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MOSES ATKINS DEUPREE, thirteenth child of WILLIAM and AMY DEUPREE, born 18 December 1807, Virginia [date from William Deupree's ledger], died 14 February 1833, prob. Virginia [date from William Deupree's ledger], married c1828 [record not found in nearby Virginia counties or in Warren Co. NC], LUCY E. JOHNSTON [named in J.R.Deupree Bible], born c1813, Warren Co., N.C. [1850 census], died prob. betw. 1870 and 1880 censuses. prob. Virginia. She married (2) THOMAS J. MORRIS around 1835 and had more children.

MOSES A. and LUCY DEUPREE had three children:

MO1. JULIA ANN DEUPREE, born 1 April 1829, died 1891, VA (probably Richmond or Manchester), m 1849, AUGUSTUS MYERS MORRIS, born c1825, Halifax Co., Virginia, died aged 54, VA. Lived in Halifax Co. and Manchester VA. Four children
MO1A. EDWARD THOMAS MORRIS b. 14 April 1851, d. 5 Mar 1943, Savannah GA, m. 29 Aug 1867, Halifax Co., VA, ELIZABETH SUSAN (BETTIE) STIGALL (15 Dec 1850-17 Nov 1928). Living in Richmond VA in 1880, not found in later censuses, but apparently returned to Halifax Co. Eight children:
MO1A i. VIOLA KATE MORRIS, 12 Aug 1868-30 Aug 1888. Died of asthma.
MO1A ii. HELEN SHEPHERD MORRIS, 10 Sep 1870-21 Apr 1955, m. 1887 ISADORE GERARD MARKEY (1864-1945). They had 3 children.:
MO1Aii a. KATE MARKEY, 1889-, married ROBERT VAUGHN, had 1 child.
MO1Aii b. MARVIN B. MARKEY, 1891-c1950, married and had 1 child.
MO1Aii c. LAWRENCE MORRIS MARKEY, 1899-1950, married and had 1 child.
MO1A iii. GEORGE EDWARD MORRIS, 31 Jan 1873-after 1943, married GENA ____. They lived in Atlanta and Dallas. Nothing further known.
MO!A iv. JOHN HENRY MORRIS, 3 Dec 1875-3 July 1900, m. 1893, ROSA BELL POWELL. Lived in Manchester VA and was killed in a railroad accident. Two children:
MO1Aiv a. VIOLA KATE MORRIS, 1894-1983, m. 17 Dec. 1912, Richmond, THOMAS ELLIS JOHNSON. They lived in Richmond and had one child.
MO1Aiv b. ALBERT ROSS MORRIS, 1896-1968, m. 1916 CORINNE JEANNETTE BOHANNON. They lived in Richmond and had two children.
MO1A v. MARGARET MAY (MAGGIE) MORRIS, 17 Apr 1878-10 Aug 1943, m(1) 1892 WILLIAM MARTIN. married (2) 1900, JUDSON ANDREW BELLAM. They lived in Richmond. Five children:
MO1Av a. LIZZIE WADE MARTIN, 1893-1900
MO1Av b. GRACE LEE BELLAM, b 1901, married ARTHUR MATTHEWS and had children.
MO1Av c. LAWRENCE MASON BELLAM, b. 1903, married HATTIE PULTZ (1905-1987) and had two children. They lived in Richmond.
MO1Av d. MARGARET MORRIS BELLAM, born 1911, married (1) ____ CRUMP, married (2) GEORGE INGRAM BLAYLOCK. She had no children.
MO1Av e. MARY ELIZABETH BELLAM, born 1913, m. BERNARD E. CROSLEY and moved to FL. Two children.
MO1A vi. ALYS COLEMAN MORRIS, 20 Nov 1881-27 Mar 1987, m. 1901 WILLIAM BYRON HERRING (1877-1944). They lived in Washington DC and environs. Two children:
MO1Avi a. JOHN BYRON HERRING, 1902-1985, m. 1926 SARAH ELIZABETH BUTLER. They lived in WV and had two children.
MO1Avi b. ELIZABETH SHARP HERRING, 1904-1983, m. 1925 SAMUEL BRYAN CARTER. They lived in Richmond and had one child.
MO1A vii. WALTER ARTHUR MORRIS, 28 Nov 1883-7 June 1934. He was not married.
MO1A viii. THOMAS GIRARD MORRIS, 1887-1888.
MO1B. STEPHEN M. MORRIS, (1854->1920) living in Manchester/Richmond VA area, 1920. m. 1877, Halifax Co. VA, ELIZA ANN WILMOTH, (c1856->1920) Five known children:
MO1B ii. CHARLES THOMAS MORRIS, (1880-1967) m. ROBERTA ____; He was a lawyer in Hopewell, VA and had seven children:
MO1Bii a. CHARLES THOMAS MORRIS JR. (1905- ) Nothing further known
MO1Bii b. ROBERT SPOTTSWOOD MORRIS (1907-1995) m. MARJORIE BAYLIS and had one child.
MO1Bii c. MILDRED MORRIS (1909- ) married
MO1B iii. LESLEY MAY MORRIS (1882-1967) m. WILLIAM BEVINS TAYLOR (1884- ) Lived in Richmond and had two children:
MO1Biii a. ARLENE TAYLOR (1912- )
MO1Biii b. JEAN P. TAYLOR (1919- )
MO1B iv. WILLYE SHEPHARD MORRIS (1884-1967) m. 1905 WILLIAM E. BETHEL. Lived in Richmond and had three children:
MO1Biv a. GLADYS BETHEL (1906-1986) m. F. STUART JETT. No children.
MO1Biv b. MARGARET BETHEL (1911- ) married twice
MO1Biv c. WILLIAM EDWARD BETHEL (1922-1995) married, two children.
MO1B v. BESSIE M. MORRIS (1886-<1967) m. 1909 GEORGE H. TAYLOR (1884- ). Lived in Richmond and had two children:
MO1Bv a. VIRGINIA TAYLOR (1910-1995) m. STUART NAPIER. Three children.
MO1Bv b. GEORGE THOMAS TAYLOR (1915-1996) married and had two children.
MO1B vi. FRANK MORRIS, born Sept 1889. Nothing further known.
MO1C. CHARLES H. MORRIS, (1856-1900), Manchester VA. He never married.
MO1D. ROSA ELIZABETH MORRIS, (1858->1920 census) m. 1875, Halifax Co VA, WILSON SMITH RICKMAN, (1852->1920 census) Lived in Halifax Co. VA. Six children:
MO1D i. STEPHEN EDWARD RICKMAN (1877- ) m. DORA W. ____. Nothing further known.
MO1D ii. DAISY A. RICKMAN (1883-1960) m. 1900, JAMES EPPS BUNTIN (1868-1933). Lived in Halifax Co. VA. Five children:
MO1Dii a. ANNIE BET BUNTIN (1903-1990) m. ROY GUNN COOK (1912-1985). Three children..
MO1Dii b. ROSA ELLA BUNTIN (1905-1993) m(1) HAROLD OTIS MOOREFIELD, m(2) FRANK M. NEWCOMB, m(3) FLOYD SWANSON BUTLER. Three children from her first marriage.
MO1Dii c. MARY LOUIS BUNTIN (1906-1992) m(1) JAMES LACY SNEAD, m(2) FRANK WASHINGTON RICKMOND. One child from her first marriage.
MO1Dii d. KATIE MAY BUNTIN, (1910?-1982?) m(1) JESSE JAMES MOOREFIELD, m(2) ALTON MELCAGER SNEAD. Six children from her first marriage and one from the second.
MO1Dii e. WILLIE HOLT BUNTIN (1917-1995) m(1) CHARLES SAMUEL OVERBY, m(2) EARL TABOR. Nine children from her first marriage.
MO1D iii. HENRY GUS RICKMAN (1886-1977) m. ANNIE M. THORPE (c1894-1971). They moved to Nottoway Co., VA and had nine children:
MO1Diii a. WILLIE L. RICKMAN (1910-1995) married CLARA ___ and had one child.
MO1Diii b. HENRY E. RICKMAN (1914-1989) married with three children
MO1Diii c. CLARENCE HAROLD RICKMAN (1923-1997) married with five children
MO1Diii d. PRESTON M. RICKMAN (1926-1981) married with two children
MO1Diii f. LOUISE RICKMAN married
MO1Diii g. MINNIE RICKMAN (1929?-1985?) married
MO1Diii h. EVELYN RICKMAN married
MO1Diii i. FRANCES RICKMAN married
MO1D iv. MARTHA or MARY E. RICKMAN, b. April 1891, single 1920
MO1D v. LUTHER JAMES RICKMAN, b. May 1896, m. 1914, SALLY BETT WATTS. Living in Halifax Co. VA in 1920, two children by then:
MO1Dv a. EDWARD P. RICKMAN, b. c1916. Nothing further known.
MO1D vi. SYLVIA MAY RICKMAN, 1898-1989 , m. 1913 HENRY ARCHER TUCK (1888- 1966). Halifax Co. VA. Eight children:
MO1Dvi a. OSCAR STOVER TUCK (1915- ) married three times.
MO1Dvi b. VIRGINIA M. TUCK (1917- ) married with one child.
MO1Dvi c. LOUIS TUCK (1919-1943 ) Killed in World War II.
MO1Dvi d. WOODROW WILSON TUCK (1921-1989) married two or three times, one child.
MO1Dvi e. LILLIAN TUCK, (c1922- ) married twice
MO1Dvi f. MARGARET LEE TUCK (c1925- ) married.
MO1Dvi g. EDITH LEON TUCK (c1926- ) married twice.
MO1Dvi h. OLLIE J. TUCK, married twice
MO2. ISABELLE CHRISTIANA DEUPREE, b. 13 Feb 1831, d. 14 Nov 1891, m. 18 Oct 1848, Charlotte Co. VA, EDWARD S. SMITHSON (c1812- 13 June 1865). Lived in Mecklenburg Co. VA. He died in a Civil War prisoner-of-war camp. Five children:
MO2 A. WALTER B. SMITHSON, b. 23 Nov. 1849, d. 10 May 1910, m. 27 Nov. 1872, Mecklenburg Co. VA, MATILDA "TILLA" ROLFE, (1849-1924). Four children:
MO2A i. ANNIE B. SMITHSON, (1874-1901) m. 1899 J. E. BUTTERWORTH. One child who died in infancy in 1901.
MO2A ii. WILLIAM E. SMITHSON, b. c1876, Nothing further known.
MO2Aiii. ELLA D. SMITHSON (1879-1965) m. WILLIAM F. WILBUR. No children known.
MO2A iv. LUCY SMITHSON (1881-1970). m. 1904 WILLIAM ROSE MAYNARD. Four children:
MO2Aiv a. ALMA MAYNARD (1905-1989) m. ___ REDMAN
MO2Aiv b. ANNIE LAURIE MAYNARD (c1908-1970/83) m. ___ WEISINGER
MO2Aiv c. EILEEN MAYNARD (1912-1983) m(1) ___ POOL, m(2) GEORGE DOLEMAN. One child from her first marriage.
MO2Aiv d. WILLIAM R. MAYNARD JR. (1919-1997) married, no children.
MO2 B. IDA SMITHSON, b. May 1852, d. after 1910 census, m. 16 Dec 1874, OLIVER N. WATKINS, b. May 1853-4. Lived in Mecklenburg Co. and Richmond VA. Five children:
MO2B i. LENA D. WATKINS, b. Oct 1878. Nothing further known.
MO2B ii. WALTER JUDSON WATKINS, b. Nov 1884. Nothing further known.
MO2B iii. MORTIE P. WATKINS, b. Mar 1887. Nothing further known.
MO2B iv. EDISON L. WATKINS, b. Apr 1889. Nothing further known.
MO2B v. RUTH E. WATKINS, b. June 1892. Nothing further known.
MO2 C. LEILA SMITHSON, b. c1856, d. 1938, m. 1905 EUGENE SAMUEL EMORY. No children.
MO2 D. DORA A. SMITHSON, b. 30 Oct. 1859, d. 18 Feb. 1940, m. 30 Oct 1889 FREDERICK GUSTAVUS BARKER, b. Jan 1861, d. 28 June 1933. Four children:
MO2D i. ISABEL CHRISTINA BARKER, b. Nov 1892, m. BENJAMIN ELEY. No children.
MO2D ii. THOMAS DUPREE BARKER, b. Aug. 1894, m.(1) ?, m(2) MARY FRANCES HALL, m(3) ?. One child from his first marriage:
MO2Dii a. SARA LEE BARKER, b. c1922
MO2D iii. FREDERICK NICHOLAS BARKER, b. Feb 1898, m. SUSIE PARKER. Two children:
MO2Diii a. FREDERICK NICHOLAS BARKER JR. Nothing further known.
MO2D iv. BINGLEY BYRON BARKER (1900-1939) m. IDA MILDRED HALL (1903- ). One child:
MO2Div a. NANCY HALL BARKER (1930- ), married with four children.
MO2 E. EDDIE SARAH SMITHSON, b. c1865, d. after 1930, m. 1891, CHARLES P. ROBINSON. No children
MO3. AMY JANE DEUPREE, born 9 November 1832, d. after 1860 census, m. 7 Jan 1856, Charlotte Co VA, VALENTINE MORTON, born c1831, NC. Living in Beaufort Co, NC in 1860. Two children at that point. He served in the Civil War for North Carolina. Nothing further known.
MO3A. LUCY MORTON, born c1857
MO3B. GEORGE MORTON, born c1859