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AMY W. DEUPREE, eleventh child of WILLIAM DEUPREE Sr. and AMY PETTUS, b. 1800, d. 1876?, m. 1820 Charlotte Co. VA, DEVEREAUX H. FOARD (1797-1857/60). They moved to Henderson Co. KY ca 1834, where he probably died. AMY moved to Dyer Co. TN with most of her children. They had seven children:

A1. SARAH A. P. T. FOARD (1822-1859) m. 1839 Henderson Co. KY, JAMES L. HICKS (c1819-1863). Their children moved to Dyer Co. TN and neighboring counties of Lauderdale and Haywood. Seven children:
A1A. ELIZABETH V. HICKS (1840/41-1934) m. probably three times, last to JEFFERSON LANE. She had no children.
A1B. THOMAS J. HICKS (1843-1850)
A1C. LAURA J. HICKS (1845- ). Living 1860. History of Haywood Co. TN said she died without children.
A1D. WILLIAM D. HICKS (1848- ) Living 1860. Supposedly died without children.
A1E. JAMES M. HICKS (1850- ). Probably died between 1857 and 1860.
A1F. MARY THERESA HICKS (1853-after 1900) m. 1874 JOHN DeWOODY ALLEN (c1854-1898). They lived in Haywood Co. TN. Seven known children:
A1F i. ELINORA ALLEN (c1876- ). Nothing further found.
A1F ii. BERTHA ALLEN (c1879- ). Nothing further found.
A1F iii. MYRTLE ALLEN (1881- ). Nothing further found.
A1F iv. WILLIAM ALEXANDER ALLEN (1883-after 1920) m. c1904 EULA M. CARTER. Lived in Haywood Co. TN. Seven known children:
A1Fiv a. WALDO ALLEN (1906-1985) m. MARY LEA and had 5 children.
A1Fiv b. WILLIAM ALLEN (b c1908) Nothing further known.
A1Fiv c. ELOISE ALLEN (b. c1910) m. FINIS GARRETT and had 3 children.
A1Fiv d. DOROTHY ALLEN (1916- ) m. ____ FERGUSON.
A1Fiv e. DORIS ALLEN married ?, California.
A1Fiv f. JANE ALLEN m. ____ PACE
A1Fiv g. DON ALLEN (b. after 1920, living 1985) Nothing further known.
A1F v. JOHN ALLEN (1888- ). Not seen after 1900 census.
A1F vi. THEODORE ALLEN (1892-after 1920) m. c1915 CLARA___. Living in Haywood Co. TN in 1920. Two children at that point:
A1Fvi a. JOHN D. ALLEN (c1917- ). Nothing further known.
A1Fvi b. son, unnamed in 1920 census, b. late 1919. Nothing further known.
A1F vii. JESSE ALLEN (1895- ). Not found after 1900 census. Family says he had a twin sister who died in infancy.
A1G. HENRY THOMAS HICKS (1855-1916) m(1) MARY ALICE BYARS (d. 1889), m(2) MINNIE BELL WALLS (1876-1924). They lived in Haywood Co. TN. Fifteen children; four from his first marriage and ten from the second.
A1G i. JAMES WESLEY HICKS (1878-1899)
A1G ii. EGBERT EZELL HICKS (1881-1980) m. 1906 IDA MAUD ESCUE (c1891-after 1980). Lived in Haywood Co. TN. Nine children:
A1Gii a. WILLIAM D. HICKS (1907- ) m. MAY KENDRICKS and had children.
A1Gii b. RUBY HICKS (1909-before 1997) m. EDWIN BRUCE and had 2 children.
A1Gii c. HATTIE HICKS (1911- ) m(1) REUBEN KENDRICKS, m(2) CLYDE NAYLOR. One child.
A1Gii d. VERA HICKS, a twin, (b. 1914- dec'd ), married, California.
A1Gii e. VELMA HICKS, a twin, (1914- ) m. HENRY I. BAXTER, one child.
A1Gii f. JAMES ERICE HICKS (1916-1980/97), maybe married with children.
A1Gii g. LILLIE MAE HICKS (1920- ) m. ___ COMPTON. Several children.
A1Gii h. FANNIE SUE HICKS (1924- ) m. ___ LANCASTER. One or two children.
A1Gii i. ELIZABETH ANN HICKS (1930- ) m. ___ KREGER. Children?
A1G iii. HENRY DeWOODY HICKS (1884-1937) m. FLORA___. Lived near Memphis TN. One child:
A1Giii a. PATTY ANN HICKS m. CLAUDE McKNIGHT. They have children.

A1G v. WILLIAM DEVEREAUX HICKS (1892-1962) m. MAY KENDRICK He was called DEVERETTE. Seven children:
A1Gv b. WILLIAM D. HICKS, b. 1924
A1Gv c. CHARLES E. HICKS, b. 1926
A1Gv d. HENRY K. HICKS, b. 1928

A1Gv f. PATTY J. HICKS, b. 1937
A1Gv g. JERRY T. HICKS, b. 1939
A1G vi. THOMAS JEFFERSON HICKS (1893-1942) m.(1) LULA MOORE who died before 1920. m(2) ??. One known child from first marriage:
A1Gvi a. HENRY THOMAS HICKS (1919-1934).
A1G vii. JOHN D. HICKS (1896-1918). Not married.
A1G viii. EDGAR LEON HICKS (1898-1946) m. 1929 FRANCES BRUCE. Lived in Haywood Co. TN. Two children:
A1Gviii a. FRANCES MARIE HICKS (1930- ) m(1) IRA PORCH, m(2) CHARLES DUNCAN. One child from her first marriage.
A1Gviii b. EDGAR LEE HICKS (1939-
A1G ix. HERMAN IVAN HICKS (1899-1975) m. 1927 MYRTLE TAYLOR. Lived in Haywood Co. TN. Four children:
A1Gix a. PAUL IVAN HICKS (1930- ) m. BILLIE LOUISE BAGGETT. One child.

A1Gix b. OUIDA HICKS (1935- ) m. THOMAS BAGGETT. Two children.
A1Gix c. THOMAS CLEVELAND HICKS (1937- ) married, two children.
A1Gix d. BARBARA HICKS (1944- ) m. ___ WEST, two children.
A1G x. JULIUS ULYSSES HICKS (1901-1985) m. 1926 FLORINE TAYLOR. Lived in Haywood Co. TN.One child:
A1Gx a. MINNIE PEARL HICKS (1934- ) m. JIMMY OSTEEN. Two children.
A1G xi. SARAH ANN HICKS (1903-1974) m. HENRY MOORE. They had no children.
A1G xii. MARY PAULINE HICKS (1905-1983) m. 1927 WILBUR JOYNER. No children.
A1G xiii. DUPREE HICKS (1907-1907)
A1G xiv. ALPHA ELIZABETH HICKS (1910- ) m. 1928 LOUIS TAYLOR. Lives in Haywood Co. TN. Two children:
A1Gxiv a. BOBBY GENE TAYLOR (1928- ) m. VIRGINIA OVERTON, two children.
A1Gxiv b. HELEN TAYLOR (1934- ) m. GLENN DALE ROBERTS. Two children.
A1G xv. MINNIE IRENE HICKS (1912-1994). She was not married.

A2. AMY ELIZABETH C. M. FOARD (1824-1880/1900) m. 1845 EDGAR G. SUGG (c1820-1902). Dyer Co. TN. Five known children:
A2A. ALICE SUGG (c1847- ), possibly m. COLUMBUS PARR in Lauderdale Co. TN and died in childbirth.
A2B. ALNEY SUGG (c1850- ). Living 1860. Not found later and not in his father's will. Probably died young.
A2C. EDGAR SUGG (c1853- ) Living 1870 census, not found later and not mentioned in father's will.
A2D. MARY E. SUGG (1859-1905) m. 1897 JOSEPH R. BAKER. They lived in Dyer Co. TN. Two children:
A2D i. JOSEPH E. BAKER (1899- ). m. 1920 BESSIE LILE STONE.Three children:
A2Di a. MARY BAKER of Dyersburg TN
A2Di b. JOE WILLIAM BAKER of Dyersburg TN
A2Di c. daughter, name not known

A2D ii. SAMUEL BAKER (1902- ). Living 1920. Nothing further found.
A2E. THOMAS WILLIAM SUGG (c1860-after 1920) m. c1896 LULA M. HARBERT or HARLBERT. He is sometimes in the records as WILLIAM T. SUGG. Two children:
A2E i. EDGAR H. SUGG (1898-c1987) m. CELESTE RHEA. Dentist in Dyersburg TN. At least one child known:

A2E ii. THOMAS WILLIAM SUGG JR. (1903-1919) Died of influenza. Not married.

A3. WILLIAM THOMAS FOARD (1826-1862). Not married. May have served in the Civil War, but died in Dyer Co. TN.

A4. MOSES A. D. FOARD (1828-after 1880) m. c1860 SAMMIE ___ (c1840- ). Living in 1880 in Henderson Co. KY. Not found later. Four known children:
A4A. WILLIE FOARD (son), possibly WILLIAM D. FOARD who m. KATE___ andlived in Owen Co. KY in 1910. No children living with them.
A4B. MATTIE J. FOARD (c1864-after 1925). Not married. Named in aunt MARY FOARD WHITTLE's 1925 will. Living in Owen Co. KY.
A4C. CLARENCE FOARD (c1868- ). Not found after 1880 census.
A4D. HENRY T. FOARD (c1870- ) Not found after 1880 census.
A5. MARY S. A. FOARD (1830-1925) m. 1863 McKNIGHT WHITTLE (1828-1900/1910). They lived in Dyer and Haywood Counties, TN, but she lived in Dyersburg after he died. Two children:
A5A. ALICE WHITTLE (1865-after 1925). Single in 1925. Nothing further known.
A5B. THOMAS J. WHITTLE (c1869- ) Living 1880 census. Not found later and not named in his mother's will.
A6. JOSEPH S. H. FOARD (1833-c1880) m. c1860 EMMA KNOWLES. He moved around a bit and was in Indiana and Arkansas, as well as Dyer Co. TN. He may have died in Illinois. Three known children:
A6A. ELLA E. FOARD (1864-1963). She was not married. Lived in Dyer Co. TN.
A6B. JULIA ESTELLE FOARD (1867/8-1920) m. c1887 JAMES WILLIAM CURRY (1857-1935). Lived in Dyer Co. TN. Two children:
A6B i. JOSEPH WALKER CURRY (1891-1938) m. c1908 STELLA GROVES. Lived in Dyersburg TN. Four children:

A6Bi b. JAMES JOSEPH CURRY (1912-1963) m. CUBA HEATHCOTT. One child.
A6Bi c. THOMAS FRANKLIN CURRY (1914- ) m. ANN BRANN. Two children.
A6B ii. FLORENCE ELEANOR CURRY (1904-1953) m. TOM MAY. One child:
A6Bii a. JULIA FRANCES MAY m. RAY BROWN. Two children.
A6C. NETTIE M. FOARD (1879- ) probably died in infancy.
A7. JULIA FRANCES I. FOARD (1835-1914) m. c1865 JOHN S. WELLS (1836-1905/6). They lived in Dyer and Lauderdale Co. TN where he was a ferryman. Three children:
A7A. AMY WELLS (c1866- ) Died young.
A7B. JOHN L. WELLS (1870-1954) m(1)?? who died or divorced. m(2) 1897 LIZZIE SIMS (c1875-1950/54). Lived in Dyer Co. TN. Eleven children, two from first marriage:
A7B ii. BUFORD WELLS (1896- ) m c1919 ELINOR B.___
A7B iii. MARY E. WELLS (1898- ) m. ____ McCLURE
A7B iv. HARRY WELLS (1900- ) Not found in 1910 census. Prob. died young.
A7B v. ALICE WELLS (1904- ) m. 1920 HUE PRITCHETT
A7B vi. CARRIE WELLS (1906- ) m. 1925 JIM WADDLE
A7B vii. JOHN ETTA WELLS (1910- ) m. 1940 WILLIAM B. NEWBILL. One known child:
A7B viii. LUCY WELLS (1912- ) m. DAVIS
A7B ix. GEROLD WELLS (1915- ) Not found after 1920.
A7B x. MABEL WELLS (1917- ) m. 1940 JAMES ASPIN
A7B xi. JOHN L. WELLS JR. (b. after 1920). Nothing further known.
A7C. MARY ELIZABETH WELLS (1874-after 1925) m. c1892 BEN W. HICKS, They were not found in census records after 1900, but she was named in her aunt MARY WHITTLE's will of 1925 as being "of Dyersburg". Four children by 1900, perhaps more later:
A7C i. FANNIE M. HICKS (1892- ). Nothing further known.
A7C ii. JULIA F. HICKS (1893-
A7C iii. HERBERT H. HICKS (1896-
A7C iv. GEORGE S. HICKS (1898-