb of Chicago. The sign over the bar reads "Joe Birke Saloon," and it features the usual bartender and two toasting customers, plus the four pine trees. There is a missing man below the floor, but no sign with "Find the Missing Man." In design and complexity, this is almost exactly like the John Neubauer saloon. (Full image and closeup)
c15" large seltzer bottle, no markings This large Worner bottle contains a shoe repair shop and was made for Samuel Izen of Chicago in 1907. The sign reads "Expert Shoemaker." Little shoes hang from the walls and shelves, and one of the shoemakers is holding a threaded needle. The other sits at a sewing machine. A sign at the bottom reads, "A Good Shoe will Save You a Doctor Bill." The current owner of the bottle, Mr. Izen's grandson, wrote about the making of this bottle and its repair. (Full image, closeup, and Mr. Izen's story)
13 1/4" tall,
3 1/4" in diameter
round liquor bottle, no markings This saloon bottle by Carl Worner is not signed or dated, but it was made for the Julius Gilly saloon in Long Branch, NJ. Julius Gilly was found in the 1920 census of New Jersey, managing a hotel in Long Branch. The bottle is like Mr. Worner's other saloons. (Full image)
9 3/4" tall,
4 1/4" wide, 2 1/2" deep
rectangular liquor bottle, no markings This Worner saloon bottle is not identified with a saloon keeper's name. It has a hidden man but no sign, and the bottom pieces of the bottle are unglued and a bit off center. The only unusual feature of this bottle is the woman bar patron, seated at the table in front of the bar. The back is signed "Carl Wörner" but not dated. It was found in southern Wisconsin but could have been made in Illinois. (Full image and closeup.)
c 10 1/2" tall square liquor bottle, no markings, but decorated with fluting around the shoulder A typical Worner saloon bottle, made for the John Gaa Saloon which was in Peoria, IL. The building and its sign are still there. The bottle has the sign "Find the Missing Man" in front. It is signed and dated 1912. (Full image and closeup.)

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