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Bottle markings Description (click on small picture to see larger pictures and closeups)
c 11" round bottle embossed "Federal Law Forbids the Sale or Reuse of This Bottle" This saloon bottle is a copy of a Worner bottle made in the early 1940's by a man living near Buffalo, NY. His father bought a saloon in 1909 in Depew, NY, and Worner gave him a bottle. When his sons moved away from Depew and started their own tavern, one of them made two copies of the original bottle. This is one of them. It has a sign over the bar "Hotel and Saloon" and has the missing man feature. It is a surprisingly good copy, though lacking in a great deal of refined details. (Full image and closeup)
12 1/2" rectangular gallon jug marked "One Gallon" This jug contains an intricately built city house, with an American flag and clothes line on the roof. There are five windows with glass and a double front door under a porch. The house fills the bottle right to capacity.

The brick walls do not appear to have been built in single brick pieces but in small sections. (Full length picture and closeups)

c 14-16" large rectangular bottle This scene shows ore mining on several levels, with the digging on the bottom, smelting in the middle and a meeting, perhaps of the miners, on the top. This bottle was made in the 18th century in Slovakia. Read about this bottle and and see others like it on a website by Peter Huber of Wiener Neustadt, Austria, or read an abbreviated version in English.
5" flask, no markings This little bottle contains a scene with a trellis arch covered with greenery. On one side is a Union soldier from the American Civil War, and on the other is a Confebhworner.htmlr. There is no writing to explain or date. (Full length image)
11" quart, no markings This bottle contains a scene with two men on horseback facing two men standing. The figures appear to be soldiers. Above the figures is a platform with a ribboned fan. The bottle itself has painted bands of flowing going up on four sides. It is not signed or dated. (Full image)
c 12" round tall bottle, no markings This terrific bottle shows two men in top hats at a cafe. A table is set with a bottle of wine, and there are two tiny chairs. A dalmation dog sits on the checkered floor. Above, hanging from the stopper, is a swing with a bird on it. A second bird has fallen off the perch. On a pole behind one of the men is a pay phone. On both sides of the bird swing are French sayings about Prosperity. (Full image and closeup)
7 1/2" round brown bottle; no markings This bottle contains a two-storey construction, peopgilly.htmlmals that look like bears. A figure at a podium, flanked by two bears holding rifles, stands on the top floor, while two other bears are working a cross-cut saw on the lower floor. (Full length picture and closeups)
7 5/8" round, no markings The windmill in this bottle is simply constructed and painted in red, green, white, black and yellow. The best feature is thmnworner.htmleathervane on top, complete with labeled directionals. The stopper is carved wood and painted black. Because of the stopper and the green base, I think this bottle was made by the same artist who made the black triple cross bottle, but neither is signed. (Full length picture)
7 1/4" round like a drum; marked Duraglas and Sunsweet, obviously a prune juice bottle The dark green glass makes it difficult to see the contents of this bottle except in strong light. A bartender stands behind the bar and looks at the table in front of thgaa.htmlere a woman is sitting smoking a cigarette. On the chair across the table from her is a man's fedora. The scene looks like an Edward Hopper painting. (Larger picture and closeup)
14 1/4" rectangular; "capacity 64 oz" embossed in the glass on the front The I.O.O.F. lodge inside this bottle was made from dozens of thin strips of wood like the kind sold in crafts stores. The only markingscenesetc.htmlng anywhere are the pencilled letters IOOF over the front porch. (Full length picture and closeup)

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