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Julia Deupree and Reuben Chaney

Julia Deupree (1782-1857) m. 1800 Reuben Chaney (c1776-1857). They moved to Callaway Co., Missouri, in about 1837. They had 7 children:

J1. Louisa V. Chaney (c1801-after 1880) m. 1823 James Elam (before 1800-before 1850). They moved to Callaway Co., Missouri, with her parents ca. 1837 but by 1850 had settled in St. Louis. Four known children:

J1A. Edwin M. Elam (1827-after 1900) m. 1854 Martha L. McClure (1833-after 1910).Five children found in census records.
J1A i. William J. Elam, b 1855, living 1910, not married by then.
J1A ii. Nettie Elam, (1859-after 1930, married Gilbert McClure (1854-after1930). He was a coal dealer in St. Louis Co.; they moved to Massachusetts to live with their daughter. Two children:
J1Aii a. Myrtle McClure (b. 1887) married Harry O. Williams
J1Aii b. Ruth McClure (b. 1892) nothing further known.
J1A iii. Edwin M. Elam, (1862-after 1930) married ca 1892 Kathleen ___ (1872-after 1930). He was a broker of wholesale cigars and moved first to Indiana, then to Massachusetts, and finally to California. Kathleen Elam was born in Canada. Two children:
J1Aiii a. Edwin M. Elam Jr., born 1894. Killed in France in World War I.
J1Aiii b. Mildred Elam, born 1895, married Douglas Hooker. At least two children.
J1A iv. Percy Elam, (1871-after 1930), married Lillian _____ and moved to Chicago. They had a least one child:
J1Aiv a. Iris G. Elam
J1A v. Ollie Elam, (1875-after 1930). He was single in the 1910 census, and divorced in the 1930 census, but not found in 1920. He moved to San Francisco. Nothing further known.
J1B. James Alfred Elam (1833-1869) m. 1859 Margaret B. Bennett (1838-1893). Seven children , five of whom reached adulthood, all in St. Louis:
J1B i. Charles M. Elam (1859-after 1900) m. 1882 Agnes S. Hunt (1866-after 1900). Family disappears from St Louis records after 1904. Five known children:
J1Bi a. Charles Elam, d. 1883 in infancy
J1Bi b. Frank Elam, b1884, nothing further known
J1Bi c. Elizabeth Elam, b1888, nothing further known
J1Bi d. Florence Elam, b1894, nothing further known
J1Bi e. Algernon Elam, b1896, nothing further known
J1B ii. James Beauford Elam (1861-c1952) m. 1890 Clara Todd (1871-1965). Two children:
J1Bii a. Mabel C. Elam, b 1891, m. Guy Ware. 1 child
J1Bii b. James Albert Elam, (1897-1983), m Jane Linnell . 1 child.
J1B iii. George A. Elam (1862-1911) m. 1889 Catherine Truttman and had six children, five of whom reached adulthood:
J1Biii a. Roy Michael Elam (1891-1965) m(1) Beulah Burney, m(2) Alta Fulton and had two children.
J1Biii b. Mary Frances Elam (1893-1974) m. Bert Boaz and had one child.
J1Biii c. Ada Bell Elam (1895-1979) m. Henry Fred Eisenreich and had five children.
J1Biii d. George Albert Elam (1899-1968) m. Barbara Berdollt and had two children.
J1Biii e. Elmer Benjamin Elam (1902-1990) m. Cora Ehrengart and had three children.
J1B iv. Harry Butler Elam (1865-1889). Not married; no children.
J1B v. Brook A. Elam (1867-1917) m. 1889 Byrd Chartram. Two children, St. Louis
J1Biv a. Brook Alexander Elam, (1891-1953), went to California. May have married Loretta Perry. Nothing further known.
J1Biv b. Ruth Elam, b 1893, m. by 1917 to Mr. Smith; nothing further known.
J1C. Louisa H. Elam (c1836-1921) m. her cousin Lewis L. Chaney. Continued with him.
J1D. Reuben Benjamin Elam (1839-1916) m. Alvira J. Grant (1945-after 1910). Seven children, St. Louis.
J1D i. Benton R. Elam (1870-1913). Not married.
J1D ii. Lawrence A. Elam (1871-1935) m. 1900 May O. Hudson (c1871-after 1944). One child:
J1Dii a. Hannah Elam (c1901-before 1935). Not married; no children.
J1D iii. Gertrude Elam (c1876-before 1935). Nothing further known.
J1D iv. Bessie Elam (1877-1961). Not married. Went to California.
J1D v. Edgar Elam (1879-before 1935). Nothing further known.
J1D vi. Walter Hayward Elam (1884-1907). Not married.
J1D vii. Russell Woodbridge Elam (1892-1957) m. c1917 Sarah Inez Valle (1895-1987). They moved to California. Two children:
J1Dvii a. Betty Jean Elam married with children
J1Dvii b. Inez Ann Elam married with children

J2. Parkes Jefferson Chaney (1804-1871) m. 1829 Eliza Anderson (1813-1869). They moved to Callaway Co., Missouri, c1838 and on to Pettis Co., Missouri, c1854. Nine children:

J2A. Mary Ann Elizabeth Chaney (c1831-after 1891) m. 1857 Samuel W. Woods (c1816-1891). Two children:
J2A i. Mattie C. Woods (c1859-??) m. Mr. van Houton. Nothing further known. Possibly Arkansas.
J2A ii. Rudolph J. Woods (1860-1895). No marriage record found; no known children.
J2B. Cicero Marcus Aurelius Chaney (1833-1887) m. 1853 Elizabeth Ballew (c1835-after 1900). He lived in Sedalia, Pettis Co., Missouri. Five children:
J2B i. David F./T. Chaney (c1857-betw.1890/1898) m. c1878 Helen M. Robinson (1863-by 1902).They lived in Pettis Co., Missouri. One known child:
J2Bi a. Herbert D. Chaney (1882-after 1915) m. by 1909 Ethel A. ??. They moved to Kansas City. At least one child
J2B ii. Mary Elizabeth Chaney (1857-after 1905) m. 1875 Lanceford L. Routon (c1846-1905). They lived in Holden, Johnson Co., Missouri. Five children, one of whom died in infancy.
J2Bii a. John L. Routon (1876-1933) married and had one child.
J2Bii b. William Eugene Routon (1879-1902). No children.
J2Bii c. Paul Routon (1884-1912) married Iva Howell and died in Colorado. One child.
J2Bii d. Alice Lee Routon (1886-before 1905) No children.
J2B iii. Roxanne Lee Chaney (1861-1949) m. William S. Chaney, prob.her cousin (7.E) but this has not been proved. They moved to San Antonio, TX, and had three children:
J2Biii a. Ruth Chaney (born 1890) married Arthur Vawter. Nothing further known.
J2Biii b. Helen Chaney (1893- ) m. Walter Steimel and had two children.
J2Biii c. William Samuel Chaney, Jr. (1902-1966) Had no children.
J2B iv. Alice Chaney (1864-1940) m.1891 William E. Doggett. (1859-1931). No children.
J2B v. John Chaney (1870-??) m. 1893 Eula W. Edwards. One known child:
J2Bv a. Clarence Chaney (1894-1968). Went to Chicago. Nothing further known.
J2C. Scipio Andrew Reuben Chaney (1834-1922) m. 1866 Alvira Jane Cheatham (1844-1896). He lived the later part of his life in Kansas City, Missouri. Eight children, six of whom reached maturity:
J2C i. James Park Chaney (1868-??) m(1) 1901 Nelle Bohorn. divorced. m(2) by 1923 Phoebe Jane Evans (1888-1986). He moved from Kansas City, Mo., to Oklahoma. Two children from the second marriage:
J2Ci a. James Chaney (1923-1924)
J2Ci b. Mary Jane Chaney (1923- ) m(1) Mr. Schriber. m(2) Robert Dean Nichols. One child.
J2C ii. Walter Lee Chaney (1870-1943) m. 1907 Laura M. James (c1885-1969). They lived in Warrensburg, Johnson Co., Missouri. Four children:
J2Cii a. Mary Lee Chaney (b 1913/4-) m. Paul Alford. 2 children.
J2Cii b. Walter James Chaney (1915- 1989) m(1) Mary Viola Sutton, m(2) Syble Elaine Bigbee, m(3) Mary R. Ellison. 2 children from first marriage.
J2Cii c. Emily Chaney (1917-1998) m. 1940 Willis R. Sannebeck. No children.
J2Cii d. Carolyn Chaney (b 1919) m. Walter Jackson Atkins. 1 child.
J2C iii. Alice Elizabeth Chaney (1873-1968) m. 1900 John W. Taylor (b.c1867). One child:
J2Ciii a. Ralph A. Taylor (b. c1906). Nothing further known.
J2C iv. Carrie Emma Chaney (1875-1961). Not married; no children.
J2C v. Joseph William Chaney (1878-1956) m. 1906 Nora Mabel Snow (1880-1965). Divorced. She raised the children in Oklahoma. He remained in Kansas City, Mo.
J2Civ a. Josephine Chaney (1908-1990) m. 1928 Carl Lovingier. 4 children.
J2Civ b. Mary Leath Chaney (1910-1942) m. Warren Smith. 2 children.
J2C vi. Mildred Ann Chaney (1880-??) m. 1912 Fred Gould. They moved to Tucumcari, New Mexico. One son whose name is not known.
vii. Nellie Irene Chaney (1883-1966) m. Frederick Gordon Boody (1879-1959). Lived in Kansas City, Mo. One child:
J2Cvi a. F. Gordon Boody (1905-1987) married and had one daughter.
J2C vi. Mary Leath Chaney (1886-1980) m. 1907 Charles Mason Pierce (1883-1938). One child:
J2Cvi a. Mary Jane Pierce (b 1920) m. 1945 James A. Howze Jr. 1 child.
J2D. Cynthio Cornelius C. Chaney (1836-1920) m(1) 1859 Catherine Dickenson (c1827-c1885) m(2) c1889 Laura ?? (1851-before 1920). He lived in Smithton, Pettis Co. Missouri. Two children:
J2D i. Mary F. Chaney (c1861-by 1885) m. 1881 Henry J. Wheeler (1859-??). Two children:
J2Di a. James Wheeler (b. c1882). Nothing further known.
J2Di b. Benjamin Wheeler (b. 1883). Nothing further known.
J2D ii. Annie Elsie Chaney (1891-1975) m. 1907 Arthur C. Prall (1884-1956). They moved to Oklahoma. One child:
J2Dii a. Arthur Earl Prall (1908-1984) m(1) Margaret Ruthledge, m(2) Viola Austin. Lived in Oklahoma and had two children from his first marriage.
J2E. Cephas Joe Anderson Chaney (1838-1926) m(1) Martha E. Arnold (1840-1870), m(2) Sarah P. Arnold (1850-1935). He lived in Arkansas after the Civil War and moved his family to Fannin Co., Texas, c1890. Nine children:
J2E i. Ernest Chaney (1867-1956) m(1) 1889 Mollie Campbell (1869-1890), m(2) Mary Susie Hudson (1874-1933). They lived in Fannin Co., Texas. Ten children, all but one from his second marriage:
J2Ei a. son b and d. 1890
J2Ei b. Royal Norman Chaney (1892-1973) m. 1923 Gladys Wheeler. No children.
J2Ei c. Ernest Frank Chaney (1894-1979) m. Frances Knight. 2 children.
J2Ei d. Flora May Chaney (1898-1969) m. William F. Keeley . 2 children.
J2Ei e. Joe Chaney (1901-1982) m. Jewel Beatrice Elliot (1900-1975). No children.
J2Ei f. Hugh Richard Chaney (1903-1993) m. Edith (Pope) Houston. 2 children.
J2Ei g. Vera Estelle Chaney (1906-1996) m. Rodney Wheeler. 5 children
J2Ei h. Mary Lou Chaney (b 1908) m. Walter Edwin Rigsby. 2 children
J2Ei i. Martha Jane Chaney (b 1911) m. Hugh Lenzy Rigsby. 2 children.
J2Ei j. David Earl Chaney (1913-1987) m. 1940 Geraldine West. 2 children.
J2E ii. Jake Eugene Chaney (1873-1954) m(1) 1900 Lena Stone (1878-1969). Seven children
J2Eii a. Eugene Allen Chaney (1901-1982) m Mattie Ward m(2) 1933 Flora Dell Eubank. 3 children from first marriage.
J2Eii b. Joseph Weldon Chaney (1906-1985) Not married. No children.
J2Eii c. Madgie Louellen Chaney (b 1908) m 1933 William Thomas Upchurch. 5 children
J2Eii d. Edna Florence Chaney (b 1911) Not married. No children.
J2Eii e. John Henry Chaney (b 1915) m Betty Alyne Glover. 2 children
J2Eii f. Emma Jewel Chaney (1917-1918)
J2Eii g. Lida Mae Chaney (b 1919) m. 1939 Marvin Stewart. Nothing further known.
J2E iii. Parks John Chaney (1877-1967) m. 1900 Effie Slack (1884-1971). Fannin Co., Texas. Four children:
J2Eiii a. Herschel P. Chaney (1901-1973) m. Ruby Reynolds (b 1907) One child.
J2Eiii b. Jack Edgar Chaney (1904-1988) m. Pauline Graves (1912-1974). One child.
J2Eiii c. B. Arvil Chaney (1906-1970). Not married.
J2Eiii d. Marie Chaney (1918-1980) m. 1936 Clifford Cummins. Four children
J2E iv. Sam Joe Chaney (1880-1965) m. 1904 Lula Sandifer (b c1885). Four children:
J2Eiv a. Inez Chaney (1907-1972) m Leonard Callaway. One child
J2Eiv b. Joseph Peter Chaney (1909-1991). m. Glee Adams. One child
J2Eiv c. daughter, died young
J2Eiv d. Robert S. Chaney (b 1921) m Camilla Houston 2 children.
J2E v. Lee Arnold Chaney (1882-1966). Not married; no known children.
J2E vi. Douglas Chaney (1885/6-1939) m. by 1910 Lillie Sorrels (1886-1980). Five children:
J2Evi a. Douglas Roy Chaney (1910-1976) m. Ollie Ware m(2) Beatrice Cunningham. 2 children
J2Evi b. Ruth Chaney (1915-1940) Not married.
J2Evi c. Rema Nell/Ramonell Chaney m.(1) Daniel Thompson, m(2) Clifford Fisher
J2Evi d. Joe Wayne Chaney (1920-1946) Not married.
J2Evi e. Wanda Faye Chaney m. James Mills
J2E vii. Mary Lida Chaney (1889-1938). Not married; no known children.
J2E viii. Florence Chaney (1891-1976) m. Luther Madden (1887-1980)
J2E ix. Harry Pete Chaney (1895-1979). Not married; no known children.
J2F. Julia Agnes Orpha Chaney (1841-after 1900) m. 1867 John W. Burress (1830-after 1902). They lived in Sedalia in 1900 but were not located later. Five known children:
J2F i. Edgar Lee Burress (1869-1869)
J2F ii. Lydia M. Burress (b1870, single 1900). Nothing further known.
J2F iii. Thomas Burress (b1872) Not found in 1900 census. Nothing further known.
J2F iv. Molly Burress (b1874) Single 1900. Nothing further known.
J2F v. Lizzie Burress (b1877). Not found in 1900 census. Nothing further known.
J2G. Walter Overton T. Chaney (1843-before 1933) m. 1871 Mary C. Arnold (1847-1933). They moved to Honey Grove, Lamar Co., Texas. Five known children:
J2G i. Willie Lee Chaney (1876-1954) m. Katherine Cole (1883-1960). They lived in Lamar Co., Texas. Five children, but one died in infancy; the other four:
J2Gi a. Mildred Chaney (1905-1989) m. 1924 Ulysses Lewis Troutt. One child.
J2Gi b. Willie Mae Chaney (1912-1989) m. 1928 William Roland Branum. Two children.
J2Gi c. Mary Evelyn Chaney (1917-1999) m. Clifton Lyle Battle. Two children.
J2Gi d. Ruth Alyene Chaney (b 1919), married twice, no children.
J2G ii. Lilly Chaney (b 1878-1968). Not married.
J2G iii. Samuel Burress Chaney (1881-1955) m. 1909 Nannie Mae Maddon (1885-1965). Two children:
J2Giii a. Cleo Chaney (1910-1982) m. Neal Whitby. Four children.
J2Giii b. W. T. Chaney (1923-1981) Not married.
J2G iv. Lula Mae Chaney (1886-1935) m. 1911 W. L. Shelton. They had a daughter who died at age 11, no other children.
J2G v. Golden Guy Chaney (1890-1970) m. 1912 Vera Edwards (1892-1975). Three children:
J2Gv a. Vera Jo Chaney. married with children.
J2Gv b. Imogene Chaney (1913-1985) married Louis Page Rhodes. Two children.
J2Gv c. Margerie Chaney. married with children.
J2H. William Walter Coals Chaney (1843-after 1903) m. 1871 Maggie Marvin (c1851-before 1900). He moved from Pettis Co., Missouri, into Kansas City, before 1900. Two children:
J2H i. Celia H. Chaney (b 1873). Living 1910, single, Kansas City, Mo. Nothing further known.
J2H ii. Walter L. Chaney (b 1881). Living, 1910, single, Kansas City, Mo. Nothing further known.
I. John Paulus Anderson Chaney, died in infancy.

J3. William Henry Chaney (1808-1883) m(1) 1837 Elizabeth W. James (c1818-betw 1840/1846), m(2) 1846 Elizabeth A. Holcomb (1825-1881). He and his second wife and family moved from Caswell Co., NC to Tarrant Co., Texas, after the Civil War. Ten children, two from his first marriage:

J3A. Lewis L. Chaney (1838-1910) m. 1865 his cousin (1.C) Louisa H. Elam (c1836-1921). They lived in St. Louis, Missouri. Three children:
J3A i. Frank E. Chaney (1866-1936) m. 1904 Annie L. Merritt (d 1956). Lived in St. Louis, Mo. One child:
J3Ai a. Doris Chaney m. by 1936 Everette W. Robertson. Nothing further known.
J3A ii. William L. Chaney (1867-1931) m(1?) 1905 Emily L. Garrett, m(2?) Cleo M. ??, wife on his death certificate. One known child:
J3Aii a. Helen Chaney, m. by 1931 Mr. Goff. Nothing further known.
J3A iii. Ada B. Chaney (1876-1944) m. Richard Baker (b c.1863). No children.
J3B. Christopher W. Chaney (c1839-1892) m. 1863 Sarah J. Ferguson (c1843-1888). They lived in Callaway Co. and St. Louis, Missouri. Six children:
J3B i. Elbert F. Chaney (c1864-1890). No marriage record found. Nothing further known.
J3B ii. Mary A. Chaney (1866-1938) m. 1896 Richard Baker (b c1863); he married her cousin Ada (3.A.iii) after Mary died. No children.
J3B iii. John Henry Chaney (1872-1957) m(1) 1898 Mary Oliver Sexton (1878-1955), m(2) Mary Flatz Small. He moved from St. Louis to Chicago and then to California c 1908, first to Pasadena and then to San Jose. Two children:
J3Biii a. Henry Austin Chaney (1900-1975). m(1) Lyda Mugler, m(2) Goldie I. Johnson , m(3) Carrie Coogan. 5 children.
J3Biii b. Mary Catherine Chaney (b 1902) m. Gordon S. Hoffman. San Jose, Ca. One child.
J3B iv. Philip W. Chaney (1874-1930) m. 1901 Martha M. Rath (d. after 1930). St. Louis, Mo. One child:
a. Dera Chaney, m. by 1930 Mr. Novak. Nothing further known.
J3B v. Louisa Minerva Chaney (1878-1938) m. 1901 William H. Sheehan. No children.
J3B vi. Gertrude Chaney (1884-1942) m. 1906 Allen B. Merritt. No children.
J3C. Nathaniel Chaney (b c1847-died in childhood)
J3D. Mary L. Chaney (b c1849-died in childhood)
J3E. William Mosidette Chaney (1851-1926) m. c1876 Leona McCarty (c1860-after 1920). Tarrant Co., Texas; no children.
J3F. Joseph Judson Chaney (1854-1919). Not married. No children.
J3G. Louisa Haseltine Chaney (1856-c1880/90) m. 1879 Isham Harrison (1852-after 1900). Tarrant Co., Texas. One known child:
J3G i. Mabel Chaney (1880-1939) m. 1901 John Derryberry (1870-1960). Lived in Abilene, Texas. Five children:
J3Gi a. Louis Earl Derryberry (1902-1985) m. Ruth Andrews. They were both pilots. He flew with both Lindbergh and Earheart. One child.
J3Gi b. Margaret Allene Derryberry (1903-1997) m. Joe Bailey Crutchfield and had three children.
J3Gi c. Albert Woodrow Derryberry (1907-1972), a twin. m. Viola Etheridge. One child.
J3Gi d. Elbert Oscar Derryberry (b 1907), a twin. married twice, one child.
J3Gi e. I. D. (male) (1912-1983), m. Laura Louise Horth. Two children.
J3H. Sallie Eugene Chaney (1859-c1904) m. 1883 John E. McCall. Lived around Wichita Falls, TX and had five children:
J3H i. William J. McCall. (d. c1944) married Maude Oliver. One child:
J3Hi a. Jerry McCall, died 1976, no children.
J3H ii. Lonnie McCall. (1895-1971) married Nell Emmons. They had no children.
J3H iii. Rosie McCall (1898-1994), a twin, m. 1920 Willie E.Hair. They had three children:
J3Hiii a. Dollie Hair (1920-1984). Not married.
J3Hiii b. Evelyn Hair married with children.
J3Hiii c. Billye Jean Hair married with children.
J3H iv. Lillie McCall (1898-1978), a twin, m. 1921 Maston Mitchell Hair. They lived in Oklahoma and had four children:
J3Hiv a. Frances Hair married with children.
J3Hiv b. Nora Hair married with children.
J3Hiv c. Ardell Hair married with children.
J3Hiv d. J. C. Hair (son) married with children.
J3H v. Nettie McCall (died before 1925) m. Theodore Clarence Church (d. 1940) Lived in Wichita Falls, TX, and had four children:
J3Hv a. Dorothy Lorene Church (1917-1997) m. Oren Odell Thomas and had six children
J3Hv b. Bessie Lee Church (1918-1965) m. Thomas Russell Staples and had two children
J3Hv c. Robert Lee Church (1919-1999) m. Ruby Evans and had three children.
J3Hv d. Beatrice Eula Church (1920-1994) m. Eugene Tucker. No children.
J3I. Algernon Sidney Chaney (1861-??) m. c1887 Nellie M. ?? (1867-??). Forth Worth, Tarrant Co., Texas. Four known children:
J3I i. Francis Marion Chaney (1889-1970?) m. 1918 Nona Barnes. Nothing further known.
J3I ii. Maude May Chaney (1891-1970) m. 1920 Roy Higgins. Went to California. May have had one daughter:
J3Iii a. Ruth Eileen Higgins (1926-1993) m. Shropshire.
J3I iii. Hattie Savannah Chaney (1893-??) m. 1920 Rodney Nichols. Nothing further known.
J3I iv. Lewis Henry Chaney (1900-1971) m. 1920 Clara Davis. Went to California. One known child:
J3Iiv a. Lewis H. Chaney (1921-1991)
J3J. Pinkney Lee Chaney (1864-1900) m. 1884 Sarah M. McCall (1867-1941). They moved to Martha, Greer Co., Oklahoma. Five children:
J3J i. Emory Carl Chaney (1885-1943) m. Mary Pauline McCarty. Lived in Martha, Greer Co., Ok. Two children:
J3Ji a. William McCarty Chaney (1909-1965) m(1) Stella Jameson, m(2) Lilly Lack. 3 children.
J3Ji b. Emory Lee Chaney (1911-1970) m. 1932 Hazel Marie Williams. 1 child.
J3J ii. Virginia Belle Chaney (1887-1983) m. 1916 Joseph Benson Foraker (1889-1962). No children.
J3J iii. Myrtle Rebecca Chaney (1892- 1986) m. 1909 Henry Stidham (1888-1973). Oklahoma. Seven children:
J3Jiii a. Eral Delmar Stidham (1910- 1987) m. 1928 Cecile Stephens. 1 child.
J3Jiii b. Henry Neal Stidham (1912-1972 ) m. 1939 Annagil Martin. 2 children.
J3Jiii c. Walter Carl Stidham (1914-2000 ) m. 1941 Ethel Hunnicutt. 4 children.
J3Jiii d. Nannie Lee Stidham (1916- ) married with 2 children.
J3Jiii e. Joseph Wayne Stidham (1919- ) married with 1 child.
J3Jiii f. Margaret Julia Stidham (1922-1996 ) m. 1944 Martin J. Wertschnig. 4 children.
J3Jiii g. James Lewis Stidham (1924- ) married, 2 children.
J3J iv. Walter William Chaney (1895-1974) m. 1915 Dott Frances Sanford (1896-1989). They moved to Crossroads and Roswell, New Mexico. Three children:
J3Jiv a. Charles Weldon Chaney (1916- ) married with 3 children.
J3Jiv b. Walter Winfred Chaney (1917- 1995) m. 1940 Norma T. Shawyer. 3 children.
J3Jiv c. son, b and d 1919
J3J v. Nannie Elizabeth Chaney (1898-1981) m. 1919 Harold Leslye Lance (1899-1976). Lived in Medford, Renfrew, Altus and Hollis, Oklahoma. Two children:
J3Jv a. Virginia Bernice Lance (1920- ) married with 2 children.
J3Jv b. Patsy Ruth Lance (1928- ) married with 3 children.

J4. Narcissa Ann Chaney (c1810-after 1880) m(1) Ambrose Gregory (d. before 1850), m(2) William S. Williams (c1806-1880). They lived in Callaway Co., Missouri. She had no children.

J5. John L. Chaney (c1811-after 1870 census) m. 1833 Phebe Elam (d. before 1850). He was living in Neosho, Newton Co., Missouri, in 1850; not found in 1860, and living in Monroe Co., AR, in 1870. Three known children:

J5A. Mary A. J. Chaney (b c1836 in Tennessee). Nothing further known.
J5B. Robert D. Chaney (b c1838 in Tennessee). Moved to Monroe Co., Arkansas, fought in Civil War. Nothing known after that.
J5C. Reuben R. J. Chaney (b c1840 in Missouri, d. after 1877). Moved to Monroe Co., Arkansas, fought in Civil War. m. Eliza J. Hawkins who died in 1878. He is not buried in same cemetery as she is. Only known child is daughter who died at age 3 in 1877 and buried with her mother.

J6. Amy Susan Chaney (c1815-1869) m. 1831 Wiley G. Tatum (1810-1872). They moved to Callaway Co., Missouri. Six children:

J6A. Reuben Gravitt Tatum (1832-1906) m(1) 1859 Sallie A. Blythe (c1840-1868), m(2) 1868 Cinderella Forbush (d 1869), m(3) 1869 July A. Stokes. m(4) Margaret Minerva [ ] Bledsoe, a widow. He moved from Callaway Co MO to Tulare Co. CA. Six known children:
J6A i. George S. Tatum (1860-1914) married 1880 in MO Rebecca J. Polland (1859-betw. 1900 and 1910). Three children:
J6Ai a. Wiley G. Tatum (c1882-1918) marrried Laura Ramsey (1885-1962). She married a Mr. Gramstad after 1920. Wiley G. and Laura had four children.
J6Ai b. Ollie Pearl Tatum (1884-1955) married (1) Warren Knight and (2) Julius Earl Buckner who was an oil field driller. She had at least one child from her second marriage.
J6Ai c. Clara Jane Tatum (1886-1951) married (1) William Stapp who died ca 1920, and (2) Niall McNamara (1882-1952). She had two children from her first marriage and one from her second.
J6A ii. Charles L. (ca 1863-1931). No known children.
J6A iii. William P. Tatum not found in any census, but named in Samuel Blythe's estate, 1888. Probably the child called Cyrus in the 1870 census and Allen in the 1880, born around 1866. He died before 1906 and left two minor children, heirs of his father's estate in CA.
J6A v. James D. Tatum (1868-1887). No known marriage or children.
J6A vi. Christopher Columbus Tatum (c1874-1930). married 1894, CA, Laura Merritt (1870-1953). They had three children:
J6Avi a. Roy Spencer Tatum (1896-1950) married twice, no children by 1930.
J6Avi b. Joe Forest Tatum (1903-1967) married Hazel Mary Miller (1904-1984) and had children.
J6Avi c. Hazel Mae Tatum married Soren M. Klyver
J6A vii. Benjamin Polk Tatum (1876-1951) married Lucinda Zoe Linsacum (1881-1972). They moved to San Mateo Co., CA. One known child:
J6Avii a. Ruth Tatum
J6B. Benjamin Tatum (c1836-betw 1860/1872). No marriage record found.
J6C. Julia V. Tatum (1839-1922) m. c1855 Jeremiah Monroe Bryant (1825-1911). They lived in Callaway Co., Missouri. They had at least eight children:
J6C i. Wiley Crayton Bryant (1855-1932) m. 1883 Cora Keeling (1859-1936). They moved to Arkansas after 1900. Five known children:
J6Ci a. Paul V. Bryant (1885- ) m. Lois Pool. 1 child.
J6Ci b. Bland Frank Bryant (1889- ) m. Flora May Kelly. Arkansas. 1 child.
J6Ci c. Louis Bryant (1892-??). Nothing further known.
J6Ci d. Fay Alma Bryant (1895- ) m 1925 Joseph Curtis Lewis. Success, Arkansas. 3 children.
J6Ci e. Julia Bryant (1898-c1990) m. J. M. Thompson. Portales, New Mexico. 3 children.
J6C ii. Martha Susan Bryant (1857-1909) m. 1879 William J. Rice (1849-1918). They lived in Holts Summit, Callaway Co., Missouri. Eight children:
J6Cii a. Everette Monroe Rice (1880-c1958) m. Anna A. Rice. 9 children; Cole Co., Mo.
J6Cii b. William Guy Rice (1882-1953) m. 1903 Murty Mae Rice. Callaway Co., Missouri. 8 children.
J6Cii c. Clara Rice (1885-1960) m. Charles Albert Powell. Six Children.
J6Cii d. Theresa Rice (1888-1937) m. Walter Jack Cook. One child.
J6Cii e. Roger Rice (1891-1973) m. 1913 Elizabeth Hudson Phillips. Nine Children.
J6Cii f. Champ Clark Rice (1893-1962) m. 1921 Nell Louise Sullivan. 3 children.
J6Cii g. Nancy Rice (1897-??) m. Clay Forbis. No children known.
J6Cii h. Dorsey Rice (1899-before 1941) Not married.
J6C iii. Jeremiah Benjamin Bryant (c1859-1938) m. 1880 Nannie Carlton (1858-1931). They lived in Callaway Co., Missouri. Four children:
J6Ciii a. Thomas Monroe Bryant (1883- ) m. c1907 Louella Catherine Gilmore. 4 children.
J6Ciii b. Jennie/Susie Bryant maybe m. Russell Wood. Nothing further known.
J6Ciii c. Henrietta Bryant (1890-??) m. Mr. Shrouse and moved to Tennessee. Nothing further known.
J6Ciii d. Roy Bryant (1892-??). Nothing further known.
J6C iv. Sarah Price Bryant (1862-1894) m. 1887 John W. Glennen (1850-1928). They lived in Callaway Co., Missouri. Three children other than two babies died shortly after birth:
J6Civ a. Agnes Glennen (1888-??) m. John J. Allen. 1 child.
J6Civ b. Julia Glennen (1889-??) m. Samuel Richard Smart. 2 children.
J6Civ c. Willie Glennen (1891-1901)
J6C v. James William Bryant (1864-1904) m. 1890 Anna Lee Greenaway (1872-1902). They moved to Texas briefly but moved back to Callaway Co. Missouri. Five children:
J6Cv a. Frankie J. Bryant b and d 1892
J6Cv b. Bessie Varilla Bryant (1893-1964) m. William A. James. 2 children.
J6Cv c. Henry Monroe Bryant (1895-1974) m. Odessa Harmon. 7 children.
J6Cv d. James William Bryant (1898-1994 ) m. 1920 Delores Lee Grimm. 7 children.
J6Cv e. Leonard Charles Bryant b and d 1902
J6C vi. Edwin Lee Bryant (1867-??) m. Laura Belle Emmons (b 1868). One child:
J6Cvi a. Clifford Earl Bryant (b 1889) Oklahoma after 1910. Nothing further known.
J6C vii. Christiana M. Bryant (1873-??) m. c1892 Tom Glennen (b c1856). No children.
J6C viii. Ray Noel Bryant (1879-1951) m(1) 1900 Laura Belle Morris (d 1908), m(2) 1909 Sarah Elizabeth Blackmore (1895-1956). He lived in New Bloomfield, Callaway Co., Missouri. Seven children:
J6Cviii a. Iva Mae Bryant (1901-1997) m. 1924 George Raymond Liddle. 2 children.
J6Cviii b. Jesse Monroe Bryant (1902-1967) married 3 times, five children.
J6Cviii c. Joseph Claude Bryant (1906-1973 m. Ocie Ellen Watt. Six children.
J6Cviii d. Noel Crayton Bryant (1910-1975). married, no children.
J6Cviii e. Daisy Virginia Bryant (b 1912), married with three children.
J6Cviii f. Pansy Covington Bryant (1914-1994) m. Garrett Barker. Four children.
J6Cviii g. Ollie Ray Bryant (1915-1992), m. Loretta ____, two children.
J6D. Polk Tatum (c1844-1864). Killed in the Civil War. Not married; no known children.
J6E. Nancy A./S. Tatum (c1848-1891) m. by 1872 Joseph J./H. Loyd (1846-1908). They lived in Callaway Co., Missouri. Six known children, two of whom died in infancy. The other four
J6E i. Amy Fletcher Loyd (1872-1966) m(1) George W. Chalfont m(2) 1903 Forest V. Lynes (1877-1947). Lived in Callaway Co. Mo. Two children by second marriage:
J6Ei a. Lhamon Lynes (1905-1975) m. Frances Barnes. No known children.
J6Ei b. Mellie Louise Lynes (1907-1962). Not married
J6E ii. Lula E. Loyd (1876-1969) m. 1895 George R. Guthrie. One child:
J6Eii a. Mary Guthrie (b 1895). Not married.
J6E iii. Pearly W. Loyd (1879-1945) m. 1898 George W. Ferris. Moved to Washington state and had six children:
J6Eiii a. William Albert Farris (1898-??) married Twyla Dinsmoor, two children.
J6Eiii b. Earnest Loyd Farris (b. 1900) Living 1920. Nothing further known.
J6Eiii c. George Melvin Farris (b. 1905). Nothing further known.
J6Eiii d. Sidney Oscar Farris (1906-1973 ) Died in Florida. Nothing further known.
J6Eiii e. Howard M. Farris (b. 1910) Nothing further known.
J6Eiii f. Lou G. Farris (b. 1912). Nothing further known.
J6E vi. Cass Loyd (1884-1964) m 1905 James C. Lynes (c1882-1961). Six children:
J6Evi a. J. Paris Lynes (1906-1994) lived in Arizona, had at least one child.
J6Evi b. Hamilton Lynes (c1908-<1988). Nothing further known.
J6Evi c. William Vivien Lynes (1909-1972). Nothing further known.
J6Evi d. Amy Lynes m. Sam Barrett . Nothing further known.
J6Evi e. Frances L. Lynes m. Mr. Brewer. One child
J6Evi f. Jackson Clark Lynes (1919-1991) married twice, one adopted child.
J6F. Eglantine Appleton Tatum (1851-1922) m. 1880 Jesse Peterson (1852-1893). They lived in Callaway Co., Missouri. Seven children:
J6F i. Ethel Lou Peterson (1881-1965) m. c1899 Joseph K. Morris. One known child, Missouri:
J6Fi a. J. Floyd Morris, b c1900. A Baptist minister. Nothing further known.
J6F ii. Forrest Tatum Peterson (1883-??) m. c1907 Katie Rhodes. m(2) 1912 Cora Tipton. They moved to Calhoun Co., Missouri. One child:
J6Fii a. Leta I. Peterson (1908-1994) m. Robert Lewis Duvall. One child.
J6F iii. Susan Ann Peterson (1885-1963) m. 1903 Leonard C. Zumwalt. Callaway Co., Mo. Six children:
J6Fiii a. Marvin Clay Zumwalt (1907-1973) m. Lou Ella Myers. No children.
J6Fiii b. Irvin Zumwalt. died in infancy
J6Fiii c. Delbert Zumwalt (1911-1982) m. Keith Tipton. No children.
J6Fiii d. Mae Rusk Zumwalt m. Mr. Casper . Nothing further known.
J6Fiii e. Pauline Zumwalt m. A. Vincent . Nothing further known.
J6Fiii f. Paul Zumwalt, Pauline's twin, died young
J6F iv. daughter (1887-1889)
J6F v. Jesse Monroe Peterson m. 1910 Hattie Maude Blythe. They moved to Cole Co. Missouri. First child stillborn. Eight other children:
J6Fv a. Jesse Edgar Peterson (1913-1993) m. Vera Laverna Becker.
J6Fv b. Clayton Monroe Peterson (1916-1998) m. Velva Luferne Becker. 5 children
J6Fv c. Claude Peterson (b.1918). m. Virginia ____
J6Fv d. Lorene Peterson (1920-1993) m. 1937 Glenn Martin. Eleven children.
J6Fv e. Blanche Peterson (b 1922) married.
J6Fv f. Gladys Peterson (b 1924) married
J6Fv g. Edith Peterson (b 1925) married
J6Fv h. Helen Mae Peterson (b 1927) married
J6F vi. Roxie Virginia Peterson (1891-1979) m. 1908 Bert E. Moore (1881-1937). Four children:
J6Fvi a. Lula Moore (b. c1909) married
J6Fvi b. Beulah Moore (1911-1995). She was not married
J6Fvi c. Alva Moore b. c1913. Nothing further known.
J6Fvi d. Cora Lee Moore (1918-1985). m 1936 William Sullins. m(2) 1944 Frank Kliethermes. One child from her first marriage.
J6F vii. Mickelson Peterson (1892-1963) m. by 1919 Emma Ida Love (1900-1942) Twelve children:
J6Fvii a. Eunice Geneva Peterson, died in infancy
J6Fvii b. Hugo C. Peterson (1919-1980) m. Mabel Michael. No children.
J6Fvii c. Edith Bernice Peterson (1921-) married with three children.
J6Fvii d. Jessie Ruth Peterson (1924-1995) m. Walter Sims (d 1966). 3 children.
J6Fvii e. Russell J. Peterson (b 1926) married twice, four children.
J6Fvii f. Emma Eglantine Peterson (b 1928) married with three children.
J6Fvii g. Helen Louise Peterson (b 1930) married with two children.
J6Fvii h. Joe Ann Peterson (b 1932) married with no children.
J6Fvii i. Forrest Hill Peterson (b 1935) married with three children.
J6Fvii j. Mickelson Eugene Peterson (1937-c1943)
J6Fvii k. Richard Leroy Peterson (b 1939) married twice with three children
J6Fvii l. Dorcas Elaine Peterson (b 1940) married with four children.

J7. Joseph W. Chaney (c1820-betw 1880/1900) m(1) Musidora ?? (c1822-1852), m(2) Elizabeth ?? (c1825-1890). He moved to Callaway Co., Missouri, c1838; both of his wives are buried there. Six known children, three from his first marriage:

J7A. Leonidas Boone Chaney (1842-1884) m. 1877 Josepha George Stewart (c1850-1898). They moved to Warrensburg, Johnson Co., Missouri. Four children:
J7A i. Lee Stewart Chaney (1878-1946) m. 1902 Ruby Violet Shoop (b 1882). Lived in Kansas City. Seven children:
J7Ai a. Alice Chaney (1903-1976) m. Alfred Gardner . 2 children.
J7Ai b. Stewart Chaney (c1907-1969). Moved to New York city. Not married.
J7Ai c. Ruth Lucille Chaney (1909-1966). Nothing further known.
J7Ai d. Samuel Lee Chaney (1913-1988). Lived in Kansas City. married. Nothing further known.
J7Ai e. John Paul Chaney (1914-1998) m(1) Patricia Porterfield. m(2) Christiane Plettner. 3 children.
J7Ai f. William J. Chaney (1917-before 1969). Nothing further known.
J7Ai g. Margaret Chaney (b 1919). married with two children.
J7A ii. Bessie J. Chaney (1880-1930). Not married.
J7A iii. George Grant Chaney (1883-1964). m(1) Tryphenia N. Garvey. m(2) Monteen M. Travis. No known children. He lived in Kansas City.
J7A iv. Clara Louise Chaney (1884-1951). Not married.
J7B. Julia Clementine Chaney (1844-1888) m. 1868 James J. Pugh (c1836-1888). They lived in Callaway Co., Missouri, until 1887, when they moved to Arkansas, where they both soon died. Six known children:
J7B i. Joseph W. Pugh (1870-1919). married Florida Octavia Ponds, 2 children
J7B ii. J. Elwood Pugh (1872-1873)
J7B iii. Celeste J. Pugh (c1874-
J7B iv. Cynthia Pugh (c1876-
J7B v. Julia C. Pugh (1880-
J7B vi. James J. Pugh (1885-
J7C. Zerah Ann Chaney (1846-1875) m. 1867 Thomas Whitman Longley (c1842-1873). They lived in New Bloomfield, Callaway Co., Missouri. Three children:
J7C i. Musidora Longley (1868-after 1900). Called "Dora"; no marriage record found. Nothing further known.
J7C ii. Charles Longley (1870-1956) m. 1900 Frances V. Wilson (1870-??). He moved to Vernon, Nevada Co., Missouri. Four children:
J7Cii a. Ruth Longley (b c1902) m. Chester A. Finney. Nothing further known.
J7Cii b. Edna Louise Longley (b c1904) m. 1926 Goodrich O. McCain. Nothing further known.
J7Cii c. Emma Longley (b c1907) m. Robert Kuykandal of Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Nothing further known.
J7Cii d. Anna B. Longley (b c1910) m. Floyd C. Caruthers. Nothing further known.
J7C iii. Richard Longley (1871-1943) m. Sarah E. Davidson. Moved to Kansas City, Mo. One child:
J7Ciii a. Uel W. Longley (1902-1971) He was not married by 1945
J7D. Sally Chaney (1857-after 1900). Single in 1900 census, Callaway Co., Mo. Nothing further known.
J7E. William S. Chaney (c1859-after 1920) prob. m. his cousin Roxanne Chaney (2.B.iii) but this has not been proved.
J7F. Edward Richard Chaney (1867-1886) No known marriage or children.