It is hard to define myself because I am always changing. I am not the person I was a year ago, much less ten years ago. But some things have been consistent over time, and these are:

I love animals. We have a wonderful rescue boxer, Mocha; two cats, Weezel and Snickers; and two serpae tetras, Modern and Post-Modern.

I love music of most kinds, and, although I do not have a great voice, I really enjoy singing in the church choir and I'm a proud member of a Sweet Adelines chorus, Sound of New England. My favorite kind of music changes, with the range from Mexican Huapangos to Green Day to Palestrina to Berlioz to Jean-Michel Jarre. I even like Country at times.

I love the sky at night and always have. It never ceases to leave me feeling like a dustspeck in the cosmos, and that makes my temporary worries seem insignificant.

I love dollhouses and miniatures and have a decent collection, which includes some houses and furniture I've made, some contemporary work, and some antique.

I have three brothers, one of whom (Caleb) is a talented musician and has a blog on music called Classical-Drone. My husband Morrow is a brilliant and talented teacher, writer, photographer, and computer expert. Our son Andrew is an artist with a great website, always being updated, and our daughter Martha has a Masters in Fine Art in Photography in San Francisco, has continued her education at The Studio School there, and has a website for her collage work. Nephew Taylor Deupree is a graphic artist who is also a well-known musician in the electronic music field; he has his own recording label, 12K. Niece Karolen Deupree makes the most beautiful lampwork glass beads I've ever seen and has her own website. Niece Kathryn Deupree is an artist and web designer in Chicago who also has a website. Cousin Jenny Deupree operates Neskaya Movement Arts Center in Franconia, NH. I am lucky to have such a wonderful family!