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Overton Deupree

Overton Deupree (1798-1832) married Mary (Polly) Cheatham (1800-1871) in 1819. After his premature death, she remarried Daniel Parsons, and they moved to Missouri in 1839 with four of the five Deupree children, plus his children from his first marriage and two children they had together. One of the Deupree sons stayed behind in Lunenburg Co., VA. Overton Deupree's five children:

O1. James Richards Deupree (1820-1873) married in 1838 Lucinda H. Edmondson (1813-1891). They moved to Henry Co., Missouri, with their parents and siblings, and he took up farming. They lived for a time in Kentucky. He did not serve in the Civil War because he was severely nearsighted. They had four children, one of whom died in childhood:

O1A. William Overton Deupree (1842-1909) married (1) in 1867 Elzira Smithson (1850-1875), and (2) Ellen Jones Galloway. He went by the name Overton and was a school teacher from the age of 18 on. He had one child from his first marriage:
    1. O1Ai. Lou Ella Deupree (1868-1950) married 1887, Franklin K. Miller (1864-1946). He was a farmer and operated a grocery store, most of the time in Montrose, MO. Eight children:
O1B. John James Deupree (1847-1900) married in 1875 Lillian Briggs (1857-1892). He worked in Calhoun at his cousin John Edmondson's store. Three children:
    1. O1Bi. Jennie Deupree (1876-1912) She married c1897 Jesse Majors, and was still married to him in 1900, but she was living in St. Louis as Jennie Deupree in 1903, and a Miss Jennie Deupree married in St. Louis in 1909 to John Roy Ellis. Her brother James E. was living with her in 1904. She was living in Kansas with her (second) husband in the 1910 census, and died in Kansas in 1912. She is buried in Monticello, Johnson Co., Kansas. She had no children.
    2. O1Bii. Ella E. Deupree (1877-1943) married 1900, Franklin Pierce Jones (1874-1953). He was a farmer in Henry Co., MO, but moved to Clinton, OK, and had a successful furniture store. Two children:
      1. O1Bii a. Cecil Reuben Jones (1902-1928) married in 1928, Gwendolyn Morton. He was murdered following a fender-bender. No children.
      2. O1Bii b. Frank Lovell Jones (1911-1975) married twice. At least one child.
    3. O1Biii. James Deupree (1885-1965). He was living in Calhoun with his grandmother Briggs in the 1900 census, and was probably living in St. Louis with his sister Jennie in 1904. By 1920, he had moved to Chicago and had married Ella Seiders (1893-1986). He worked for the railroad. He and his wife died in Michigan. They had one child:
      1. Lillian Ann Deupree who went by "Ann" and married a Mr. Waddell and had two children.
O1C. Martha Amanda Deupree (1849-1884) married in 1869 Henry Mitchell Blackburn (1846-1923), a merchant in Bowling Green, KY. They had two children:
O1Ci. James William Blackburn (1875-1963) married in 1905, Ida Greer (1875-1963). He was a dentist in Bowling Green, KY. Two children:
O1Ci a.Henry Lee Blackburn (1908-after 1980) married Ruth Yonts (1908-1987). Two children.
O1Ci b. James William Blackburn, Jr. (1914-1988) married Clare Yotter. No children.
O1Cii. John Henry Blackburn (1876-1951) married in 1904, Bess Hatcher (1881-1970). He was a doctor in Bowling Green, KY. Two children:
O1Cii a. Henry Hatcher Blackburn (1907-after 1980) married Bonnie L. Phipps. No childrenl
O1Cii b.John Deupree Blackburn (1912-1973) married Elva Garza. One child.

O2. Martha Ann Deupree (1821-after 1900) married 1842 in MO, John Henry Edmondson (1822-1863), a brother of James's wife Lucinda and Frances's husband William. They farmed in Henry Co., MO. They had nine children, three of whom died in childhood. The other six:

O2A. John Overton Edmondson (1847-c1921) married in 1872, Rhoda Drake (1855-after 1922). He was called "Manny" and had a general store in Calhoun, Henry Co., MO. By 1900, they moved to Kansas City, MO, where he was a deputy marshall and U.S. court bailiff. Two children:
O2Ai. Walter Edmondson (1873-after 1935) married c1897, Jennie B. (1875-after 1920). He worked in Kansas City, MO, as an inspector for a dry goods company. Not known if he had children.
O2Aii. Jinnie (Virginia?) Edmondson (c1876-after 1900). Her mother told the 1900 census taker that she was living, but no marriage record has been found.
O2B. Tabitha Jane Edmondson (1851-1917) married in 1869, James A. Hahn (1848-1906). He was at various times a blacksmith, a cattle and grain dealer, and the owner of a general store. They moved from Calhoun, Henry Co., MO, to Schell City, Vernon Co., MO. Five children:
O2Bi. Harry S. Hahn (1870-1956) married 1892, Fannie White (1869-1938). He worked in his father's general store and Fannie Hahn worked in a millinery shop. Four children:
O2Bi a. Herbert White Hahn (1893-1967) was not married.
O2Bi b. Helen Hahn (1896-1969) married in 1917 Harold Dade. They had no children.
O2Bi c. Milton Hahn (1899-1978) married in 1932 Margaret van Armand. One child.
O2Bi d. Raymond Hahn (1902-1983) married in 1970 Myrtle Evans. No children.
O2Bii. Daisie Emma Hahn (1876-1965) married 1908, Garland S. Johnson (1876-1939). She owned a millinery shop in Schell City, MO, and was an alterations seamstress in her widowhood. He was a real estate and insurance agent. One child:
O2Bii a. Aura Hahn Johnson (1912- ) married Marlow A. Markert. No children.
O2Biii. Gertrude Hahn (1879-1968) married after 1900, Richard Trinnier (1874-1937). She ran a hotel in Schell City, MO, taught school, and later passed the civil service exam and served as postmistress of Schell City. He was a barber. No children.
O2Biv. Martha "Mattie" Hahn (1882-1971) married 1906, Virgil G. Trueblood (1889-1957). They moved to Chicago where he operated several employment agencies. One adopted child:
O2Biv a. Robert Newman Trueblood. Nothing further known.
O2Bv. Eugenia Hahn (1889-1968) married(1) Art Hartje; married(2) Mr. Charapata. She and her second husband moved to California, where they died. One child:
O2Bv a. James Walter Hartje (c1915- ) married twice and had at least eight children. Nothing further known.

O2C. Martha "Mattie" Edmondson (c1854-after 1917) married in 1881, Edward Majors. They were not found in the 1900 census, and she may have been divorced. But she attended her sister's funeral in Schell City in 1917.

O2D. Lucinda Edmondson (1858-1932) married (1) in 1880, Samuel C. Woods (1850-1888), and married (2) c1893, Andrew J. Hurt. She was called Lulu. They lived in Henry Co., MO, first in Calhoun and later in Deepwater where her second husband was a furniture dealer. Four children, three from her first marriage and one from her second:
O2Di. Fratie Woods (1881-1971) married 1900, Joseph Woods (c1879-c1930). He owned a saloon in Kansas City, MO. They had three children:
O2Di a. Gayle Josephine Woods (c1904-after 1950). She was single in 1950, working as a stenographer in Kansas City, MO.
O2Di b. Allene Woods (1906-1992). m. J. Harold Boese and had two children.
O2Di c. Elizabeth Woods (1909-1997). Not married
O2Dii. Charles H. Woods (1883-1955) married 1900-1906, Jennie. He worked in a brickyard in Deepwater, MO. They had no children.
O2Diii. Cordell S. Woods (1888-??) Family notes say he married for the first time late in life and had no children.
O2Div. Mattie Alice Hurt (1899-??). No marriage record was found for her in Henry Co., MO. Nothing further known.

O2E. Mary Catherine "Kate" Edmondson (c1862-??). No marriage record was found for her in Henry Co., MO. She lived into her teens, but may have died as a young woman, unmarried.

O2F. Henry Edmondson (1864-??). He was living in 1881, but he was not found in the 1900 census in either Missouri or Kansas.

O3. William Stephen Deupree (1823-1864) married in 1846 Sarah H. E. Williams (1826-1874) and moved from Lunenburg Co., VA, to Richmond before the Civil War. He was killed when he accidentally fell on a land mine he was planting along the James River. His widow took in boarders in Richmond until her death. Three children:

O3A. Mary Ella Deupree (1847-1927) married in 1874 James Gaw Stephenson (1840-1901), who was a boarder at her mother's house in Richmond. He was a stone worker, and they settled in Washington, DC. They had two children who reached maturity and two who died as infants:
O3Ai. James Arthur Stephenson (1877-1917) married 1906, Kate Campbell (1888-??). He was a printer; he died in a diving accident. Two children:
O3Ai a. James Arthur Stephenson, Jr. (1908-after 1976) married Eunice S. Simpson. One child.
O3Ai b. Raymond Walker Stephenson (1911-1978) married Rebecca Armstrong. Three children.
O3Aii. Mary Louise Stephenson (1882-1966) married 1901, William Wallace Conner (1880-1960). He practiced law for a number of years but later was a salesman for Milton Bradley school supplies. Three children who reached maturity (one died in infancy):
O3Aii a. Wilton Wallace Conner (1902-1990) married(1) Grace Leonard; married(2) Enid Becker. Four children.
O3Aii b. Donald Lawrence Conner (1906- ) married with two children.
O3Aii c. Kenneth Maxwell Conner (1912-1987) married Jane Hanford. Three children.
O3B. Richard Overton Deupree (1850-1926) married in 1880 Elizabeth S. "Bettie" Redwood (1852-1933). He was a railroad telegrapher and lived in several small railroad towns in Virginia. He moved his family to northern Kentucky in 1893. Eight children:
O3Bi. Russell Overton Deupree (1881-1964) married(1) 1905, Katherine Koehler (1881-1924); married (2) in 1927, Mary Nelson (1879-1964). He worked for Procter & Gamble. One child from his first marriage:
O3Bi a. Katherine Deupree (1906-1984) married in 1932, George Weller (1907- ). She was an artist; he was a foreign correspondent journalist. Two children.
O3Bii. Mary Hellen Deupree (1882-1897). She died of tuberculosis. She was not married.
O3Biii. William James Deupree (1884-1953) married 1912, Minnie T. Simcox (1886-1965). He was a lawyer with a private practice in Covington, KY. Two children:
O3Biii a. Jane Redwood Deupree (1914- ) married twice, two children.
O3Biii b. William James Deupree, Jr. (1916- ) married. Two children.
O3Biv. Richard Redwood Deupree (1885-1974) married(1) in 1913, Martha Rule (1888-1943), and married(2) in 1944, Emily (Powell) Allen. He worked for Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati, OH, eventually becoming president of the company. Four children:
O3Biv a. Richard Redwood Deupree, Jr. (1914-1989) married. Four children.
O3Biv b. John Rule Deupree (1916-1976) married. Five children.
O3Biv c. James Young Deupree (1919-1999) married twice. Four children.
O3Biv d. Elizabeth Redwood Deupree (1920- ) married. Three children.
O3Bv. Stella Esmeralda Deupree (1886-1984) married in 1915, Aaron Stanley Warman (1880-1962). He was a high school science teacher and football coach. Three children:
O3Bv a. Richard Stanley Warman (1920- ) married, one child
O3Bv b. Mary Elizabeth Warman (1923- ) married. Four children.
O3Bv c. Robert Franklin Warman (1924- ) married. Three children.
O3Bvi. Bettie Christian Deupree (1889-1955) married in 1917, Warner Culbertson Wilson (1891-1954). He was a life insurance agent with Vermont National Life. Three children:
O3Bvi a. Warner C. Wilson Jr. (1920- ) married twice. Three children from his first marriage.
O3Bvi b. Richard Victor Wilson (1922- ) married. Four children.
O3Bvi c. Robert Deupree Wilson (1924- ) married, no children.
O3Bvii. John Richmond Deupree (1891-1893). He was a twin. His middle name and that of his twin sister signified the place of their birth, Richmond, Virginia.
O3Bviii. Vertner Virginia Deupree (1891-1984) married in 1916, Carl Brown Crumb (1890-1971). He was a salesman and an excellent violinist. Three children:
O3Bviii a. Virginia Deupree Crumb (1916- ) married. Two children.
O3Bviii b. Carl B. Crumb, Jr. (1919- ) married. Two children.
O3Bviii c. Betty Marie Crumb (1920- ) married. Three children.

O3C. William Eubank Deupree (1857-1895). He never married after being turned down by his sister-in-law Nannie Redwood. He moved to Lexington, KY, and worked for a large seed company.

O4. Mary Elizabeth Deupree (1825-1920) married Joseph George Parsons (1823-1862) who was killed at the battle of Corinth (MS) in the Civil War. He was the son of her stepfather, Daniel Parsons. She raised the children by herself and eventually moved with them to Texas. They had nine children, one of whom died at the age of 14 months. The eight who reached maturity were:

O4A. Daniel Overton Parsons (1845-1890) married in 1876 Martha C. Evans (c1859-after 1930). He was a farmer in Texas. Three children:
O4Ai. George Elmo Parsons (1877-1951). He was not married.
O4Aii. Mary Alta Parsons (1879-1966) married 1900, Joshua James Burgess (1872-1947). He was a rancher in Texas. Ten children:
O4Aii a. Bertha Ellen Burgess (1901-1987) married(1) Willliam Thomas Harris; married(2) "Sam" Caldwell. Two children.
O4Aii b. Nola Claire Burgess (1902-1992) married Herman Lane. Three children.
O4Aii c. Joseph Edward Burgess (1905-1989) married Mary Frances Smith. Two children.
O4Aii d. Mary Blanch Burgess (1908-1976) married Leonard H. Martin. Four children.
O4Aii e. Mabel Jewel Burgess (1910- ) married Arthur G. Babb. No children.
O4Aii f. Ruby Burgess (1912-1998)married G. H. Wolfe. Three children.
O4Aii g. Mamie Ross Burgess (1914- ) married Joe Russell Caudill. Three children.
O4Aii h. Joshua James Burgess Jr. (1918- ) married Harriet Pollard. One child.
O4Aii i. Hazel Louise Burgess (1920-1979) married George E. McGehee (1909-1969). One child.
O4Aii j. Benjamin Ellis Burgess (1925- ) married Roberta Pauline Sanders (1929-1999). Three children.
O4Aiii. Maggie Bell Parsons (1881-1953) married 1900, Alexander H. Stringer (1871-1957). They had a farm in Palo Pinto Co., TX. Eight children, one of whom died in infancy:
O4Aiii a. Lela May Stringer (1900- ) married Clarence C. Dooley. Six children.
O4Aiii b. Alma Elizabeth Stringer (1902-1997) married Russell Wilson Stone (1904-1969). Four children.
O4Aiii c. Ina Kate Stringer (1904-1986). She was not married.
O4Aiii d. Alta Fern Stringer (1909- ) married Litt Hervy Caudill. Two children.
O4Aiii e. George Simpson Stringer (1912-1951) married Margie Simpson. No children.
O4Aiii f. Rupert Littleton Stringer (1916-1990) married Charity Johanna Cretsinger. Three children.
O4Aiii g. Mary Beatrice Stringer (1918-1991) married Rupert B. Couger. Two children.
O4B. James Adrian Parsons (1848-1939) married 1877 in Texas, Martha Jane"Mattie" Campsey (1855-after 1920). They moved to Greer Co., OK, around 1900, and he founded a granite quarry business that is still operated by his descendants. Seven children reached maturity; one died in infancy:
    1. O4Biv a. Clifton Boman.Nothing further known.
O4Bi. Emmett Arthur Parsons (1878-??) He was not married. He ran the family quarry business with his father and brothers.
O4Bii. Claude Dee Parsons (1882-1967) married Dora Leroy. He worked at the family granite quarry. They had no children.
O4Biii. Joseph Johnston Parsons (1887-1978) married(1) 1908, Alma Elizabeth Broome (1886-1969); married(2)in 1929, Elsie O'Brien. He, with his brothers, ran the granite quarry his father had started. Seven children, three from his first marriage and four from the second:
  • O4Biii b. Eugene Joseph Parsons (1911-1980). Not married.
  • O4Biii c. Billie Alma Parsons (1913- ) married Carl D. Bell. Two children.
  • O4Biii d. Joseph Carl Parsons (1930- ) Nothing further known.
  • O4Biii e. William Frank Parsons (1931- ) Nothing further known.
  • O4Biii f. Bobby Lyndon Parsons (1933- ) Nothing further known.
  • O4Biii g. Cecelia Parsons (1935- ) Nothing further known.
O4Biv. Mary Carrie Parsons (1888-??) married Gaston Boman. Five children:
    1. O4Biv b. Imogene Boman. Nothing further known.
    1. O4Biv c. Irene Boman. Nothing further known.
    1. O4Biv d. Beth Boman. Nothing further known.
    1. O4Biv e. Junior Boman (Gaston Boman Jr.?). Nothing further known.
O4Bv. George Deupree Parsons (1890-1930's). He was not married.
O4Bvi. James A. Parsons, Jr. (1892-??). He was killed in an accident. He was not married.
O4Bvii. Martha "Mattie" Bea Parsons (1894-??). She was married late in life (name not known) and had no children.
O4C. William Stephen Parsons (1850-1916) married 1872 Elenora Conner (d. before 1900). He and his sons were living in Devil's Lake, ND, in 1900, but they moved back to Texas. Five children:
O4Ci. Joseph H. Parsons (1874-??) He was not married.
O4Cii. Grace Truman Parsons (1876-??) married 1899, John Frederick Dreinhofer. They lived in Texas. Six children:
    1. O4Cii a. John F. Dreinhofer, Jr. (1900-1984) married twice. No children.
    1. O4Cii b. Ella Betty Dreinhofer (1902- ) married in 1922 Veneverette O. White. Two children.
    1. O4Cii c. Emily Dreinhofer (1902-1989) married W. C. Gorman (d. 1978). No children.
    1. O4Cii d. William Charles Dreinhofer (1905-1993) married Frances Pauline Owen. Two children.
    1. O4Cii e. Joseph Henry Dreinhofer (1911-1992) married Lois (Bush) Drinkard. Three children.
    1. O4Cii f. Mary Jane Dreinhofer (1915- ) married Albert Victor van de Putte. Two children.
O4Ciii. Lloyd R. Parsons (1881-??) married Margaret ___. They moved to California and had no children.
O4Civ. William Parsons (1883-??) married c1910-20, Blanche ____. They moved to California. At least one child:
    1. O4Civ a. William Parsons, Jr., died in an accident.
O4Cv. Mary Parsons (c1890-1979) married(1) Frank Jones; married(2) Arthur Sanford. "May" was an artist and later was a successful real estate agent. Six children, all from her first marriage:
O4Cv a. Mae Jones. married Bill Coxon. Nothing further known.
O4Cv b. Frank Jones. One child.
O4Cv c. Grace Jones. married Albert Kniele. Nothing further known.
O4Cv d. Billie Louise "Bee" Jones. Nothing further known.
O4Cv e. Ray Forrest Jones (d. 1985). Five children.
O4Cv f. Diane Jones married and had five children..
O4D. Sarah Jane Parsons (1852-1937) married (1) in 1867, Robert W. Ellis (1844-1882), married(2) 1887, Ezekiel T. Kirtley (1861-1930). Her second husband was a farmer; they moved to California after World War I. She had no children from her first marriage, and four from the second:
O4Di. Grace Ethel Kirtley (1888-??) married c1905, Osborne Walker (c1882-??) At least one child born before the 1910 census:
O4Di a. Navel O. Walker (1910- ) Nothing further known.
O4Dii. Marion F. Kirtley (1891-1918). He was not married.
O4Diii. Ellis J. Kirtley (1895-1969) married 1931, Adele Gill. Nothing further known.
O4Div. Ella Faye Kirtley (1895-??) married in 1910, John T. Clark. Nothing further known.
O4E. George Foster Parsons (1856-1948) married(1) in 1878, Susie A. Lawrence (1861-1922); married(2) in 1929, Mrs. Hannah ( ) Creagh. He was a farmer and raised cattle in Stephens Co., Texas. Five children, one of whom died in infancy. The four who reached maturity:
O4Ei. Truman Alton Parsons (1880-1937) married(1) in 1903, Mary Jane Dooley (1879-1908); married(2) in 1911, Daisy M. Pursley Muggleton. Four children from his first marriage:
O4Ei a. Viola Estelle Parsons (1904-??) married(1) Otto Uze Sample; married(2) Ralph Hale Foster. Five children.
O4Ei b. George Carnillis Parsons (1905-1937). Not married.
O4Ei c. Anna Louise Parsons (1907-1977) married(1) Fay Wesley Mahaney; married(2) D. E. Barron. Five children from her first marriage.
O4Ei d. Truman Alton Parsons, Jr. (1908-??). Married twice, no children.
O4Eii. Josie Fay Parsons (1884-??) married 1921, H. A. Lisle. Nothing further known.
O4Eiii. George Edwin Parsons (1887-??) married Frances Walcott (c1897-??). They lived in Palo Pinto Co., TX. One child:
O4Eiii a. Teresa Rozelle Parsons (c1914- ) married. Nothing further known.
O4Eiv. Don David Parsons (1889-1965) married 1910 Myrtle Mowery (1892-1969). He was a rancher. Four children:
O4Eiv a. Don Duke Parsons (1911-1993) married(1) Mildred Sullivan; married(2) Florence Ramsay. Three children.
O4Eiv b. Maxine Earl Parsons (1914-1972) married(1) Shelby Starr; married(2) Louis Franklin Cook. Three children.
O4Eiv c. Mary Sue Parsons (1915-1983) married Roy C. Easterwood. One child.
O4Eiv d. Robert Lee Parsons (1917- ) married Jane Boyer. Five children.
O4F. John Edwin Parsons (1858-1947) married(1) in 1877, Mattie A. Riley (d. 1879); married(2) in 1887, Martha Albina McLaren (1865-1946). He ran a livery stable and wagon yard in Young Co., TX. He had no children from his first marriage and eight from the second. One died in infancy, and another died in her teens. The other six:
O4Fi. Charlie Overton Parsons (1889-1961) married(1) 1912, Mary Glen Burns (1894-1918); married(2) 1921, Eunice Adele Parker (1987-1980). He was a tax accountant and the Young Co., TX tax assessor. Two children who reached maturity:
O4Fi a. Eugenia Fay Parsons (1913- ) married(1) Houston P. Cate; married(2) Albert Lindsay Collier. Two children.
O4Fi b. Robert Edwin Parsons (1914- ) married Anne Catherine Mackay. Four children.
O4Fii. Ella Estelle Parsons (1892-1985) married in 1911, Joseph Thomas Carter (1886-1956). He was a cotton broker. Two children:
O4Fii a. Marguerite Estelle Carter (1912- ) married(1) Richard Boyle; married(2) Glenn Collard. One child from the first marriage.
O4Fii b. Dorothy Dan Carter (1916-1968) married(1) John Hayes; married(2) Robert P. Stewart. Two children from the second marriage.
O4Fiii. Ida Fay Parsons (1897-1990) married in 1916, Daniel D. C. Cusenbary (1881-1981). He was county clerk, tax collector and treasurer for Young Co. TX and wrote about the history of the county. Five children:
O4Fiii a. Mary Catherine Cusenbary (1917- ). Not married.
O4Fiii b. Mattie Fay Cusenbary (1918- ) married Vernon Odell Gracey. One child.
O4Fiii c. Daniel D. C. Cusenbary Jr. (1920- ) married Wanda Sue Owen. Two children.
O4Fiii d. Edwin Caldwell Cusenbary (1924- ) married(1) Mary Helen Orrell; married(2) Hazel (King) Granger. Five children.
O4Fiii e. Velma Estelle Cusenbary (1929- ) married John Conyers Dowdle. Two children.
O4Fiv. George Edwin Parsons (1900-1967) married(1) in 1919, Nettie Mae Sloan (1900-1933); married(2) in 1937, Margaret Stovall (1908-1995). Margaret Stovall Parsons was a school teacher in Graham, TX. Five children, one from the first marriage and four from the second:
O4Fiv a. John Edwin Parsons (1921- ) married(1) Marie Ogden; married(2) Doris Grimes; married(2) Josephine Johnston. Two children.
O4Fiv b. Walter Paschall Parsons (1938- ) married Shigeko Yamashita. Nothing further known.
O4Fiv c. Margaret Kay Parsons (1943- ) married Leslie Slay. Three children.
O4Fiv d. George Edwin Parsons (1947- ) Nothing further known.
O4Fiv e. Martha Ann Parsons (1951- ) married James Ronald Thetford. Nothing further known.
O4Fv. Velma Fern Parsons (1903-1986) married in 1921, Joseph Harve Hawkins (1895-after 1980). He had tailoring and cleaning businesses in Graham and Wichita Falls, TX. One child:
O4Fv a. Martha Jo Hawkins (1927- ) married Don Oliver. Two children.
O4Fvi. Joseph Burdett Parsons (1906-1965) married in 1946, Erma (Miller) Bradley. They had no children.
O4G. Martha Ella Parsons (1860-1905) married(1) in 1877, Job C. Duke (c1856-1882); married(2) in 1886, William J. Peck (1856-1921). Her second husband was a stock farmer in Texas. She had two children from her first marriage and five from her second, although two of the Peck children died as babies:
O4Gi. John Roy Duke (1878-1963) married(1) in 1910 Abigail...; married(2) in 1919, Ruth Morrison. He moved from TX to CA. Nothing further known.
O4Gii. Floy Duke (1880-1899). She was not married.
O4Giii. Rosa A. Peck (1887-1978) married in 1903 Len Martin. Nothing further known.
O4Giv. Joseph A. Peck (1893-1952) married in 1921, Ruth King. Nothing further known.
O4Gv. Maggie E. Peck (1895-1951) married(1) in 1913, Money Sterling Weatherford (1891-1922); married(2) E. O. Martin. One child from her first marriage:
O4Gv a. Martha Weatherford (1917- ) married W. O. Thomas. Nothing further known.
O4H. Joe Gray Parsons (1862-1917) married in 1891, Lucy A. Echols (1874-1930). He was a farmer in Stephens Co., TX. Six children:
O4Hi. William Lee Parsons (1892-1942) married in 1922, Vera May Thurman (1905-1971). Four children:
O4Hi a. Dona Mae Parsons (1922- ) married Marvin Gollihar (1916-1974). One child.
O4Hi b. Edna Willene Parsons (1925- ) married(1) John Reddell; married(2) Kenneth Cox. Five children.
O4Hi c. Betty Gene Parsons (1930- ) married Leonard Miller. Two children.
O4Hi d. Laney Lee Parsons (1937- ) married Joyce Davis. Five children.
O4Hii. Robert Alfred Parsons (1894-1976) married in 1915, Ona Estelle Smith (1898-1982). He worked for Phillips Petroleum. Five children, one of whom died in childhood. The other four:
O4Hii a. Robert Raymond Parsons (1918- ) married Virginia Cooper. One child.
O4Hii b. Clarence Oran Parsons (1920-1942). He was killed in World War II. Not married.
O4Hii c. Dorothy Lee Parsons (1923- ) married Charles Burton. One child.
O4Hii d. James Edward Parsons (1925- ) married Anna Freeman. Four children.
O4Hiii. Roy Wallace Parsons (1895-1954) married in 1934, Willie Mae Garlitz. He worked on oil rigs for Phillips Petroleum, and she was the Hutchinson Co. TX librarian for 37 years. Three children:
O4Hiii a. Wallace Edward Parsons (1935- ) married La Donna Wehr. No children.
O4Hiii b. Edwin Leon Parsons (1937- ) married Sharon Hoeffner. Two children.
O4Hiii c. Roy Gene Parsons (1948- ) married Judith Ray. One child.
O4Hiv. Joe Frank Parsons (1897-1978) married Ella Mae Smith. He was in World War II and was a policeman in Albany, TX. One child:
O4Hiv a. Dorie Marie Parsons (1923-1995) married Frederick Charles Bennehoff. One child.
O4Hv. Stella Sue Parsons (1905-1989) married in 1933 Eugene Childers (1906-??). He worked for Phillips Petroleum. They had no children.
O4Hvi. J. Fred Parsons (1908-1986). He was not married.

O5. Unity Frances Deupree (1828-1864) married in 1845 William E. Edmondson (1817-after 1881), a brother of James's wife Lucinda and Martha's husband John. He ran a hotel in Calhoun, Henry Co., MO. They had seven children:

O5A. James R. Edmondson (1846-1869). He was not married. He was murdered, and the killer was never brought to justice.

O5B. Mary Margaret Edmondson (1948-1934) married c1870, Samuel P. Hahn (1842-c1914), a brother of her cousin Tabitha Jane Edmondson's husband James. He was a merchant in Calhoun, Henry Co., MO, and about 1900, they moved to Kansas City, MO, with their sons. Four children:
O5Bi. Edward S. Hahn (1874-1951), married (1) c1905 Sybil ____ (d. 1928), m(2) Ina --- He was a deputy building inspector in Kansas City. One child from each marriage:
O5Bi a. Louis R. Hahn (c1906-<1951).
O5Bi b. Frances Hahn
O5Bii. Roy H. Hahn (1877->1951) He was not married as of 1936. He lived in Kansas City, MO.
O5Biii. H. Glenn Hahn (1884-1950) married Beulah Keeney (1885-1984). He was a deputy and sheriff in Kansas City, MO. Two children:
O5Biii a. Glenna Hahn (1909-1993) m. Wesley Miskimon. No children
O5Biii b. Samuel K. Hahn (1917- ). married, no children.
O5Biv. Julius D. Hahn (1885-1950). He was not married.

O5C. William P. Edmondson (1851-1886) married in 1879, Gertrude Maynard (c1862-after 1921). After his early death, his widow went to Kansas City and became a school principal. They had no children who survived childhood.

O5D. Laura O. Edmondson (1855-before 1900). She was not married. She was a school teacher.

O5E. Virginia Frances Deupree Edmondson (1860-1940). She was not married. She taught school in Calhoun for many years and in Kansas City, MO, for the last 20 years of her life. She went by the name Deupree Edmondson.

O5F.Elizabeth "Betty" Edmondson (1863-after 1940). She was not married and also taught school in Calhoun and Kansas City.

O5G. Ella Edmondson (1865-1891). She was not married.