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Nancy Deupree and Harmon S. Elam

Nancy Deupree (1792-1863) married Harmon Elam (1788-1838) in Virginia in 1813, and they moved to Henderson Co., KY, by 1836, along with several other families from Lunenburg and Charlotte Counties in Virginia. They had nine children, but three of their sons died before the age of twenty. The remaining six children:

N1. William Solomon Elam (1818-1883) married in 1869, Rebecca Holloway Stites (1835-1908). He managed his mother's farm while she lived and was over fifty when he married. Three children:
N1A. Lucy B. Elam (1873-1895). She was not married.
N1B. Annie Dupree Elam (1874-1958) married in 1898, Malcolm Hodge Yeaman (1872-1945). He was a doctor. They had no children.
N1C. William S. Elam, Jr. (1875-1956) m. 1904 Caroline Elizabeth Schlamp (1880-1973). They moved to Florida in 1918. Six children, but one died in childhood:
N1Ci. Rebecca Stites Elam (1907- ) m. Malcolm Jolly. No children.
N1Cii. John Schlamp Elam (1908- ) m. Ruth Hall. One child.
N1Ciii. Mary Schlamp Elam (1909-1968) Not married.
N1Civ. Samuel Stites Elam (1915- ) m. Nancy Massengill. One child, died in his teens.
N1Cv. Nancy Dupree Elam (1924- ) m. 1949, Ashby Lawrence Rice (1918- ). Five children.

N2. John Thomas Elam (1820-1852) married in 1843, Emily Mandaville Ligon (1824-1906). Four children:

N2A. Nannie J. Elam (1845-1912) m. 1869, Henderson, KY, John Robert Wilson (1832-1909). Nine children, one of whom died in infancy:
N2Ai. John Elam Wilson (1870-1948). Not married.
N2Aii. Sarah Ashby Wilson (1872-1965) m. 1893, Henderson, KY, William Allen Muncaster (1869-1943). Three children, one of whom died in childhood:
N2Aii a. Nannie Muncaster (1894-1981) m. Shelby Scarlett Latta. Two children
N2Aii b. Sarah Muncaster (1902- ) m. Frank Ramsey. One child
N2Aiii. Ida Leslie Wilson (1874-1968). Not married.
N2Aiv. Gussie Wilson (1877-1972). Not married.
N2Av. Beulah Wilson (1881-1920). Not married.
N2Avi. Samuel R. Wilson (1882-1963) m. Pearl Hughes (1894-1959). Two children, one of whom died in her teens:
N2Avi. a. Glenn A. Wilson (1918-1987), married, three children
N2Avii. Nannie Wilson (1885-1974) m. 1910, Henderson, KY, Joe Drane Randolph (b. c1883). He was a Methodist minister, and they moved to Missouri. Two children:
N2Avii a. John W. Randolph (1911-1981) married with three children.
N2Avii b. Joe D. Randolph Jr. (1913- ) married with three children.
N2Aviii. William W. Wilson (1888-1978) m. 1909, Henderson, KY Annie R. Thomas. Two children:
N2Aviii a. Susan Wilson married Edwards. Nothing further known
N2Aviii b. Jane Wilson (1915-1980) m. Robert Lehfeldt. Nothing further known
N2B. Judson Harmon Elam (1847-1920) m. 1875, Henderson, KY, Lucy Frances Posey (1847-1881). He was the surveyor for Henderson Co., KY, for many years. Two children:
N2Bi. Nannie Dupree Elam (1877-1967) m. John Williams. One child:
N2Bi a. John Dupree Williams, married with one child.
N2Bii. Janie Elam (1880-1972) m. 1901, Henderson, KY Eugene Maurice Griffin (1870-1938). He was a doctor in Princeton, KY. Two children who died in infancy and four who reached adulthood:
N2Bii a. Emily Ligon Griffin (1902-1995) m. Johnson Crider Meyers (1896-1982) Four children
N2Bii b. Eugene Maurice Griffin II married but no children
N2Bii c. Judson Elam Griffin (1905-1971) married, one child who died in infancy
N2Bii d. Ralph Posey Griffin (1918-1997) married with four children.
N2C. Abram Richard Elam (1849-1922) m. 1876, Henderson, KY, Mary Dixon "Mollie" Posey (1856-1949). Eight children, three of whom died in infancy:
N2Ci. John Thomas Elam (1878-1962) m. 1901, Henderson, KY, Birdie Ward (1881-1972). Three children:
N2Ci a. Florence Ward Elam (1902-1980) married (1) Charles Taylor, m(2) John Bagley. No children.
N2Ci b. Birdie Lucille Elam (1905-1997) m. Gisbert B. Alberts. No children.
N2Ci c. Dorothy Sue Elam (1912-1995) m(1) O. R. Hall, m(2) John Vittitow. Three children from first marriage.
N2Cii. Lucy Frances Elam (1882-1969) m. (1) 1904, Henderson, KY Hoyt K.Kimsey (1883-1942); m(2) Arthur T. Frey. One child:
N2Cii a. Mary Elam Kimsey (1910- ) m.(1) George McKnight, m(2) William T. Rudy. One child from first marriage.
N2Ciii. Judson Harmon Elam (1884-1924) m. 1909, Evansville, IN Linda Laura Mitchusson (b. 1887). Two children, one of whom died in infancy:
N2Ciii a. William S. Elam, married but no children.
N2Civ. Edwin Samuel Elam (1890-1966) m. Olivia Wilder. No children.
N2Cv. Abram Richard Elam, Jr. (1893-1959) m(1) 1913, Evansville, IN Lillian McClellan (b1892), m(2) 1943, Edna Bethel. No children named in his obituary.
N2D. Ida Hay Elam (1851-1932) m. 1873, Henderson, KY, Joseph Thomas Wilson (1846-1927). They had ten children, one of whom died in her teens and one died in infancy.
N2Di. Samuel Hudson Wilson (1877-1952), DAUGHTER, m. William Thornton Posey, Jr. (1874-1969). She was called "Sammie." They had no children.
N2Dii. Margaret Stone Wilson (1878-1969) m. 1906, Henderson, KY, Phelps Lambert (d. 1938). Two children:
N2Dii a. Thomas Lambert (1908-1980) married with three children.
N2Dii b. Mary Frances Lambert (1910-1932). Not married.
N2Diii. Mary Wilson (1881-1914). Not married.
N2Div. Walter Ashby Wilson (1883-1962) m. 1911, Susan Soaper Young (1888-1981). They lived in western Virginia. Eight children, one of whom died in childhood:
N2Div a. Joseph Hayden Wilson (1915-1990). Not married
N2Div b. Susan Hay Wilson (b. 1917) married with two chidlren
N2Div c. Marianna Wilson (b 1918) married with five children.
N2Div d. Emily Young Wilson (b1921- ) Not married.
N2Div e. Elizabeth Ligon Wilson (b 1923) married with four children.
N2Div f. Samuel Henderson Wilson (b 1926) married with four children.
N2Div g. Frances Ashby Wilson (b 1932) married with five children.
N2Dv. Joseph Thomas Wilson, Jr. (1885-1983) m. 1914, Mary C. King (1886-1977). Three children, one of whom died in childhood:
N2Dv a. Emily King Wilson (b1915) married with no children.
N2Dv b. Jean Ashby Wilson (b 1917) married with three children.
N2Dvi. Judson Abram Wilson (1888-1963) m. 1947, Dorothy Willingham (1905-1987). They had no children.
N2Dvii. James Ross Wilson (1889-1964) m. 1917, Clara Doudna (1890-1972). Two children, one of whom died at birth.
N2Dvii a. Ida Elizabeth Wilson (b 1918) married twice with children.
N2Dviii. John Elam Wilson (1893-1963) m.(1) 1915, Eula Johnson Norris (1893-1922), m(2) 1926, Nina Belle Armbrister. Three children from his first marriage, one of whom died in childhood, and one from his second marriage:
N2Dviii a. Virgil Norris Wilson (1915- ) married with one child.
N2Dviii b. Miriam Hudson Wilson (1917-1999) married with two children.
N2Dviii c. Margaret Lucinda Wilson (b 1929) married with four children.
N3. Frances Anne Elam (1826-1910) married in 1843, Nathaniel Macon Hicks (1823-??). He disappeared during the Civil War, presumed dead. She kept the farm solvent, and it stayed in the family for nearly a hundred years. Four children, but one died young. The other three:
N3A. Augusta J. Hicks (1847-1892) m. 1869, Henderson, KY, Eleazer S. Cheatham (1844-1890). Two children, one of whom died in childhood:
N3Ai. Frances Cheatham (1870-1953) m. 1899, Henderson KY, James Robert Hall (1873-1934). Two children:
N3Ai a. Thomas Hall (1900-1966) married, no children.
N3Ai b. Francis Hall (1912- ) married twice, three children.
N3B. Edwin S. Hicks (1849-1870). He was not married.
N3C. Samuel Elam Hicks (1854-1936) m. 1904, Lennie Isabelle Smith (c1879-1949). Three children:
N3Ci. Emma Frances Hicks (1905-1976) m. 1930 Carl Young Hubbard. They have two children.
N3Cii. Samuel Elam Hicks, Jr. (1907-1979) m.(1) 1938 Martha Anita Smith (1919-1961), m(2) Dorothy Powell Williams. Three children from the first marriage.
N3Ciii. Julia Hicks (1909- ) m. 1939, Basil D. Hall. One child.
N4. Martha Jane Elam (1828-1884) married in 1848, John Steele McCormick (1815-1900). They had a large farm in Henderson Co., KY. At least five children:
N4A. Sidney Dyer McCormick (1848-1931) m. 1873, near St. Louis, MO, Julia Walker Sullivan (1852-1915). They lived in Henderson, KY, and Bourbon Co., MO. Two children, one of whom died in his teens:
N4Ai. James Walker McCormick (1875-1920) m. 1903, Florence Russell (1879-1972). One child:
N4Ai a. John Steele McCormick, III (1905 -) Not married.
N4B. George Harmon McCormick (1850-1878). He was not married.
N4C.Nancy McCormick (1853-1942) m. 1873, Henderson, KY, Julius Archer Coleman (1849-1931). He was a lawyer and they eventually moved to Chicago. Four children:
N4Ci. Martha Elam Coleman (1874-1951) m. 1898 Samuel Stevens Sherman (1869-1935). He was a newspaper man in Chicago and Denver. Three children, one of whom died in childhood.
N4Ci a. Nancy Louise Sherman (1901-1951) m. Frank Joseph Walter. Three children.
N4Ci b. Samuel S. Sherman Jr. (1909-1988) m. Mary Barkalow. Two children.
N4Cii. Anne Archer Coleman (1877-1956) m. 1910 Melville Clarke Chatten (1873-1957). He was an architect in Chicago. One child:
N4Cii a. Janet McCormick Chatten (b. 1915). Married with two children.
N4Ciii. Julia Walker Coleman (1878-1951) m. 1903, Charles Mooar Dunning (1875-1951). He was an architect in Chicago; they moved to Oklahoma City. Three children:
N4Ciii a. John McCormick Dunning (1904-1976) m. twice, two chidlren.
N4Ciii b. Charles Estey Dunning (1906-1980) m. Margaret Baysinger (1911-1978). One child.
N4Ciii c. Elizabeth Louise Dunning (1909-1971) m. Fenton Sanger (1898-1966). Three children.
N4Civ. Lelia McCormick Coleman (1881-1972) m. 1903, Harvey Fox (1876-1951). Two children:
N4Civ a. Jean McCormick Fox (1905- ) married twice, one child.
N4Civ b. Bonham McFarland Fox (1911-1979) m. Mary Elizabeth Burke (1912-1972). Five children.
N4D. Martha Elam McCormick (1857-1942). She was not married.
N4E. Virginia Lee McCormick (1864-1948) m. 1906, William Sherwood Montgomery and had no children.
N5. Lucinda Augusta Elam (1830-1919) married in 1854, John Seton Norris (1830-1875). He was a farmer and may have worked at the hardware business started by his brother and continued by his sons. Five children reached maturity, and one died in childhood:
N5A. Abby Lane Norris (1858-1912) m. 1877, Henderson, KY, Charles Milton McCormick (1851-1940). Three children, one of whom died in childhood.
N5Ai. Mary Lane McCormick (1880-1968) m. 1904, John T. Wellman (1877-1958). Two children:
N5Ai a. John McCormick Wellman (1909-1977) married three times, one child.
N5Ai b. Louise Wellman married twice, two children.
N5Aii. Augusta D. McCormick (1882-1943) m. Evan Rees (1884-1958) Lived in TX. Three children, one of whom was stillborn. The other two:
N5Aii a. Evan Jones Rees (1912-1990) married with six children.
N5Aii b. Sarah Anne Rees (1917-1973) married Thomas Waite and had one child.
N5B. Nancy Dupree Norris (1860-before 1939) married between 1900 and 1919, Mr.North, about whom nothing is known. She had no children.
N5C. Ella Augusta Norris (1862-1943) m. 1887, Henderson, KY, John Steele McCormick, brother of the man who married her sister Abby, #N5A. Two children:
N5Ci. Morgan Stanley McCormick (1889-1981) m(1) 1913, Margaret Waller (c1889-1970), m(2) Marguerite Link. Two children from the first marriage:
N5Ci a. Margaret Waller McCormick married with three children
N5Ci b. Mary Waller McCormick married with two children
N5Cii. Louise Seton McCormick (1891-1973) m. 1919 Alexander Blair (1888-1951). Two children:
N5Cii a. Alexander Blair, III (1920-1963) married with three children.
N5Cii b. Morgan McCormick Blair, married twice, five children.
N5D. Seton William Norris (1867-1952) m. 1920, Henderson, KY, Mary Doyle Rogers (1890-1929). He had a hardware store in Henderson. Two children, one of whom died at birth.
N5Di. Seton William Norris, Jr. (1921- ) married with three children.
N5E. John S. Norris (1869-1953) m. 1906, Henderson, KY, Ellen Herndon (1876-1967). He was a Baptist minister; they moved to Florida. Two children, one of whom died at the age of 2 days.
N5Ei. Annawilda Norris (1916- ) married with three children.
N6. Samuel M. Elam (1832-1884) married in 1857, Rebecca H. Dixon (1839-1928). He was a farmer and served in the Kentucky state Home Guard during the Civil War. Six children, two of whom died young. The other four:
N6A. Martha C. Elam (c1859-1951) m. 1881, Henderson, KY, Robert G. Adams (c1855-before 1893). Two children:
N6Ai. Baxter Harrison Adams (1885-1951) married Stella ___. Obituary did not mention children. He was a barnstormer pilot.
N6Aii. Robert Adams (1888-after 1911). Nothing further known.
N6B. Lillian Elam (c1867-c1947) married in 1922 Ewing Williams. Before her marriage, she was a missionary in Alaska. They had no children.
N6C. Ernest Elam (c1869-1892). He was not married.
N6D. Kate Elam (c1874-1937) m. 1897, Henderson, KY, Henry W. Clark (1865-1952). They moved to Missouri where he was in the lumber business. One child:
N6Di. Henry W. Clark, Jr., born after 1900 census, living 1951, nothing further known.
N6E. Percy Elam (c1874-1956). He was not married.