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Prudence Deupree and Coleman O. Lipscomb

Prudence P. Deupree (1802-1889) married in Charlotte Co., VA, 1823, Coleman Overton Lipscomb (1802-1884), son of Temple Lipscomb and Mildred Lipscomb. They lived in Charlotte Co., VA, all their lives; C. O. Lipscomb was a farmer. They had ten children, one of whom died in infancy. The nine who survived were:

P1. Mary Ann Lipscomb (1825-1872) m. 1843, Charlotte Co., VA, Henry John Farley (1822-1890). Moved to Henderson Co., KY, c1870. He remarried after she died and had more children. Ten children, one of whom died in childhood.

P1A. Ann Elizabeth Prudcnce Farley (1843-1926) m. Robert R. Davis. They lived in Appomattox Co., VA. Six children who lived to adulthood:
P1Ai. Mary E. Davis (1866-1931) m. 1885 Richard D. Baldwin (1851-1928). They lived in Appomattox Co., VA. Five children:
P1Ai. a. Ethel M. Baldwin (1886-1965) m. John Humphrey Young. Six children.
P1Ai. b. Sue Flood Baldwin (1888-1976) m. Harry A. Tanner. Three children.
P1Ai. c. Robert Louis Baldwin (1892-1968) married, no children.
P1Ai. d. Richard Stanley Baldwin (1899-1943) m. Virginia Pearl Dunton. One child.
P1Ai. e. Marie Baldwin (1903-1967) m. Don Carlos Callejas
P1Aii. John H. Davis (1868-??) m. Cora Mullens. They lived in Appomattox Co. VA. Two children, about whom nothing further is known:
P1Aii. a. Carrie Davis (1904-1976) m(1) Richard Nash, m(2) Jesse Collins. No children.
P1Aii. b. John Sterling Davis (1910-1981) m. Marjorie Montgomery. Two children.
P1Aiii. Robert R. Davis Jr. (1871->1920) m. 1894 Della F. Mullens (1874->1920). They lived in Appomattox Co., VA. Five children, one of whom died in childhood:
P1Aiii. a. Lucy Elizabeth Davis (1896-1985) m. Ernest Bateman One child.
P1Aiii. b. Neva Estelle Davis (1898-1988) m. Lloyd P. Inge of Prince Edward Co. VA. One child.
P1Aiii. c. Zadie Davis (1903-1928) m. William Carr of NC. No children.
P1Aiii. d. Edward Frank Davis (1905-1997) m. Mary Wood. One child.
P1Aiv. Louise Ellen Davis (1874-1962) m. 1898 Charles Richard North (c1865-1946) Seven children:
P1Aiv a. Elizabeth Louise North (1899-1991) m. Alexander E. Wallace. No children
P1Aiv b. Robert Alexander North (1904-1947). Not married.
P1Aiv c. Charles Davis North (1905-1985) m.Margaret Jennings. One child.
P1Aiv d. James Beverly North (1908-1974) m. Margaret Garland. Two children.
P1Aiv e. John William North (1911-1986) m. Betty Thomas. Two children.
P1Aiv f. Virginia Adams North (1914- ) married, one child.
P1Aiv g. Temple Richard North (1916- ) married, one child.
P1Av. Virginia Alice "Nannie" Davis (1877-1946) m. 1911 Thomas Nelson Ransom. Their only child was a baby who died at age 1.
P1Avi. James T. Davis (1884-1968) m. Sue Adams (1891-1977). Six children:
P1Avi a. Henry Adams Davis (1920- ) married, two children
P1Avi b. Lucy Otey Davis (1922- ) married, three children
P1Avi c. Nancy Elizabeth Davis (1925- ) married, three children.
P1Avi d. James Thomas Davis, Jr. (1927- ), a twin, married, four children.
P1Avi e. Sue Duval Davis (1927- ), a twin, married, four children
P1Avi f. Virginia Clare Davis (1933- ), married, four children
P1B. Virginia Catherine Farley (1845-1889) m. 1867 Charles Robert Hankins Farrar (1837-1914). They lived in Pamplin, Appomattox Co., VA. Ten children who lived to adulthood:
P1Bi. Margaret Magdala Farrar (1868-1891) m. 1885 Richard Pressley Paulette (1863-1931). He was a farmer in Appomattox Co., VA. Two children:
P1Bi. a. Annie Halcomb Paulette (1886-1973) m. 1903 Benjamin Walker Gallier (1883-1930). They lived in Appomattox Co. VA and had eight children.
P1Bi. b. Joseph Pressley Paulette (1889-1965) m. Alice Warriner (1892-1974). They livedin Appomattox Co. VA and had three children.
P1Bii. Martha Anna Farrar (1870-1943) m. 1888 Beauregard Davis Dickerson (1861-1931). He was a farmer in Appomattox Co., VA. Seven children:
P1Bii. a. Alice Witt Dickerson (1889- ) m. T. R. Richardson. Lived in Appomattox Co. VA and had six children.
P1Bii. b. Samuel Aubrey Dickerson (1891-1966) m. Annie Simmons (1898-1974). Lived in West Virginia and had six children.
P1Bii. c. Virginia Frances Dickerson (1893-1972) m. Lacy K.Almond (1888-1955). Ten children.
P1Bii. d. Wiley Reams Dickerson (1895-1959) m. Mary Lou Holt. Three children.
P1Bii. e. Lewis Edward Dickerson (1898-1972) m. Flora Goin (1916-1993). Two children
P1Bii. f. Hudson D. Dickerson (1902-1994) m. Blanche Holt (1906-1997). One child.
P1Bii. g. Elsie M. Dickerson (1905-1993) m. Walter Ransom (1903-1993). Two children.
P1Biii. Ola Keith Farrar (1871-1958) m. 1887 Callie L. Tolley (1864-1943). He was a farmer in Appomattox Co., VA. Nine children, only eight of whom reached adulthood:
P1Biii. a. James Henry Tolley (1889 -1973) m. Annie Price. Two children.
P1Biii. b. Robert Lewis Tolley (1895-1974) m. Carrie Williams (1902-1983). Eight children.
P1Biii. c. George Wesley Tolley (1897-1979) m. Anna Belle Lee (1899-1973). Four children.
P1Biii. d. Willie Jackson Tolley (1899-1974) m. Myrtle Dickerson (1909-1990). Eight children.
P1Biii. e. Ethel Mae Tolley (1901-1981) m. William Robert Price (1890-1958). Two children.
P1Biii. f. Jennie Alice Tolley (1903-1986) m. Walker T. Williams (1904-1945). Two children.
P1Biii g. Johnny Edward Tolley (1907-2000) Not married.
P1Biii h. Clarence Preston Tolley (1913-1981) m. Alma Baldwin, two children.
P1Biv. Wesley Jackson Farrar (1873-1962) m. 1899 Bettie Belle Daniel (1882-1957). They lived in VA. Seven children, one of whom died in infancy:
P1Biv. a. Floyd Gregory Farrar (1902-1968) m. Margaret Cubby. One child.
P1Biv. b. Ernest Wesley Farrar (1903-1928). He was not married.
P1Biv. c. Virginia Belle Farrar (1905-1994) m. 1923 W. Howard Johnson. Five children.
P1Biv. d. Patty Hazel Farrar (1908-1995) m. 1931 Bernard J. Schultz. Two children.
P1Biv. e. Walter Edwin Farrar (1909-1991) m. 1935 Helen Wilson Wheeler. Two children.
P1Biv. f. Esther Maude Farrar (1914- ). m(1) Russell Mills. married three more times. Two children from her first marriage.
P1Bv. Roberta Adelaide Farrar (1874-1953) m. 1894 Joel Branch Roberson (1871-1939). They lived in Lynchburg, VA. Nine children, one of whom died in infancy:
P1Bv. a. Mattie Lou Roberson (1896-1975) m. Addison Perry Stewart. Four children.
P1Bv. b. Ernest Russell Roberson (1900-1946). He was not married.
P1Bv. c. Ethel Branch Roberson (1903-1987) m. John Pierce McDermott. Two children.
P1Bv. d. Charles Gray Roberson (1905 -1964) m. Myra Virginia Dance. Two children.
P1Bv. e. Robert Milton Roberson (1907-<1964) m. Susie Lovell. Two children.
P1Bv. f. Mary Elizabeth Roberson (1910-1986) m. James Dolphus Currier. They had no children.
P1Bv. g. Joel Frank Roberson (1912-1996). Not married.
P1Bv. h. Mabel Roberta Roberson (1915-1983) m. Norman Preston Cox. One child.
P1Bvi. Prudence Ellen Farrar (1876-1941). She was not married.
P1Bvii. Charles Henry Farrar (1878-1901). He was not married
P1Bviii. Kate Hankins Farrar (1880- ) m. 1905 Burrus Edward Williams (1881-1938). They lived in Lynchburg, VA. Two children:
P1Bviii. a. Katherine Williams (1906-1995) m. 1928 Elmer Wilkins Brinkley. Two children.
P1Bviii. b. Raymond Edward Williams (1913-1995) m. Elizabeth Baker Cook. Two children.
P1Bix. William Edward Farrar (1883-1933) m. 1910 Edna Berry. They were living in Campbell Co., VA, in 1920. One child:
P1Bix. a. Lucy Geraldine Farrar (c1911- ). Nothing further known.
P1Bx. Robert Samuel Farrar (1889-1972) m. 1912 Carrie Cline Mills. They moved to West Virginia. Three children:
P1Bx. a. Mildred Cline Farrar (1913 - ) m. Haley W. Young. One child.
P1Bx. b. Charles Eugene Farrar (1920 - ) m. Mary Powell. Two children.
P1Bx. c. Robert Emory Farrar (1925-1985) m. Mary Margaret Damewood. No children.
P1C. Mary Ellen Farley (c1848-c1882?) m. 1872 Samuel B. Collins. She went with her family to Henderson Co., KY and was married there, but it is possible that they returned to VA, she died and he and remarried. She possibly had one child:
P1Ci. ?? Wesley or Archy Collins, born c1874. Nothing further known.
P1D. William Coleman Farley (1849-1924) m. 1870 KY Josephine Grady (1851-1930). Moved to Arkansas. Six of seven children survived to adulthood:
P1Di. Elmer Farley (1871-1969) m. 1900 Ertice Wills. Six children:
P1Di a. Marion Farley (1902-
P1Di b. Andrew Farley (1906-
P1Di c. Irene Farley (1908-
P1Di d. Coleman Farley (1912-
P1Di e. Ruby Farley (1914- )
P1Di f. Russell Farley (>1920-
P1Dii. May Farley (1874-1898) m. William J. Doyle (1868-1951). He married(2) her sister Florence. One child:
P1Dii a. Joseph Kendrick Doyle (1896-1949) m. Mary Manning. One child.
P1Diii. Bennett Farley (c1876-??) m (1) 1900 Lucy Trader (1873-1912). m(2) Dorothy ___ Moved to Oklahoma. One child from first marriage and two from second
P1Diii. a. Wirt Pamplin Farley (1901-1985) married, four children
P1Diii b. Hubert Farley (1913- ) Nothing further known.
P1Diii c. Ireba Farley (1919- ) Nothing further known.
P1Div. William Coleman Farley Jr. (1879-1956) married Luella ___. No children.
P1Dv. Florence Farley (1880-1972) m. 1900 William J. Doyle (1868-1951), who had been married to her sister May. Moved to Oklahoma and eventually to New Orleans. Nine children, one of whom died in childhood. The eight who survived were:
P1Dv a. James P. Doyle (1902-
P1Dv b. John William Doyle (1905-
P1Dv c. Haskell Doyle (1907-
P1Dv d. William Joseph Doyle, Jr. (1909-
P1Dv e. Paul Farley Doyle (1912-
P1Dv f. Mary L. Doyle (1913- ) married, no children.
P1Dv g. Thomas W. Doyle (1918-1995) married with three children
P1Dv h. Helen Doyle (1921- ) married, three children.
P1Dvi. Paul Farley (1884-??) m. 1908 Nannie Beach. m(2) Lena Taylor. They moved to Arkansas. Seven children from his first marriage, six of whom survived childhood:
P1Dvi a. Ingram Farley (1909-
P1Dvi b. Joseph Franklin Farley (1911-
P1Dvi c. Paul Edward Farley (1913-
P1Dvi d. Edna L. Farley (c1917-
P1Dvi e. Walter L. Farley (1919-
P1Dvi f. Haskell Farley (1922-
P1E. Louisa A. Farley (c1851-c1875) m. 1872 Virgil Harding (c1849-?). He was a widower in the 1880 census in Henderson Co., KY, but was not found in 1900. One child known:
P1Ei. Rosa Harding, b. c1873, KY. Nothing further known.
P1F. Roberta A. Farley (1854-1901) m. 1871 Sterling Austin Decatur Farley (1844-1915). They lived in Henderson Co., KY. Four children:
P1Fi. Walter Earl Farley (1872-1937) m. 1895 May Belle Brooks (1877-1960). They lived in Henderson Co., KY. Eight children, one of whom died in childhood:
P1Fi. a. Nellie Farley (1895- ). She was not married.
P1Fi. b. Robert Johnson Farley (1896-1994). married 3 times and had seven children.
P1Fi. c. Mary Lucille Farley (1899- ) She was not married.
P1Fi. d. Walter Quinn Farley (1906-1984). He was not married.
P1Fi. e. Eldred Austin Farley (1908-1979) m. Lady Maude Lindsey. Two children.
P1Fi. f. Sarah Augusta Farley (1911-1983) m. William Carl Moore. Two children.
P1Fi. g. Mildred Farley (1916-1986) m. Arthur Robinson Kasey (1904-1961). Three children.
P1Fii. Artie Atkinson Farley (1985-1934). He was not married.
P1Fiii. Mary Ella Farley (1879- ) m. 1915 William H. Haynes. They had no children.
P1Fiv. Harry Lipscomb Farley (1887-1964) m.(1) 1913 Virginia R. Moss. m.(2) Flora Merle Miller. He lived in Henderson Co., KY, and had no children.
P1G. George H. Farley (c1855-??) m. 1880 Ella Bowers. He was a minister, and they were not found in the 1900 census index of KY. Family notes say they had no children.
P1H. John Edwin Farley (1859-1932) m.(1) Grace T. Keach (c1865-1890), m.(2) Margaret Sue Lester (1875-1953). He was a farmer in Henderson Co., KY. Fourteen children, one of whom died at birth. Of those who survived to adulthood, three were from his first marriage and ten from the second:
P1Hi. Virgie H. Farley (1883- ) m. 1908 George Eades. Two children:
P1Hi. a. Ilene Eades. She was not married.
P1Hi. b. Lela Mae Eades m. Wesley Proctor. Two children
P1Hii. John Leslie Farley (1885-1966) m. c1907 Eusebia Griffin (1887-1950). They lived in Evansville, IN. Four children:
P1Hii. a. Roy Pittman Farley (1907-1968). married twice, five children.
P1Hii. b. Miley Raymond Farley (1911-1999) m. Reva Mitchell. Three children.
P1Hii. c. Joe Farley. Nothing further known.
P1Hii. d. Paul Farley. Not married, no children.
P1Hiii. Richard Keach Farley (1887-1913) m. 1910 Mary G. Robards (1888-1920). They had no children.
P1Hiv. Louise Farley (1893-1976) m. Allen Conaway. They lived in Henderson Co., KY. One child:
P1Hiv. a. Herbert Allen Conaway married two times and had one child.
P1Hv. Eleanor Maude Farley (1895-1958) m. 1915 Hodge Griffin (1894-1969). They lived in Henderson Co., KY. Three children:
P1Hv. a. Aaron Hodge Griffin (1917- ) m. Dorothy Word and has two children.
P1Hv. b. Eleanor Griffin (1918 -) m. John Koon. Two children.
P1Hv. c. Margaret Griffin (1921- ) m. Billy D. Emrick. No children.
P1Hvi. Frank Stockton Farley (1897-1957) m. Bessie Griffin (1898-1968). He was a farmer in Henderson Co., KY. One child:
P1Hvi. a. Frank Stockton Farley Jr. m. Laura Harwood. Five children.
P1Hvii. Frances Farley (1900-1974) m.(1) 1932 Samuel Owen Toy. m(2) Thomas Smith. She had no children.
P1Hviii. Robert Henry Farley (1902-1978) m. 1936 Katherine Watkins (1901-1995). He went by the name Pete. He was a farmer in Henderson Co., KY. One child:
P1Hviii. a. Mary Katherine Farley m. Ronald Kline. Two children.
P1Hix. Roberta Farley (1904- ) m. 1921 Charles A. King. Six children:
P1Hix. a. Charles King. Killed in action in WW II.
P1Hix. b. Augusta Farley King m. Cameron King. One child.
P1Hix. c. Dorothy Louise King m. James Vernon O’Nan. Four children.
P1Hix. d. Mary Sue King m. Basil Eugene Roberts. Three children.
P1Hix. e. Eleanor Jo King m. Otis Lavaughn Meeks. Three children.
P1Hix. f. Frances Carol King m. Harold Fulkerson. One child.
P1Hx. Mary Earl Farley (1907-1982). She was not married.
P1Hxi. Ella Madalene Farley (1910-1942) m. Harry Pingleton. She had no children.
P1Hxii. James Stanley Farley (1913-1982) m. Martha Shemwell. They had no children.
P1Hxiii. George Edward Farley (1915- ) m. Pauline Shemwell. Four children:
P1Hxiii. a. William Edward Farley. Nothing further known.
P1Hxiii. b. Robert Joseph Farley. Nothing further known.
P1Hxiii. c. James Lee Farley. Nothing further known.
P1Hxiii. d. Richard Smith Farley. Nothing further known.
P1I. Branch T. Farley (c1863-1907) m. 1889, KY Anna Rasner or Racener or Rainer (d. 1930) After he died, she moved to Evansville, IN. Six children, only five of whom reached adulthood:
P1Ii. Iley Linden Farley (1893-1988) m. Pearl Oller (1899-1989) and had three children, two of whom reached adulthood:
P1Ii a. Anna Pauline Farley (1920-1963) m. John Pontiere. Five children.
P1Ii b. Iley John "Jack" Farley (1923-1980) had no children.
P1Iii. Edna Farley (c1901- ) m(1) Stanley Eyres m(2) ___ Schroder. One child from her first marriage, name not known.
P1Iiii. George Farley (1896-) married but had no children.
P1Iiv. Samuel A. Farley (1903-1982) Went to California. Married, no children.

P2. Parsha Lewis Lipscomb (1827-1901) m(1) 1850 Mary Malinda Watson (1832-1875); m(2) 1878, Sue Thomasson (1846-1879); m(3) 1881, Narcissa (Fulgham) Smith (1844-c1905). They moved around western KY, Trigg and Hickman counties. He had seven children reach adulthood and five who died young. Five children from his first marriage and two from his third:

P2A. Prudence Coleman Lipscomb (1856-1932) m. 1872, TN John Pettus Watson. They lived in Christian and Trigg Co., KY. Five children, two of whom died in infancy.
P2Ai. Nellie Ann Watson (1875-1916) m. 1894 Bryant Baker (1870-1925). They lived in Trigg and Christian Co. KY. Six children, one of whom was adopted by her sister and is listed with her:
P2Ai. a. Ida Baker (1897-1978) m. Arthur Goodwin. Nothing further known.
P2Ai. b. Pettus Baker (1898-c1944) m. Ruth ___. Nothing further known.
P2Ai. c. Robert Mansfield Baker (1906-1943) m. Mary Hill. One child.
P2Ai. d. Ollie James Baker (1911-1979) married twice. Three children.
P2Ai. e. Thomas Watson Baker (1913- ) m. Margaret Morris. One child.
P2Aii. Lillie Watson (1878-1962/3) m. 1900 Lander Meacham (1877-1964). They lived in Hopkinsville, KY. They adopted one of her sister Nellie’s children:
P2Aii. a. Lawrence Bryant Baker Meacham
P2Aiii. Hunter Watson (1884-1959) m. 1903 Mary Ellen Smiley (1885-1958). They lived in Christian Co., KY. Four children, one of whom (a twin) died in infancy:
P2Aiii. a. Lucille Prudence Watson (1904-1984) m. Gordon Ham Wright. Three children.
P2Aiii. b. Ruby Watson (1906- ) m.(1) Tyhee Carney. married two more times. Four children from her first marriage.
P2Aiii. c. William Hunter Watson (1915-1985) married twice. He had no children.
P2B. Lelia Zeporia Lipscomb (1858-1926) m. 1878 Rufus Shelton (1879-1910). He was a farmer in Trigg Co., KY. Six children, one of whom died at birth;
P2Bi. Lucy Annie Shelton (1879-1945) m. 1900 William Edgar Collins (1875-1944). They lived in Trimble Co., TN, and retired to South Carolina. Sic children, two of whom died young:
P2Bi. a. William Henry Collins (1902-1991) m. Julia Haddock. Three children.
P2Bi. b. Roy Collins (1905-1950) m. Florence May Cross. Four children.
P2Bi. c. Willis Fair Collins (1910-1998) m. Reba Wren. Three children.
P2Bi. d. Mary Thelma Collins (1913- ). Nothing further known.
P2Bii. Earnest George Shelton (1880-1955) m. 1910 Carrie Snow Maddux (1886-1934). Two children:
P2Bii. a. Allan Owen Shelton (1915- ) m. Sunny Shupe. Two children.
P2Bii. b. Eveyln Louis Shelton (1918 - )m. Noel Harris. No children.
P2Biii. Willis Parsha Shelton (1883-1950) m. 1920 Clara Mabel Maddux. Nothing further known.
P2Biv. Myrtle Ivy Shelton (1886-1957) m. 1907 Harvey Bennett Thurmond (1888-1941). They lived in Halls, Lauderdale Co., TN. Eleven children, one of whom (a twin) died in infancy:
P2Biv. a. Rufus Fair Thurmond (1908-1973) m. Inez Virginia Reddie. Five children.
P2Biv. b. Bennett Ernest Thurmond (1910-1949) m. Nannie Crowder (1911-1950). Eight children.
P2Biv. c. Lorene Virginia Thurmond (1913-1994). Nothing further known.
P2Biv. d. George Thurmond (1914-1984) m. Irene Yarbro. Four children.
P2Biv. e. Ruth Delores Thurmond (1916-1991) m. James Ernest Ellis Jr.. Five children.
P2Biv. f. Mayona Thurmond (1918- ) m. William Francis Stanley (1916- ). Three children.
P2Biv. g. Marie Thurmond (1919-1995) m. Dallas Sikes. Three children.
P2Biv. h. Audrey Nell Thurmond (1923-1997) m. William Tellas Watson. Seven children.
P2Biv. i. Carroll Laster Thurmond (1925-1999) m. Rulmer Irene Jackson. Four children.
P2Biv. j. Ruby Jewell Thurmond (1929-1949) m. James Alvin Meacham. Three children.
P2Bv. Lena Shelton (1893-1943) m.(1) Harvey Willis. m(2) J. W. Stone. Three children from her first marriage:
P2Bv. a. Raymond Willis. Moved to Missouri. Nothing further known.
P2Bv. b. J. W. Willis. Moved to Missouri. Nothing further known.
P2Bv. c. Jack Willis. Career Navy man. Nothing further known.
P2C. Mary L. Lipscomb (1869-1939) m. 1888 James Weatherspoon (1864-??). He was a farmer in Hickman Co., KY. Two children:
P2Ci. Clarence Weatherspoon (1889-1967) m. Laura Dirck. He had no children.
P2Cii. Cecil L. Weatherspoon (1894-1963) m. 1920 Lera Harrison (1894-1975). They lived in Nicholas Co., KY. Two children:
P2Cii. a. Mary Norma Weatherspoon (1922-1972) m. (1) James Linville Pace; m(2) Andrew Eckdahl. One child.
P2Cii.b. Glenn Weatherspoon (1923-1981 ), m. Kay Brownlow. Three children.
P2D. Annie Lipscomb (1871-1951) m. 1896 Robert L. Jackson (1870-1964). He was a farmer in Hickman Co., KY. Four children, two of whom died in infancy.
P2Di. Carl Maynard Jackson (1901-1976) m. 1926 Dorothy Clark. One child:
P2Di. a. Virginia Corean Jackson (1925 - ) m. James Clifton Dabney. Two children.
P2Dii. Ruby Corean Jackson (1907-1981) m. 1933 Paul Nichols (d. 1980). Nothing further known.
P2E. Sarah Elizabeth Lipscomb (1872-1971) m. 1891 Elbert Johnson Evans (1870-1948). They lived in Hickman Co., KY. Five children:
P2Ei. Lucious Cleo Evans (son) (1892-1941) m. Gertrude Johnson. Two children, one of whom died in childhood:
P2Ei. a. Dorothy Evans m. R. N. Runnells Jr.. Nothing further known.
P2Eii. Grace Victoria Evans (1894->1984) m. James Herschel Bradley (d. 1925). Three children, one of whom died in childhood:
P2Eii. a. Charles Elbert Bradley (1913-1959) married twice, three children.
P2Eii. b. Marjorie Bradley (1917- ) m. A. W. Campbell. Three children.
P2Eiii. Minnie Bryan Evans (1896->1981) m. William Thomas Darnell (1890-1963). One child:
P2Eiii. a. William Evans Darnell married twice, three children.
P2Eiv. Nina Mae Evans (1900-?) m. Jack Harrison. Seven children, two of whom died young.
P2Eiv. a. Elizabeth Harrison. m. Gerald Lumnsden. Two children.
P2Eiv. b. J. T. Harrison m. Mary ____. Four children.
P2Eiv. c. Eddie Harrison. Died in an automobile accident. Nothing further known.
P2Eiv. d. Bill Harrison. Died in a hunting accident. Nothing further known.
P2Eiv. e. Ramona Harrison m. Homer Lambert. Three children.
P2Ev. Betty Irene Evans (1902- ) m.(1) Alphonso Brown. m(2) John Conrad Yensch. Three children:
P2Ev. a. Gene Alphonso Brown m. Joan ___. Three children.
P2Ev. b. Glenn Meredith Brown m. Jo Anne Moore. Three children.
P2Ev. c. Suzanne Yensch m. Dave Scott. Nothing further known.
P2F. Lubie Lipscomb (1882-1977) m. 1899 Tom A. Hoskins (1866-1959). They moved to Arkansas. Four children:
P2Fi. Mary Hoskins (1902-1991) m. 1951 Hugh Delashmit [d. 1978). They had no children.
P2Fii. James Harold Hoskins( 1905-1966) m. 1934 Jennie Lou Brown (1914-1998). Two children:
P2Fii. a. Doris King Hoskins m. Joe M. Wright. Two children.
P2Fii. b. James Harold Hoskins Jr. m. Penny Williamson. One child.
P2Fiii. Robert Hoskins (1913-1988) m. 1962 Opal Miller. They had no children.
P2Fiv. John Hoskins (1917- ) married twice, names of his wives not known. One child:
P2Fiii. a. Pamela Hoskins m. Paul Bauer. One child.
P2G. Thomas Luther Lipscomb (1884-1956) m. 1906 Maude Fitch (1888-1973). He was a developer of subdivisions and moved first to South Dakota, then to Vancouver, WA. Three children:
P2Gi. Clarence Louis Lipscomb (1907-1990) m. 1939 Minnie Violette Paulus. He worked for his father developing subdivisions in Washington state. Three children:
P2Gi. a. Beverly Ann Lipscomb m. James E. Rich. Three children.
P2Gi. b. Janet Louise Lipscomb m. Duane Parks. Three children.
P2Gi. c. Lynda Jean Lipscomb m. Jerry Olstad. Two children.
P2Gii. Charles Lipscomb (1913-1994) m. 1935 Isabel Jones. He worked for his father developing subdivisions in Washington state. Four children:
P2Gii. a. Connie Rae Lipscomb m. Donald D. Larson. Five children.
P2Gii. b. Calvin Dwayne Lipscomb m. Marilyn Rae Deland. Three children.
P2Gii. c. Gordon Leslie Lipscomb m. Donna Lee Travis. Two children.
P2Gii. d. Carol Dee Lipscomb m. Bern Bonifant. Four children.
P2Giii. Elizabeth Narcissa Lipscomb (1917- ) m. 1935 Russell Thomas (d. 1975). Three children:
P2Giii. a. Gerald Dean Thomas m. Rosanne Gilman. Two children.
P2Giii. b. Dale Eugene Thomas m. Virginia Sandland. Three children.
P2Giii. c. Terry Lee Thomas m. Cheryl Cook. Three children.

P3. George A. Lipscomb (1828-1909?) m. 1859 Mary Ann "Mollie" Clements )c1837-1908). Middle name was either Alfred or Ambrose. Farmer in Charlotte County, VA. Six children:

P3A. Amy E. Lipscomb (c1860->1931) m.(1) 1893 John Thomas Claybrook m.(2) 1904 Marion Francis Jackson. They moved from Halifax Co., VA, to Arkansas. One child from her first marriage:
P3Ai. Mary Elizabeth Claybrook (1894-1966) m. Joseph Spencer Jackson (1888-1966). One child:
P3Ai. a. Rose Bernice Jackson m. Othel Glen Woodward. Three children.
P3B. Claiborne O. Lipscomb (1863-1925) m. 1893 Annie Cordelia Cage (1871-1934). He was a farmer in Halifax Co., VA. Eight children, three of whom died in infancy:
P3Bi. Samuel Edward Lipscomb (1896-1972) m.(1) 1920 Anna Mitchel Lewis. m.(2) Carrie Mann. He farmed and worked in a lumber mill around Brookneal, VA. Three children from his first marriage:
P3Bi. a. James Maxwell Lipscomb m. Marie Foster. Two children.
P3Bi. b. Edward Mitchel Lipscomb (1924- ) married and divorced. Nothing further known.
P3Bi. c. Lewis Earl Lipscomb (1927- ). married with several children. Nothing further known.
P3Bii. Mary Holland Lipscomb (1898-1936) m. 1922 Richard Brian Martin (1895-1936). He was a farmer and lumber millworked in VA. Eight children, two of whom (twins) died at birth:
P3Bii. a. Annie Elma Martin m. Willard A. Smith. Two children.
P3Bii. b. Lee Henry Martin m. Marjorie A. Maddox. No children.
P3Bii. c. Connie Elizabeth Martin m. John W. Larks. Two children.
P3Bii. d. Thelma Brian Martin m. Claude E. Hudson. Two children.
P3Bii. e. Lillie Rachel Martin m. Billy E. Davis. One child.
P3Bii. f. Mary Estelle Martin m. Joseph N. Owen. Two children.
P3Biii. Virginia Estelle Lipscomb (1901-1989) m. 1919 Benjamin Lewis Dowdy (1902-1975). They lived around Brookneal, Campbeil Co., VA. Four children, one of whom died in childhood:
P3Biii. a. Arlina Myrtle Dowdy. She is not married.
P3Biii. b. Elinore Catherine Dowdy m. Willie Hugh Childress. Three children.
P3Biii. c. William Calvin Dowdy married twice. Four children.
P3Biv. Sallie Eva Lipscomb (1904-1925). She was not married.
P3Bv. Roosevelt Overton Lipscomb (1895-1993). He was not married.
P3C. George Alfred Lipscomb (1866-1937) m. 1894 Helen F. Duffy (b1894). He was a farmer in VA. Three children:
P3Ci. Percy Perry Lipscomb (1895-1942) m. Mary Jane Levisay. They had two children whose names are not know.
P3Cii. Carrie Lipscomb (1902-1937) m. Thomas Royster Cotrell (d. 1936). Four children:
P3Cii. a. Edward Cotrell. Nothing further known.
P3Cii. b. Hazel Cotrell. Nothing further known.
P3Cii. c. Ruth Cotrell. Nothing further known.
P3Cii. d. son, name not known. Nothing further known.
P3Ciii. Raymond A. Lipscomb (1914- ) m. ___ Walker. They have a daughter, name not known.
P3D. Mary Catherine Lipscomb (1866-1951)m. 1893 William Allen Claybrook (1859-1926). He was a farmer in Charlotte Co., VA. Four children, two of whom died in childhood.
P3Di. Mary Ellen Claybrook (1900- ) m. C. C. Holt. One child:
P3Di. a. Robert Allen Holt married. Nothing further known.
P3Dii. Willie Kate Claybrook (1903- ) m. 1934 Pleasant Edward Trent (1891-1982). They lived in Charlotte Co., VA. Three children:
P3Dii. a. David Trent married with four children.
P3Dii. b. Margaret Trent married Lewis A. Power Jr. Four children.
P3Dii. c. James Irvin Trent, married. Nothing further known.
P3E. Edward Dupree Lipscomb (1871-1941) m.(1) Florence Heart; m(2) Rosa Blanton; m(3) Carolyn Wills. He was sheriff and chief of police in Farmville, Prince Edward Co., VA. Two children from his first marriage:
P3Ei. James Lipscomb (b. 1900). Nothing further known.
P3Eii. Rebecca Lipscomb (b1902). She married and moved to Pulaski Co. VA and had a son, but her married name is not known.
P3F. Lula W. Lipscomb (1872-1941) m. 1893 John Birch Cage (1868-1936). He was a farmer in Halifax Co., VA. Eight children who survived infancy, and an least four who died as babies.
P3Fi. Clarence Dupree Cage (1894-1936). He was not married.
P3Fii. Coleman Birch Cage (1896-1979) m.(1) 1921 Carrie Belle Anderson (c1905-1982); m.(2) 1948 Nannie Willie Crews. One child from his first marriage:
P3Fii. a. Elizabeth Cage m. Roy Millner. Three children.
P3Fiii. George Joseph Cage (1898-1950) m. 1925 Grace Trimmer Anderson (1899-1988). Four children:
P3Fiii. a. Robert Lewis Cage. Nothing further known.
P3Fiii. b. Lucinda Elizabeth Cage. Nothing further known.
P3Fiii. c. John Merritt Cage. Nothing further known.
P3Fiii. d. Pauline Cage m. Jerry Glass. Four children.
P3Fiv. Edith Virginia Cage (1906-1987) m. 1926 Joseph Preston Dowdy (1907-1962). He was a farmer in Rustburg, VA. Six children:
P3Fiv. a. John Lewis Dowdy married with two children.
P3Fiv. b. Eliza F. Dowdy m. Charles E. Gibson. Two children.
P3Fiv. c. Joseph Preston Dowdy Jr. m. Fleecy Clay. Two children.
P3Fiv. d. Annie Adelle Dowdy m. Marvin Crews. Three children.
P3Fiv. e. Rachel Dowdy m. Edward Hamlett. Two children.
P3Fiv. f. Clarence Allen Dowdy m. Goldie Goodman. Two children.
P3Fv. Ruth Cage (1908- ) m. 1929 Dorsey Edgar Anderson (1907-1976). He was a farmer in Halifax Co., VA. Ten children:
P3Fv. a. Alene Anderson (1929-1981) m(1) Vivian Layne. m(2) Rolland Allred. One child from her first marriage and three from her second.
P3Fv. b. Edgar Vincent Anderson m. Adele Clay. Two children.
P3Fv. c. Mildred Louise Anderson m. Thomas Worsham. Two children.
P3Fv. d. Robert Lee Anderson. He was not married.
P3Fv. e. Edison Overton Anderson m. Nellie Akers. Two children.
P3Fv. f. Barbara Ann Anderson m. John Letterman. Five children.
P3Fv. g. Betty Lou Anderson m. Phillip Davis. Two children.
P3Fv. h. Ruby Mae Anderson m. Harlow Reynolds. One child.
P3Fv. i. Connie Jean Anderson married Stuart Pollard. At least one child.
P3Fv. j. Nancy Marion Anderson m. Roy Moorefield. At least two children.
P3Fvi. Herman Holland Cage (1910-1975) m. 1942 Homie (Guthrie) Coates. They had no children.
P3Fvii. Woodrow B. Cage (1914- ) m. 1942 Angeline Purslow. They had four children, one of whom died in childhood:
P3Fvii. a. Andrea Cage. Nothing further known.
P3Fvii. b. John Michael Cage. Nothing further known.
P3Fvii. c. son, name not known. Nothing further known.
P3Fviii. Samuel Edison Cage (1917-1966) m. 1942 Margaret Hall. Four children:
P3Fviii. a. Julia Cage m. Ted Roberts. Nothing further known.
P3Fviii. b. Peggy Cage m. Donald Adams. Nothing further known.
P3Fviii. c. Wanda Sue Cage m. ___ Conner. Nothing further known.
P3Fviii. d. Kenneth Lee Cage. Nothing further known.

P4. Catherine Frances Lipscomb (1830-1928/9) m.(1) Elisha E. Lipscomb (1823-1865), m. (2) George C. Ellis (c1817- ). Her first husband was a second cousin and died of typhoid as a POW in the Civil War. She and her second husband moved to Caldwell Co. TX. Five children, all but one died in childhood.

P4A. James Oscar Lipscomb (1849-1926) m. 1872 Sallie Jemima Hulme (1855-1949). He was called "Johnnie." They lived in Caldwell Co., TX where he owned a cotton gin and grocery store. Ten children:
P4Ai. Elisha Hulme Lipscomb (1874-1930) m.(1) Marry Simmons. m.(2) 1904 Georgia Magnolia Robuck. He was a tax collector and coal dealer in Caldwell Co., TX. Four children from his second marriage:
P4Ai. a. Juanita Travis Lipscomb (1905-1994) m. Jean D. Neal. One child.
P4Ai. b. Joe Bailey Lipscomb He was not married.
P4Ai. c. Dorothy Lipscomb (1911-1974) m. Aaron William McDougal. No children.
P4Ai. d. Kate Ellis Lipscomb (1912-1971) m. Joseph Bennett Coopwood (1907-1943). Two children.
P4Aii. Edward Singleton Lipscomb (1877-1898). He was not married.
P4Aiii. Alonzo Luce Lipscomb (1879-1939) m.(1) Elizabeth Leonard. m.(2) Virginia Tibbett. He had a grocery store and cold drink business in Lockhart, TX. Three children from his first marriage:
P4Aiii. a. Alonzo Leonard Lipscomb (1901-1990) m. Beulah May Williams (1907- ). Three children.
P4Aiii. b. Prentiss Lipscomb (1902-1977) m. Nina Peavy. No children.
P4Aiii. c. Katherine Lipscomb m.(1) Steve Daugherty, m.(2) Alfred Graham. One child from her first marriage and two from the second.
P4Aiv. Sallie Frances Lipscomb (1882-1961) m. 1902 Jacob Ernest Collier (1881-1957). He was a railroad mail clerk and worked out of San Antonio. TX. One child:
P4Aiv. a. Jack Ernest Collier (1916-1987) m. Margaret Christensen. One child.
P4Av. James Oscar Lipscomb (1884-1907) m. c1904 Naomi Clark (1884-1961). One child:
P4Av. a. Janet Lipscomb (1905-1996) m. Carl Burditt Alexander. No children.
P4Avi. Mary Alice Lipscomb (1886->1979) m. 1908 Arthur Erle Storey (1882-1961). He worked in many types of business but was a Pullman railroad porter for 25 years. One child:
P4Avi. a. Arthur Lipscomb Storey (1909-1998) m. Georgianna Bonner (1911-1988). Three children.
P4Avii. Lulu Kathryne Lipscomb (1889-1978) m. 1925 John Parom Monkhouse (1886-1943). He was a veteran of WW I and worked making display boxes. One child:
P4Avii. a. Katie Bea Monkhouse m. Vincent C. Bash. Four children.
P4Aviii. John William Lipscomb (1891-1986) m. 1919 Corinne Cardwell Storey (1896-1986). He was a veteran of WW I, WWII and Korea and worked in his father’s store between the two world wars. Three children:
P4Aviii. a. John William Lipscomb Jr. m. Claire Spencer. Three children.
P4Aviii. b. Jack Storey Lipscomb (1925-1945). Killed in World War II at Iwo Jima.
P4Aviii. c. Beulah Jean Lipscomb m. James William Hall. Three children.
P4Aix. Lillie Lee Lipscomb (1894-1980) m. 1917 Herman Eastland Jr. (1892-1953). He was a lawyer in Hillsboro, TX. Four children:
P4Aix. a. Herman Eastland III, m. Martha Martin. Three children.
P4Aix. b. Harold Eastland m. Emily Jane Dennis. Three children.
P4Aix. c. Mary Frances Eastland m. Richard A. Beavers. Four children.
P4Aix. d. Donald Eastland m. Mary Alice Hammond. Four children.
P4Ax. Branch Coleman Lipscomb (1896-1967) m.(1) Julia Wallace Rogers. m.(2) Pearl Whitney. He was a veteran of WW I and made a career in the Texas National Guard. Two children from his first marriage:
P4Ax. a. Branch Coleman Lipscomb Jr. m. Kitty West Burns. One child.
P4Ax. b. William Rogers Lipscomb m. Jo Lee Wheat. No children.

P5. Martha Ellen Lipscomb (1832->1910) m. 1853 Wyatt Thomas Crenshaw (1831->1910). He served in the Civil War and was a farmer in Charlotte Co. VA near Keysville. According to the 1900 census, they had six children, all six living in 1900, but so far seven children have been identified in earlier censuses, and five were known to be living and found in the 1900 census:

P5A. Henry Crenshaw, b. c1854, living 1880. Not found for sure after that.
P5B. Daniel Crenshaw, b. c1856/7, living 1880. Not found for sure after that.
P5C. Richard Ira Crenshaw (1858->1920) m. 1889 Fannie B. Cary (1860->1920). They were living in Prince Edward Co. VA in 1920 with four children:
P5Ci. Thomas Henry Crenshaw.m(1) Mary Hall who died <1920, m(2) 1920 Ethel Smith and had two children:
P5Ci a. Helen Dell Crenshaw (1921-1992) married Charles Beattie, four children
P5Ci b. Alice B. Crenshaw, not married
P5Cii. William H. Crenshaw (1893- ) m. c1918 Blanche ___. One child by 1920:
P5Cii. a. Evelyn B. Crenshaw. Nothing further known.
P5Ciii. Helen R. Crenshaw (1895-1991) m. Ludd Talmadge Fitz. No children.
P5Civ. Percy Lee Crenshaw (1899-1987). Nothing further known.
P5D. John Thomas Crenshaw (1859?-1938) m(1) Miss Rowlett?, m(2) c1901, Lula S. Lipscomb (c1872-1966). He was in the ice and coal business in Farmville, Prince Edward Co., VA. Three children, one from his first marriage and two from the second:
P5Di. James Guy Crenshaw (1896-1960) m c1920 Eleanor Greaner (1900-1968). They had four children.
P5Dii. Lillian Marie Crenshaw (1903-1942) m. 1932 John Ernest Hodge (1906-1975). One child.
P5Diii. Eric Reynolds Crenshaw (1905-1987) m. 1938 (living)
P5E. Martha Crenshaw (1862-1946) m. 1882 George F. Hailey (1856-1945). He was a farmer in Charlotte Co., VA. Three children:
P5Ei. Ira Frank Hailey (1884-1956) m. Lucy Dickerson (1884-1971). He was a farmer in Keysville, VA. Two children:
P5Ei. a. Robert Franklin Hailey (1909-1975) m. Lucy Lindsay (1909-1978). One child.
P5Ei. b. Zillah Hailey (1913-1976) m. John Shafer. No children.
P5Eii. Aubrey Allie Hailey (1890-1974) m. 1914 Estelle E. Wilkerson (1892-1954). He was a veteran of WW II and had a cafe/truck stop business in Keysville, VA. Two children:
P5Eii. a. Raymond A. Hailey (1915-1985) m. Anna Nash (1914-1984). Five children.
P5Eii. b. Irma Hailey (1919-1969) m. Talmadge R. Cox. One child.
P5Eiii. Pansy Kate Hailey (1893-1987) m.(1) Ross Rockwell. m.(2) Carl Land. Two children from her first marriage:
P5Eiii. a. Raeford Rockwell (1913-1978) married, two children.
P5Eiii. b. George James Rockwell (1914-1997) m. Ruth Carter. Three children.
P5F. Robert Edward Lee Crenshaw (1864 or 1865-1942) m. 1892 Wake Co. NC, Martha Jane Medlin (1871-1921). He went to college at North Carolina State University when it was a small agricultural college and moved to Beaufort Co. NC to farm. They lived for a while in Princess Anne Co., VA where Martha died, but he moved back to Washington, NC after her death. They had nine children, seven of whom survived into adulthood:
P5Fi. Martha Ellen Crenshaw (1893-1973) m. 1917 William Henry Sanford (1895-1944). They had six children, two of whom died as babies, others still living.
P5Fii. Ada Virginia Crenshaw (1894-1977) m(1) 1914 Coleman Brock Whealton, m(2) 1947 Edgar Clarence Jackson, m(3) 1973 John Emerson Thomas. She had six children from her first marriage, two of the children died young.
P5Fiii. Pencie Lipscomb Crenshaw (1900-1968) m(1) 1919 Claude Roscoe Bass, m(2) 1935 Joe Briley. Two children from her first marriage
P5Fiv. Robert Edward Lee Wright (1902-1979) m. Margaret Mozell Eaker (1908-1984) He changed his name to Edward Lee Wright. He had four children, one who died at age 10.
P5Fv. Jessie Fleming Crenshaw (1907-1966) m(1) Elden H. Allen, m(2) 1936 Frank Chester Larrabee Jr. (1907-1971). She had one child from her first marriage.
P5Fvi. Edwin Martin Brown Crenshaw (1909-<1909) m(1) 1929 Effie V. Hodges, m(2) 1932 Elsie Jackson. He was killed in an accident working on power lines in Polk Co., Florida. He had four children, all from his second marriage.
P5Fvii. George Pettus "Jimmy" Crenshaw (1913-1993) He was a sheet metal worker by trade and lived all over. He didn't like the name George so he changed it to Jimmy. He was married at least five times and had no children.
P5G. Cornelia Kate Crenshaw (1867-1927) m. 1889 John W. Towler (1864-1928). He was a farmer in Charlotte Co., VA. Six children:
P5Gi. Edgar P. Towler (1894->1954) married three times, one child from first marriage known:
P5Gi a. Minnie Ellen Towler (c1927- ) married
P5Gii. Thomas Jefferson Towler (1897-1972) m. Mary Brown (1904-1990) and had five children:
P5Gii a. Thomas Willard Towler
P5Gii b. John Edgar Towler
P5Gii c. Malcolm Brown Towler (1938-1995) married, two children
P5Gii d. Virginia R. Towler married with children
P5Gii e. Evelyn Towler married with children.
P5Giii. Ellen B. Towler (1898-1952) m. Mitchell Everett Church as his third wife, had no children.
P5Giv. John W. Towler (1901- ). Nothing further known.
P5Gv. Mattie Arlene Towler (1904-1979) m.James Wesley Berkley and lived in Charlotte Co., VA. Two children:
P5Gv a. daughter who married Henry Moss
P5Gv b. James R. Berkley. married with children.
P5Gvi. Mary C. Towler (c1906-??) possibly called Catherine. If so, she married ___ Edwards and lived in Richmond. Nothing further known.

P6. Branch Coleman Lipscomb (1840-1862) m. 1862 Margaret Augusta Sadler (1840-1923). He was killed in the Civil War and she remarried. Their only child died at the age of 14.

P7. Prudence G. H. Lipscomb (c1841->1910) m.(1) William R. Cary (c1840-c1890); m.(2) 1891, Charles H. Eudailey. She lived in Charlotte Co., VA. One child:

P7A. Russell Aubrey Cary (1872-??) m. c1892 Lula Foster. He was a farmer in Charlotte Co. VA but his children lived in Richmond and the name was always spelled Carey:
P7Ai. Willie Prudence Carey (1894-1968) m. Willie Lee Berkley. One child:
P7Ai a. Harold Carey Berkley married with children
P7Aii. Lena Flossie Carey (1896-1970/74) m. Thomas Allen Berkley. Three children:
P7Aii a. Arbutus Berkley (1918-1995) married Joseph Martin, four children
P7Aii b. Lena Berkley married
P7Aii c. Thomas Allen Berkley, Jr. (1923-1997) m. Dorothy Crews (d. <1997) Three children.
P7Aiii. Robert Bruce Carey (1899-1974) m. Alice Reid. Two children:
P7Aiii a. Dorothy Carey married
P7Aiii b. Ruth Carey married
P7Aiv. Musette A. Carey (1901-1999) m. Matthew W. Newby One child:
P7Aiv a. David R. Newby
P7Av. Daisy Irene Carey (1903-1997) m(1) Charles Monroe Berkley m(2) Marvin Wilburn. Two children from her first marriage:
P7Av a. Raymond G. Berkley (1920-1995) married with one child.
P7Av b. Ralph Berkley (1926-1991) No children.
P7Avi. Russell Aubrey Cary Jr. (1907-1970). He was not married.

P8. Edward Thomas Lipscomb (c1843-?) m. Sarah E. "Bettie" Harris (c1843-?). He served in the Civil War from Charlotte Co., VA, and moved to western KY. At least five children:

P8A. Lillian D. Lipscomb (1868-1947 ) m. 1890 William Alfanso Johns (1863-1953). They moved to Pecos Co., TX and had seven children:
P8Ai. Rudolph Harriss Johns (1891-1946) m. Norma ____ (1886-1966). Three daughters, possibly all living.
P8Aii. Urban Leo Johns (1894-1931) m. Effie ____ and lived in Colorado in 1930. No known children.
P8Aiii. Rachel B. Johns (b. about 1897). Nothing further known.
P8Aiv. Thomas W. Johns (1902-1996), a twin, m. Luella May Bowman (1912-2011). They had a son and two daughters.
P8Av. William Thomas Johns (1902-1960), a twin. Nothing further known.
P8Avi. Betty Johns (b. about 1905). Nothing further known.
P8Avii. Mangum Hargrove Johns (1909-1930). Not married.
P8B. Marion P. Lipscomb (abt 1870-1945) m. William Thomas York (1849-1930). They lived in New Madrid Co., Missouri and had five children:
P8Bi. Dola Lipscomb York (1900-1973) m. Rivers Virginia Hopper (1905-1988). Lived in Sikeston, MO, and had three children:
P8Bi a. Margie York. Nothing further known.
P8Bi b. David York (1929-1990). Nothing further known.
P8Bi c. Neva Nell York (1931-2012). Nothing further known.
P8Bii. Edith York (1905-1944). Nothing further known.
P8Biii. Commodore Roosevelt York (1906-1986), a twin, m. Margaret Wehnes. Nothing further known.
P8Biv. Theodore Roosevelt York (1906-1981). Nothing further known.
P8Bv. Willard York (born abt. 1908). Nothing further known.
P8C. Pattie F. Lipscomb (abt 1874-abt 1914 ) m. 1893 Thomas S. Mix (1871-1942). They moved to Armstrong Co., TX and had four children:
P8Ci. Annie Iona Mix (1894-1978) m. William Oliver Burton Sr. (1889-1974). They moved to California and had six children:
P8Ci a. Jessie Louise Burton (1910-1999) m. Orville B. Byfield and had three children.
P8Ci b. Frances LaFern Burton. Nothing further known.
P8Ci c. son, possibly living. Nothing further known.
P8Ci d. son, possibly living. Nothing further known.
P8Ci e. Donald Richard Burton (1930-1999). Nothing further know.
P8Ci f. son, possibly living. Nothing further known.
P8Cii. Herbert Teller Mix (1897-1973) m. Clara Elizabeth Webb (1907-1975). They lived in Texas and had two children:
P8Cii a. Jack Wayne Mix (1942-1995)
P8Cii b. daughter, possibly living
P8Ciii. William Simon Mix (1904-1985) m. Gladys Marie Huff (1911-1976). They moved to California and had four children, possibly all living.
P8Civ. Virgel Zillroy Mix (1907-1976) m. (1) Grace _____, m(2) Annie J. Ferguson. No children?
P8D. C. D. Lipscomb. (abt. 1875-1877).
P8E. John C. Lipscomb (born and died 1879)

P9. Joseph Deupree Lipscomb (1847-1886) m. 1867 India Virginia Ellis (1850-1926). He served in the Civil War from Charlotte Co., VA, and farmed there after the war. Eight children, the last one died at age 3.

P9A. Mabel Claire Lipscomb (1869-1929) m. 1890 Wylie C. Parrish. They lived in VA. One child:
P9Ai. Mildred Parrish m. David Wilson Walker. One child:
P9Ai. a. Dorothy Lee Walker m. Samuel Fields. Nothing further known.
P9B. Caroline Ellen Lipscomb (1871-1914) m. 1902 Ernest Hutcheson Miller (1875-1958). Four children:
P9Bi. Lillian March Miller (1904- ) m. 1931 Troy Hubert Womack (1901-1987). They lived in Asheville, NC. One child:
P9Bi. a. Franklin Ernest Womack m. Helen Lee. Nothing further known.
P9Bii. Joseph Alfred Miller (1907- ) m. 1929 Berenice Kathaleen Moss. They lives in Asheville, NC. One child:
P9Bii. a. James Alfred Miller. Nothing further known.
P9Biii. Ernest Homer Miller (1909- ) m. 1939 Elizabeth Louise Meininger. Three children:
P9Biii. a. Craig Lipscomb Miller. Nothing further known.
P9Biii. b. Randolph Roland Miller. Nothing further known.
P9Biii. c. Scott Downing Miller. Nothing further known.
P9Biv. Charles Waverly Miller (c1909 - ) m. Mary Lee Howell. They had no children.
P9C. Ethel Louise Lipscomb (1874-1936) m.(1) William E. Haskins. m.(2) Jacob Causler Price. She had no children.
P9D. Edwin Wilfred Lipscomb (1876-c1960) m. 1901 Elsa Mira Johns of Washington DC. They lived near Richmond, VA. He changed the spelling of his name to Lipscombe. Four children:
P9Di. Virginia May Lipscombe (1909->1960). She was not married.
P9Dii. Carrie Elsa Lipscombe (c1911- ) m. 1936 C. F. Powell. Two children:
P9Dii. a. Nancy Powell. Nothing further known.
P9Dii. b. William Powell. Nothing further known.
P9Diii. Ethel Louise Lipscombe (1913-1981) m. Linnwood Schaaf. Three children:
P9Diii. a. Linnwood Schaaf Jr.. Nothing further known.
P9Diii. b. Virginia Schaaf. Nothing further known.
P9Diii. c. Martha Schaaf. Nothing further known.
P9Div. Edwin Wilfred Lipscombe Jr. (1919- ) m. ??. Two children:
P9Div. a. Paul Lipscombe. Nothing further known.
P9Div. b. Joan Lipscombe. Nothing further known.
P9E. Frederick William Lipscomb (1879/80-1937) m. 1903 Ruth Ella Allen (c1882- ). One child:
P9Ei. Lillian Lipscomb
P9F. Jane Imogene Lipscomb (1881->1960) m. 1906 John H. Allen. One child:
P9Fi. Mary Allen m. Edmund Parks West Jr.. Two children:
P9Fi. a. Jane Ellis West m. Charles Adams. One child.
P9Fi. b. Edmund Parks West III. Nothing further known.
P9G. Joseph Ellis Lipscomb (1883-1968) m. 1913 Mary Archer Davis. He changed the spelling of his name to Lipscombe. Eight children:
P9Gi. Joseph Ellis Lipscombe Jr. (1914-1991) m. 1937 Bertha Mae Cropper. He worked for the telephone company in Richmond, VA. Two chidlren:
P9Gi. a. Betsey Ellis Lipscombe. Nothing further known.
P9Gi. b. Joseph Ellis Lipscombe III m. Linda Southworth. Nothing further known.
P9Gii. Ruby Anderson Lipscombe m. William Lee Bosher. One child:
P9Gii. a. Charlotte Hope Bosher. Nothing further known.
P9Giii. William Edwin Lipscombe (1918-1996) m. Virginia Mae Austin. Three children:
P9Giii. a. William Edwin Lipscombe Jr. m. Jan ___. Two children.
P9Giii. b. Elizabeth Ann Lipscombe m. George Powell. Two children.
P9Giii. c. Martha Lipscombe m. Keith Anderson. Two children.
P9Giv. Thomas Friend Lipscombe m. Betty Denny. He is a Christian minister. Three children:
P9Giv. a. Sally Ann Lipscombe. Nothing further known.
P9Giv. b. Nathan Thomas Lipscombe. Nothing further known.
P9Giv. c. Denney Dupree Lipscombe, Nothing further known.
P9Gv. Hugh Lipscombe m. Jane Player Lawford. Two children:
P9Gv. a. Susan Archer Lipscombe. Nothing further known.
P9Gv. b. Janet Carole Lipscombe. Nothing further known.
P9Gvi. Carroll M. Lipscombe m. Dorothy Fletcher. One child:
P9Gvi. a. Cynthia Lipscombe. Nothing further known.
P9Gvii. Mary Virginia Lipscombe. m. Thomas Russell McConchie. Three children:
P9Gvii. a. Julie McConchie. Nothing further known.
P9Gvii. b. Thomas Russell McConchie Jr.. Nothing further known.
P9Gvii. c. Elizabeth Ellis McConchie. Nothing further known.
P9Gviii. David Eugene Lipscombe m. Bernice Perrin. Two children:
P9Gviii. a. Malinda Paige Lipscombe. Nothing further known.
P9Gviii. b. David Eugene Lipscombe Jr. Nothing further known.