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Thomas Deupree (1786-1825) m. 1809 Charlotte Co. VA, Martha Hatchett (1790-1865), daughter of Abraham Hatchett and Mary Farley. They moved to KY (Nicholas and Bedford Co.) in 1810 and to Johnson Co. IN c.1822. Six children, but only five who survived into adulthood:
T1. Joseph William Deupree (1809-1879) m(1) 1833, Sally Ellen Nickel (1816-1834); m(2) 1837, Mary Jane McAlpin (1819-1894). They moved from Indiana to Davis Co., IA in 1849. One child from his first marriage and seven from his second marriage who survived infancy:
T1A. Martha Melissa Deupree (1834-1895) m. 1861 IN, John L. Webster. Supposedly lived in Clay Co. IN. One child:
T1A i. William Francis Webster (1863-1939) m.Alma Hardesty. Three children:
T1Ai a. Edwin Arthur Webster (1890-1918) married Mary Pell and had four children.
T1Ai b. Marcus Harold Webster (1895-1984) m. Effie Baker. One child
T1Ai b. Virgil Webster (1899-2000) married Janet Siegelin and had three children.
T1B. Joseph William Thomas Deupree (1841-1929) m(1) 1869 IA, Marietta Sloan (1846-1873); m(2) 1875 IA, Martha Ellen Wilson (1840-1912). They lived in Davis Co. IA; he died in Oklahoma City. One child from his first marriage and two from the second who survived infancy:
T1B i. William Clarence Deupree (1870-1965) m. Hallie Clayton. No children.
T1B ii. Clemmer Deupree (1881-1966) m. 1903 IA, Porter Heath Morgan (1880-1959). He was a lawyer in Oklahoma City OK from 1906 to 1959. Four children:
T1Bii a. Dick Deupree Morgan (1908-2001) married, four children.
T1Bii b. Martha Merle Morgan (1910- ) married, three children
T1Bii c. William Maxwell Morgan (1915- ) married, three children
T1Bii d. Porter Harlan Morgan (1917- ) married, four children.
T1B iii. Harlan Thomas Deupree (1884-1979) m(1) 1915 OK, Neva Susan May (1886-1953); m(2) 1956, Myrtle Brewer Allen (1888-1963). He was a lawyer in Oklahoma City. Two children from his first marriage:
T1Biii a. Neva Mae Deupree (1919- ) married, three children
T1Biii b. Harlan Thomas Deupree Jr. (1922- ) married, three children.
T1C. Eliza Catherine Deupree (1843-1926) m. 1866 James Frank Baldridge (b 1841). They lived in Kansas City, KS. Six children, but only two who survived childhood:
T1C i. Edwin M. Baldridge (1869-?) m. by 1910, prob. KS, Elizabeth ___. No children by 1920. Living in Kansas City KS.
T1C ii. Arthur Baldridge (1883-?) not married by 1910. Not found in 1920 census. In Kansas City KS, 1910.
T1D. David Madison Mathis Deupree (1845-1935) m. 1880 IA, Mary J. Blott. Moved to Lyons Co. KS. Two known children:
T1D i. Grace Deupree (1881-??). According to family, she did not marry.
T1D ii. Mary Ann Deupree (1886-??) m. 1916, KS, Samuel J. Phillips (b c1879). Nothing further known.
T1E. Margaret Jane Deupree (1846-1935) m. 1880 Aaron M. Colliver (1838-1900/1910). They moved from Kansas to Los Angeles CA by 1900. Three children:
T1E i. Mary D. Colliver (1881-1970). Did not marry.
T1E ii. Andrew D. Colliver (1882-1962) m. by 1910, Carrie Rockefeller (1880-1992). Living in Tulare Co. CA in 1920, but births of children suggest they moved around. Five children:
T1Eii a. Margaret Colliver (1910-1990) m. Richard Rue. No children.
T1Eii b. Richard Colliver, (1912- ) married twice, three children.
T1Eii c. Dorothy Colliver (1914- ) married, three children.
T1Eii d. Josephine Colliver (1917-1979) m. William Otto, three children
T1Eii e. Howard Colliver (1919- ) married, three children.
TiE iii. Carrie Colliver (1887-probably<1940). Not married.
T1F. Edwin Abraham Jameson Deupree (1848-1940) m 1877 MO, Martha Louise Webb (1858-1934). They lived in Dora, Ozark Co. MO where he had a general store and was postmaster from c1915-1940. Five children:
T1F i. Joseph Edwin Deupree (1878-1962) m 1903, Laura Belle Campbell. He moved to Oklahoma City, were he was a lawyer. Three children:
T1Fi a. Edwin A. Deupree (1904-1992) m Fay Davis. Lived in Oklahoma. Three children.
T1Fi b. Harry Linnell Deupree (1908-living 1990) m Dorothy Swan. Moved to New Mexico. Five children.
T1Fi c. Margaret Belle Deupree (1910-1968) m. John Thomas Acree. Three children.
T1F ii. William Ray Deupree (1880-1967) m 1909 Alta Sayers (1887-1971). He ran a general store in Dora, Ozark Co. MO. Two children:
T1Fii a. Elizabeth Ray Deupree (1912-1986) m. Robert J. Toler. Lived in California. Two children.
T1Fii b. Dick Monroe Deupree (1925-living 1980) m(1) Margie Woodard; m(2) Lorena Mae Nichols. One child
T1F iii. Mary Elizabeth Deupree (1882-1963) m 1906 Charles Melvin Durst. They lived in St. Louis, MO. One child:
T1Fiii a. Robert Leslie Deupree (1911-living 1980). m. ??, two children.
T1F iv. Webb Wesley Deupree (1890-1967) m 1919, Nina Lois Bushert (1887-1979). He farmed and was a postal worker, first in Ozark Co. MO and later in San Bernardino CA. Two children:
T1Fiv a. Mary Martha Deupree (1920- ) m. 1944 Robert H. Smith. They live in Oregon, no children.
T1Fiv b. Grace Virginia Deupree (1924-living 1980) m. James B. Scott. Two children
T1F v. David Burton Deupree (1894-1957) m 1923 OK, Anna Fay Salliday (1898-1975). He served in World War I, then farmed for more than 30 years in Ozark Co. MO before moving to Eureka CA. Four children:
T1Fv a. David Burton Deupree Jr. (1925-living 1992) m. Alice E. Cool. Five children
T1Fv b. Philip Webb Deupree (1928-living 1992) m Alice L. Warner. Living in Oregon. Three children.
T1Fv c. Martha Louise Deupree (1930-living 1980) m. Richard F. McDivitt. Lived in California. Four children.
T1Fv d. John Paul Deupree (1933-living 1992)m. Diane J. Hawkins. Living in Missouri. One child.
T1G. Robert Alexander Campbell Clark Deupree (1851-1926) m. c1879 Mary Eliza Sellers (1860-1938). They lived in various parts of Kansas, eventually settling in Wichita. Three children:
T1G i. George Ralph Deupree (1884-1955) m 1911, Mary Grobe (c1890-1966). He worked for American Railway Express in Wichita. One child:
T1Gi a. Francis R. Deupree (1912-1976) m. ? and had two children.
T1G ii. William Perry Deupree (1885-1939) m. Ida Chaney. No children.
T1F iii. Charles David Deupree (1894-1940) m 1928 KS, Eleanor Sarah Johnson (c1904-??). One child:
T1Giii a. Norma Gay Deupree. Nothing further known.
T1H. Stephen Barton Stone Deupree (1855-1891) m. 1884 Alice Jones. Lived in Barton Co. KS. No children.
T2. Abraham Craddock Deupree (1811-1876) m. 1832, Hannah B. Carter (1813-1905). They lived in Johnson Co. IN. She was a country doctor. Five children who survived into adulthood:
T2A. William Nathan Deupree (1833-1915) m(1) 1854 Huldah Ann Records; m(2) 1855 IN, Martha Ann Mathis (1840-1921). They lived in Shelby and Johnson Co. IN where he was school teacher. Eight children, six of whom survived childhood, all from his second marriage:
T2A i. Abraham Craddock Deupree (1856-1893) m 1882 IN, Nora Ross (b 1863, living 1910) He was a lawyer and moved to Oregon; she moved back to Indiana after he died. Three children, two of whom survived infancy:
T2Ai a. Louie Deupree (daughter) 1884-1976. Not married. School teacher in Chicago.
T2Ai b. Carl Ross Deupree (1890-1942). He served in World War I. He didn't have children.
T2A ii. Thomas Milton Deupree (1857-1932) m 1878 Laura Belle Pritchard (1860-1957). He was a harness maker and had a livery stable in Westport, Decatur Co. IN. Six of seven children survived infancy:
T2Aii a. Everett Llewellyn Deupree (1879/80-1927) m. 1904 Edith Wheeler. They had no children.
T2Aii b. Zula Maud Deupree (1882-1964) m. George Burk. Lived in Indiana. Five children.
T2Aii c. Jessie May Deupree (1885-1977) m Clarence M. Baker. Lived in Indiana. Four children.
T2Aii d. Clarence Cecil Deupree (1888-1984) m Stella E. Gaston. Four children, three died in infancy.
T2Aii e. William John Deupree (1891-1984) m Leona Pleak. Two children.
T2Aii f. Bessie Inez Deupree (1894-living 1979) m Chester L. Robinson. Seven children.
T2A iii. Daniel Estell Deupree (1859-1927) m 1884, Ollie May Smith (b 1867). He was a city planning engineer in Indianapolis. Four of six children survived infancy:
T2Aiii a. Herman Deupree (1888-1974) m. Jean Pickens. Lived in Indianapolis. Two children.
T2Aiii b. Grace Deupree (1892-1985) m. John Nackenhorst. Lived in Indianapolis. Two children.
T2Aiii c. Forest Deupree (1896-1981) m. Edna Thompson. Two children.
T2Aiii d. Roy Daniel Deupree (1901-1975) m. Jean Dodds. Lived in Texas. Two children.
T2A iv. Simeon Lafayette Perry Deupree (1860-1943) m c1883, Zula Stark (1866-1938). He lived in Indiana and in Florida for a while. Two children:
T2Aiv a. Edith M.Deupree (1884-c1957) m. Rev. Estil L. Taylor. One child.
T2Aiv b. William F. Deupree (1887-1916). Not married.
T2A v. Nancy Annadella Deupree (1867-1924) m 1884 John Russell. He was a farmer in Johnson Co. IN. Three children:
T2Av a. Belvadere Russell (1884-after 1945) married four times. No children.
T2Av b.Ethel Russell (1887-1973) m. James M. Stott. Lied in Indiana. One child.
T2Av c. John Alexander Russell (1888-1953) m. Elzora Adams. One child who survived past childhood.
T2A vi. Amanda Jane Deupree (1870-1937) m 1902 IN, Fielden Joseph Richardson (1874-after 1920). They moved to Lansing, Michigan. Two children:
T2Avi a. Joseph Francis Richardson (1901-1946). Moved to California. Nothing further known.
T2Avi b. Martha Ann Deupree Richardson (1906- ??) m. 1935 MI, William P. Hyslop. She was a lawyer and moved to San Francisco CA. Nothing further known.
T2B. Thomas Jefferson Deupree (1835-1908) m. 1860 IN, Mary L. Crump (1840-1929). They moved to Bartholomew Co. IN where he farmed and was a carpenter. Three children, two of whom survived into adulthood:
T2B i. Hannah Elizabeth Deupree (1863-1908). She was not married.
T2B ii. John White Deupree (1864-??) m. Fannie Vawter/Vaughter. One known child:
T2Bii a. Alva Will Deupree (1891-1960) m. twice and had one child.
T2C. Daniel Carter Deupree (1838-1924) m(1) 1863 IN, Susan Sanders (c1835-1866); m(2) 1867/8 IN, Anna Walker (1842-1926/7). He was a farmer in Shelby Co. IN. One child from his first marriage and seven out of eight from his second marriage survived infancy:
T2C i. William Edwin Deupree (1864-1933) m(1) 1889 Ada May Pruitt (1866-1922); m(2) 1925, Lydia Snepp, widow of Mr. Pruitt. He was a judge in Franklin Co., IN. Five children, three of whom survived to adulthood, all from his first marriage:
T2Ci a. Hazel Deupree (1890-1929). School teacher. Not married.
T2Ci b. Ralph I. Deupree (1899-1966) m. Justine Bronson. Three children.
T2Ci c. William Ert Deupree (1903-1957) m.(1) Althea van Namee; m(2) Vivian McClain. Two children from first marriage.
T2C ii. Hannah B. Deupree (1869-1954) m 1895 Charles F. Thomas (1867-1956). He was a farmer in Shelby Co. IN; she taught school prior to marriage. Four children:
T2Cii a. Estella Thomas (1896-1977) m Ralph Cochran. One child.
T2Cii b. Anna Catherine Thomas (1898-1961) m. Harry Cramer (d 1968). No children.
T2Cii c. Josephine Thomas (1903-after 1984) m. 1935 Paul Brown (d 1956). He was a car dealer in Bloomington IN; she graduated from U. Indiana and worked there. No children.
T2Cii d. Dorothy Thomas (1912- ) married, one child.
T2C iii. Ella Catherine Deupree (1870-1913) She was not married.
T2C iv. Jesse Abraham Deupree (1872-1949) m 1896 Carrie Parker (1876-1942). He was a farmer in Shelby Co. IN. One child:
T2Civ a. Mary Lucille Deupree (1899-1981) m. Marvin Kirby. Two children.
T2C v. John Flavius Deupree (1874-1956) m. 1901 Nellie Garvey (d 1951). He was a mail clerk in Indianapolis. One child:
T2Cv a. Harold Deupree (1902-1926). Not marred.
T2C vi. Araminta Amelia Deupree (1876-1955) m c1896 John Stainbrook (1873-1954). He was a farmer in Johnson Co., IN. Four children:
T2Cvi a. Lewis B. Stainbrook (1897-1970) m. Lucille Powell. Two children.
T2Cvi b. Harry Stainbrook (1900-before 1978) m(1) Helen Vandiver; m(2) Edith Paisley; m(3) Lillian St. Clair. One child from his second marriage.
T2Cvi c. Alta Stainbrook (1907-living 1978) m. Raymond Deer. One child.
T2Cvi d. Helen Stainbrook (1914-living 1987) m. Fred Owens. One child.
T2C vii. Orpha Ann Deupree (1878-1932) m 1910/1912 William A. Rogers (b 1888). Two children, both died in infancy.
viii. Elijah Carter Deupree (1880-1970) m. 1908/9 Mary Adams (1882-1979). They had no children.
T2D. John Edwin Deupree (1840-1896) m(1) 1865 IN, Mary A. Kennedy (c1842-1873); m(2) 1874 IN, Elsie J. Allen (1839-1924). He served in the Civil War. He was a farmer in Johnson Co., IN. Three children, all from his second marriage:
T2D i. Martha E. Deupree (1875-1968) m 1901 Geroge P. Hibbs (b. c1870). He was a farmer in Johnson Co. IN. Two children:
T2Di a. Harold Hibbs (1902-1968) m.(1) Mae Crandall; m(2) Ruby Graves. One child from first marriage.
T2Di b. Clara Hibbs (1905-1983) m. Glen Richardson. One child.
T2D ii. Alpha Allen Deupree (1878-1968) m 1903 Clinton Burgett (1880-1969). He was a farmer in Johnson Co. IN. Three children:
T2Dii a. Lela Burgett (1904-1981) m. Howard Heflin. Lived in Indiana. Three children.
T2Dii b. Ruth Burgett (1906-living 1981) m. Oris Richards. One child.
T2Dii c. James E. Burgett (1909-1971) m. Ione Robertson. Lived in Indiana. One child.
T2D iii. Avery Edwin Deupree (1881-1975) m 1908 Georgia Wright (1882-1978). He was a pharmacist in Bloomington IN. Two children:
T2Diii a. John Francis Deupree (1910-1951) m 1937 Marie Ivens. No children.
T2Diii b. Joseph Edwin Deupree (1914-1991) m. Virginia Barnard. Lived in Michigan. Three children.
T2E. Martha Elizabeth Deupree (1842-1910) m 1861 IN, Thomas Jefferson Durbin (1838-1916). He was a farmer in Johnson Co. IN. One child:
T2E i. Mary Susan Durbin (1862-1939) m 1883 Ira Washington Christian (1855-1922). He was a lawyer in Noblesville, IN. Two children:
T2Ei a. Paul Durbin Christian (1885-1959) m. Julia Booth. Five children.
T2Ei b. Haddee Christian (1891-1961) m. John Alfred Beals. Three children.
T3. Parthenia Powers Deupree (1815-1889) m. 1831, William Cutsinger (1813-1893).They lived in Shelby Co. IN. Thirteen children, eleven of whom survived into adulthood:
T3A. James Cutsinger (1835-1927) m. c1856 Mary Jane Moore (1836-1929). He was a farmer in Vigo Co. IN. Six children:
T3A i. William V. Cutsinger (1857-after 1920) m. 1880 IN, Rosa McDonald (1861-1903). They lived in Sullivan Co. IN. Three children:
T3Ai a. Charles Cutsinger (1881-??) m 1903 Bertha Lane (b 1884). Divorced 1906. One child.
T3Ai b. Herschel Cutsinger (1887-??. Nothing further known.
T3Ai c. Alma Cutsinger (1888-1962) She was not married.
T3A ii. Eliza Parthenia Cutsinger (1859-after 1920) m 1882 IN, William H. Bailey. He was a farmer in Vigo Co., IN. Two children:
T3Aii a. Silvie Bailey (1886-1926) m. Calvin Love and had one child.
T3Aii b. Lora Bailey (1891-1976). m. Wade H. Brown and had three children.
T3A iii. Ida Belle Cutsinger (1861-1893) m 1879 Albert Liston (1855-after 1910). He was a farmer in Vigo Co. IN. Eight children, of whom five lived to adulthood:
T3Aiii a. Ona Liston (1880-1956) m(1) Mr. Russell; m(2) Charles Cushman. One child from first marriage.
T3Aiii b. Hosia M. Liston (1883-1949) m Minnie Smock. Two children.
T3Aiii c. James R. Liston (1885-1954) m Mary Emma Samm. Nine children.
T3Aiii d. Ayrs Lester Liston (1886-1968) m. Phebe Welsh. Three children.
T3Aiii e. Irel Alvin Liston (1889-1967) m Edith Johnson. Two children.
T3A iv. Henry N. Cutsinger (1863-1919) m 1885 IN, Mary E. McGrannahan. He was a farmer in Vigo Co. IN. Two children, but one died in childhood. The one who survived:
T3Aiv a. Susie J. Cutsinger (1893-??) m. 1911 James Miller. Three children by the 1920 census
T3A v. George M. Cutsinger (1868-1929) m(1) 1891 Amanda Jeffers; m(2) 1901 IN, Sophia Hoopingarner (d 1934) Three children from first marriage and ten from the second marriage:
T3Av a. Velma Cutsinger (b 1892) m Herman Starkey. One child.
T3Av b. Blanche E. Cutsinger (1894-1921) m Cassius Miller. Three children.
T3Av c. Lewis M. Cutsinger (b 1898-??) m(2) Hazel Crabb. Two children.
T3Av d. Ralph Cutsinger (1902-1988). Married, two children
T3Av e. Roy Cutsinger (1904-1983). Married, four children
T3Av f. Uleda Cutsinger (b 1907). Not married
T3Av g. Mary Cutsinger (1908-1934) m. ___ Durham.
T3Av h. James Cutsinger (1910-1980) married, no children.
T3Av i. Levy Cutsinger (1912-1967) married Mary Ethel Walker. No children.
T3Av j. Jessie Cutsinger (1913-1978) m. Ray Thompson. One child.
T3Av k. Ervin Cutsinger (1916-1999) m. Irene Stewart. No children.
T3Av l. Dorothy Cutsinger (1920- ) married with three children.
T3Av m. Hazel Cutsinger (1921- ) married with three children.
T3A vi. James Monroe Cutsinger (1870-1899). Not married.
T3B. Martha P. Cutsinger (1837-1908) m. 1854 IN, James William Terman (1834-1910). He was a farmer in Johnson Co. IN. Eleven children who survived childhood:
T3B i. Jane Ann Terman (1855-1879/80) m. 1871 Jonathan Vaught (b 1850). He was a farmer in Johnson Co. IN. Three children:
T3Bi a. Claude/Claudius Vaught (1874-1957) m. Mary Barnes. Three children who survived infancy
T3Bi b. Walter Vaught (1877-??) m. Edith May Lancaster. One child.
T3Bi c. Pearl Mae Vaught (1879-1905) m. James T. Norton. Four children who survived infancy
T3B ii. Mary Elizabeth Terman (1857-1918) m. c1877 Nelson H. Rickey/Richie. Living in Johnson Co. IN in 1910. Two children who survived infancy.
iii. Martha Parthenia Terman (1859-1938) m. 1875 IN, James Jackson Alexander (b c1850). Living in Shelby Co. IN in 1910 census. Four children, two of whom survived into adulthood:
T3Bii a. Byron Alexander, (1893-1968) Five children.
T3Bii b. Joseph T. Alexander, (1897-1953) No children.
T3B iv. Emma Alice Terman (1861-1945) m. 1878 William McCartney (1853-1930). They lived in Johnson Co., IN. Four children who survived infancy:
T3Biv a. Harry McCartney (1880-1961) m. Charlotte Hiland; two children.
T3Biv b. Margaret McCartney (1884-1968) m. 1903 Otis Thurston (1879-1944). One child who died young.
T3Biv c. William James McCartney (1886-1935) m. c1907 Mary Tingle. He was a farmer in Indiana. Four children.
T3Biv d. Florence McCartney (1887-1970) m (1) 1909 IN, Benjamin McMullen, m(2) William R. Lough. No children.
T3B v. Flora E. Terman (1863-after 1910) m. 1893 David D. Coons.He was a farmer in Johnson Co., IN. Two children who survived infancy:
T3Bv a. Alvin B. Coons (b 1896). Married Edith McQueen. Nothing further known.
T3Bv b. Esther B. Coons (b 1898) m. Arthur B. Arnold. One child.
T3B vi. John W. Terman (1866-1960) m. 1894 IN, Annie M. West (1872-1960/62). He was a teacher and school superintendent in Johnson Co. IN. Two children who survived childhood:
T3Bvi a. Ethel Terman (b 1895). m. 1915, Robert Dale Perry. Four children
T3Bvi b. Lewis O. Terman (b 1897). m. Delmo Atkins. One child.
T3B vii. Joseph E. Terman (c1867-1964) m. 1887 Rose Springer (1869-1937). He was a farmer in Johnson Co. IN. Four children:
T3Bvii a. Harvey Terman (1888-after 1964) m. 1912 Myrtle May Threlkeld. Two children who survived infancy.
T3Bvii b. Ola Terman (1891-1932) m. 1912 Carl B. Williams. Two children.
T3Bvii c. William E. Terman (1895-1938) Not married.
T3Bvii d. Bessie Terman (1900-1962). m. Lloyd Raymond Musselman. No children.
T3B viii. Ida Terman (1872-??) m(1) 1903 Joseph W. Andrews; m(2) John Hendrickson; m(3) William S. Stevens. No children.
T3B ix. Lewis Madison Terman (1877-1956) m. 1899 Anna Belle Minton (1876-1956). He was a teacher, eventually at Stanford Univ. in CA, and the inventor of the IQ test in 1916. Two children:
T3Bix a. Frederick E. Terman (1900-1982) m 1928 Sibyl Walcutt. He was an engineering professor at Stanford University, CA. Three children.
T3Bix b. Helen Terman (1903-by 1979) m. 1925 Albert Mosher. Two children.
T3B x. Bertha Terman (1880-??) m. 1911 IN, Robert McAlpin. He was a doctor. One child who survived infancy:
T3Bx a. Annabelle McAlpin. m. 1942 John B. Spencer. Three children.
T3B xi. Jessie B. Terman (1883-1959) m. 1903 IN, James D. Roth (1881-1961). They lived in Johnson Co. IN. Three children:
T3Bxi a. Blanche Roth (1904-after 1979). m(1) Edgar W. Hauser; m(2) Wade Cockrum. Two children.
T3Bxi b. Lucille Roth (1905-??) m. M. A. Miller. No children.
T3Bxi c. Lillian Roth (1910-??). m. Malcolm H. Foster. Two children.
T3C. Joseph W. Cutsinger (1839-1932) m(1) c1866 Mary Elizabeth Sanders (d 1874); m(2) 1884 IN, Arabella Miller (1863-after 1920). He was a farmer in Shelby Co. IN. One child from his first marriage and two from his second marriage survived infancy:
T3C i. Emma Cutsinger (1867-1964) m(1) Adam W. Rinehard, d. 1892; m(2) Alfred Muck (b 1855). Alfred Muck was a farmer in Shelby Co. IN. Two children:
T3Ci a. Mary Margaret Muck (1900-after 1979) m. Louis Winn. Two children, one of whom died young.
T3Ci b. Florence Muck (1908-living 1991) m. Lowell Yelton. No children.
T3C ii. Clemer Cutsinger (1886-after 1978) m. c1920 Chester Pollitt. No children.
T3C iii. Joseph Stanley Cutsinger (1895-1975) m. after 1920, Margaret Hartung. One child:
T3Ciii a. Joe Allen Cutsinger, married twice, three children.
T3D. Jane Cutsinger (1841-1925) m. 1861 Louis Barlow (1838-1900/10). He farmed in Shelby and Lawrence Co. IN. Four children:
T3D i. Martha A. Barlow (1861-??) m. c1883, Elijah Kendall. Two children, twins, one of whom survived infancy:
T3Di a. Willard Kendall (1885-??) m.India Snepp. One child.
T3D ii. Sarah J. Barlow (1865-1890). She was not married.
T3D iii. Edwin L. Barlow (1867-1950) m c1895 Ida __. Possibly divorced. Two known children:
T3Diii a. Sylvia Barlow (b 1897) Nothing further known.
T3Diii b. John W. Barlow (b 1899) Nothing further known.
T3D iv. Mary L. Barlow (c1873-??) m. John Pritchard. Not found in the censuses. Family says they had two children:
T3Civ a. Lewis Pritchard. Nothing further known.
T3Div b. Arthur Pritchard. Nothing further known.
T3E. John B. Cutsinger (1843-1924) m(1) 1866 IN, Martha Willard; m(2) by 1876, Mollie Miller; m(3) Elizabeth ___. He was not located for sure after 1880 census. One child from first marriage and one from the second marriage survived childhood; at least one died infancy, perhaps more.
T3E i. Charles Cutsinger (1867-before 1920) m. 1888 Dora Jennie Head. They lived in Indianapolis. Three children:
T3Ei a. Eva Cutsinger (b 1888). Nothing further known.
T3Ei b. Bennie Cutsinger (b 1891). Nothing further known.
T3Ei c. Clarence Cutsinger (b 1895). Nothing further known.
T3E ii. Luella Cutsinger (c1876-??) m 1894 Ira C. Fisher, a doctor. They were not found in 1900 census of Indiana. Nothing further known.
T3F. Lewis Madison Cutsinger (1846-1913) m. 1870 Mary Jane Rinehart (1851-1917). He was a farmer in Shelby Co. IN. Two children:
T3F i. Amanda Cutsinger (1871-1947) m. c1891, Asha G. Smith (1871-1963). He was a farmer in Shelby Co. IN. Three children:
T3Fi a. Bertha Smith (b 1892) m. Charles Henderson. Nothing further known.
T3Fi b. Lora L. Smith (b 1894). m. Wilbur Coy. Nothing further known.
T3Fi c. Lewis Smith (b c1911), m. Athesia___. Nothing further known.
T3F ii. Erdie Cutsinger (1874-??) m. c1895, Armilda J. Babb (b 1874). He was a farmer in Shelby Co., IN. One child:
T3Fii a. Dwight Cutsinger (c1904-1970's) m. Naomi Brant. One child.
T3G. Edwin Perry Cutsinger (1848-1888) m c1878, Flora A. Barnett, widow of Mr. Tucker. They lived in Johnson Co. IN. Two of three children survived childhood:
T3G i. Margaret Cutsinger (1881-??) m. Dr. E. A. Way according to family notes. Nothing further known.
T3G ii. Alice Parthenia Cutsinger (1883-1923). Not married.
T3H. Abraham Cutsinger (1850-1911) m. 1873 IN, Christiana Rapp (1850-1938). He was a farmer in Shelby Co., IN. Four children:
T3H i. Lewis M. Cutsinger (1874-1944). Not married.
T3H ii. William Cutsinger (1878/9-after 1920) m 1902, Clara Touney. He was a farmer in Johnson Co. IN. Three children:
T3Hii a. Ralph E. Cutsinger (c1904-??) m. Veva ___. Nothing further known.
T3Hii b. Asenatha N. Cutsinger (c1907-??) m. Leslie F. Denny. Nothing further known.
T3Hii c. Gilbert D. Cutsinger (c1911-??). Nothing further known.
T3H iii. Roscoe Cutsinger (1884-??) m. 1910 Carrie M. Hill. Nothing further known.
T3H iv. Clara Mae Cutsinger (1890-1969) m after 1910, Ray Herbert Kendall (1884-1965). Two children:
T3Hiv a. Oscar Kendall, living 1979, Indiana. No children.
T3Hiv b. Hazel Kendall, m. Robert Devine. Nothing further known.
T3I. Mary E. Cutsinger (1854-??) m. 1875 John L. Goff. Not found in any subsequent census records. According to family records, one child:
T3I i. Ora Goff, m. Frank Smith. No records found. Nothing further known.
T3J. Emma/Emily Cutsinger (1856-1912) m. 1878 IN, John H. Landis. He was a farmer in Shelby Co. IN. Three children who survived infancy:
T3J i. Edmund Landis (1880-??). Nothing further known.
T3J ii. Susie Landis (1888-??) m. Grover Mohr. Four children:
T3Jii a. Richard Mohr (b 1911) Nothing further known.
T3Jii b. Evelyn Mohr (b 1912) Nothing further known.
T3Jii c. Delbert Mohr (b 1914). Married with at least one child.
T3Jii d. Leola Mohr (b 1915). Nothing further known.
T3J iii. Ida M. Landis (1893-??) m. Mr. Clark. Nothing further known.
T3K. Charles H. Cutsinger (1859-1931) m.1877/79 Laura E. Pritchard (1861-??). He was a farmer in Shelby Co. IN. Two children, only one who survived infancy:
T3K i. Sylvia I. Cutsinger (1879-??) m 1902 Israel Miller (b c1872). In Johnson Co. IN in 1920. Two children, twins:
T3Ki a. Ralph Miller (c 1906). Nothing further known.
T3Ki b. Roy Miller (c 1906). Nothing further known.
T4. Edwin Perry Deupree (1817-1883) m(1) 1840 IN, Rebecca Pruitt (1825-1847); m(2) 1848 MO, Eliza Jane Hutcheson (1827-1885). He moved from Indiana to Missouri, Iowa, and finallyEdwin Perry Deupree/Eliza Hutcheson Deupree Kansas (Mitchell Co.) He had three children from his first marriage and seven from the second marriage:
T4A. Martha Deupree (1841-after 1920) m c1863, Elijah Woodrum (1831-after 1920). They lived in Nebraska Territory, Iowa, and by 1900 had moved to Oregon. One known child:
T4A i. Carrie Woodrum (1866-after 1920) m. c1895 Denton D. Coffee. Portland OR in 1920. One child:
T4Ai a. Verne Coffee (1896- ). m. ___ Alvard, maybe m(2) Vincent Brockhouse. One child from first marriage.
T4B. Moses Thomas Deupree (1843-1926) m 1878 IA, Emma Moore (1845-1929). He was a farmer in Glenwood, Mills Co., Iowa, and served in the Civil War. Two children:
T4B i. Claude Jeremiah Deupree (1880-1936) m 1904 Mabel Miller (b 1881). He was a farmer in Mills Co. IA. No children.
T4B ii. Mary W. Deupree (1884-1963) m. 1911 Edd Marshall. One child died young.
T4C. William Abraham Deupree (1845-1898) m 1867 Lucretia Rorabeck (1844-1909). He served in the Civil War and was a farmer in Shelby Co. IA. Four of six children survived infancy:
T4C i. Rose Gertrude Deupree (1870-1966) m.1892 John Brandon (1867-1924), Lived in Shelby Co. Iowa. Eleven children:
T4Ci a. William Frederick Brandon (1893- ) Had children.
T4Ci b. Donaldson Brandon (1895-1981) Had children.
T4Ci c. Indabelle Brandon (1896- ) m. __ Purcell.
T4Ci d. Mabel Brandon (1897- ) m. __ MacKenzie. Denver CO. Two children.
T4Ci e. Dale Brandon (1899- ). Nothing further known.
T4Ci f. Russell Brandon (1900-1979). Missouri Valley, Iowa. Two children.
T4Ci g. Loretta Rose Brandon. Not married.
T4Ci h. Daisy Brandon, m. __ Johnson. Two children. Omaha NE.
T4Ci i. Mary Winifred Brandon
T4Ci j. Rhea Brandon. Not married. Omaha, NE.
T4Ci k. Gladys Brandon (1909- ) m. __ Robinson. Three children.
T4C ii. Archie Orrin Deupree (1875-1954) m.1912 Pearl Nellie Mattox. Woodbine, Iowa. Four children:
T4Cii a. William W. Deupree (1913-1980) m. 1939 Elsa C. Sindt (1909- ). Iowa. Two children.
T4Cii b. Lawrence L. Deupree (1914-1990) m.1939 Helen Roe (1915-1994). Iowa. Five children.
T4Cii c. Marvin Mattox Deupree (1917- ) m.1951 Katherine A. Beard (d. 1995). New Jersey. Two children.
T4Cii d. Harold Hubert Deupree (1919- ) m.1941 Margaret Royer (1921- ). Iowa. Three children.
T4C iii. Daisy Inez Deupree (1880-1930). She was not married.
T4C iv. Roy Edwin Deupree (1885-1981) m.1909 Dorothea Dohrmann (1888-1978). Lyons, NE. Four children:
T4Civ a. Alice Leona Deupree (1910- ) m.1937 Victor Scholls (1910-1987). Nebraska. Two children.
T4Civ b. Carl William Deupree (1913- ) m.1938 Melinda Hammond. Iowa. Four children.
T4Civ c. Merle Edwin Deupree (1916- ) m.1943 Darlene Smith (1925- ). Nebraska. Four children.
T4Civ d. Thelma Kathryn Deupree (1920-1975) m.1943 Myron Johnson (1918- ). California. Two children.
T4D. James Madison Deupree (1849-1935) m. 1871 IA, Josephine Troutman Nelson. They moved to Mitchell Co KA, then to Sheridan Co. KS and eventually to Colorado where he went into ranching. Five children:
T4D i. Arlando Maywood Deupree (1872-1895). Not married.
T4D ii. Elmer Burton Deupree (1875-c1960) m. Mary Ayer Miller(?). Moved to CA. Two children:
T4Dii a. Willis Virginia "Lysa" Deupree (1911- ) m(1) Dean Billups, m(2 or 3) Lee Travis. California. One child from first marriage.
T4Dii b. Robert Marshall Deupree (1912- ) m(1) Phyllis ____, m(2) Harriet Janetos. Doctor in California. Two children from first marriage.
T4D iii. Loyd Elroy Deupree (18771967) m. 1900 Amy Blanche Batchelder. Kiowa Co. CO. Five children:
T4Diii a. Loyd Elroy Deupree Jr. (1901-1949) m.1927 Faye Ferguson. Colorado. Two children.
T4Diii b. Victor Burton Deupree (1902-1986) m. Leila __. No children.
T4Diii c. J. W. Deupree (1905-1956) m.1936 Berniece Dluzniewski. Michigan. Three children.
T4Diii d. Bernice Josephine Deupree (1908- ) m. Williard C. Baker. Colorado. Two children.
T4Diii e. Frank Earl Deupree (1916-1988) married. Colorado. four children.
T4D iv. Edith Deupree (1880-1979) m.1898 Frank Hathaway Fay (1874-1960). Denver CO. Seven children:
T4Div a.Lorren Hathaway Fay (1903-1976) m.1921 Maragert Lorenz. Colorado. Two children.
T4Div b. Ila Irene Fay (1905- ) m. Lawrence Preisser (1905-1970). Denver CO. No children.
T4Div c. Ralph Deupree Fay (1907- ). married three times, one child.
T4Div d. Eula Fredora Fay (1909-1982) m.1927 Joe D. Mather (1905-1972). South Dakota. Three children.
T4Div e. Willard Madison Fay (1911- ) m.1929 Ruth Ritkowski (1907- ). Colorado. One child.
T4Div f. Frank Allyn Fay (1913- ) m(1)Mary Ann Crest, m(2) Anita___. Oregon. Two children from first marriage.
T4Div g. Lola Josephine Fay (1913- ) m.1933 Victor Roth. Two children.
T4D v. Nora Deupree (1885-1988). Not married. Taught school and was the family historian.
T4E. John Reresby Deupree (1851-1945) m. 1885 KS, Lillian M. Jolley (c1869-before 1900). They lived in Iowa and Kansas where he farmed. He moved to California to farm in 1927. Two children:
T4E i. Dollie J. Deupree (1886-1940) m. Arthur O. Elson (1882-1950). Moved to Merced, CA. Three children:
T4Ei a. Eunice Lucille Elson (1909-1963) m. Samuel A. Horn (1904-1975). One child.
T4Ei b. Barbara Ann Elson (1922- ) m.1943 Ralph E. Sahlstrom (1918- ). Four children.
T4Ei c. Winnifred Beatrice Elson m.1943 William C. French (d. 1988). California. Two children.
T4E ii. Perry Oscar Deupree (1888-1969) m. Hazel Gladys ___ (1890-1973). He was a fruit farmer in Ventura Co. CA. No children.
T4F. Alexander Campbell Deupree (1853-1939) m(1) 1877, Mary Ella Renwick; m(2) 1889, Rachel Augusta Easley, widow of Mr. Riley; m(3) div. and m(4) 1909 and 1917, Ida Nolton. He was a farmer in Harrison Co. IA. One child from his first marriage and one from his second marriage survived infancy:
T4F i. George Edwin Deupree (1880-1918) m.1904 Mary Fitzpatrick (1874-1916). Council Bluffs, Iowa. One child:
T4Fi a. Nora Marie Deupree (1912-1991). Career foreign service. Washington DC. Not married.
T4F ii. Ethel May Deupree (1892-1994) m.1910 Charles William McHenry (1889-1957). Iowa. Two children:
T4Fii a. Riley Deupree McHenry (1913- ) married with two children.
T4Fii b. Rachel Mary McHenry (1920- ) married twice, five children.
T4G. Joseph W. Deupree (1855-1898) Not married.
T4H. Mary Lucy Deupree (1856-c1922) m. 1884 George Betz (1846-1926). He was a farmer in Mitchell Co. KS. Eight children:
T4H i. Carl D. Betz (1884-1934) m.1910 Leta Belle Schurtz. One child:
T4Hi a. James George Betz. Slidell, Louisiana.
T4H ii. Inza Betz (b 1888) m. 1917 Ross Miller. Both living 1926, Edwards Co. KS. No children.
T4H iii. Ray Betz (b 1890). According to family, not married. Nothing further known.
T4H v. Neva Betz (1891-1980). Not married. Lived in New Jersey and PA as a social worker.
T4H v. George Betz (1894-1970) m. Beverley ___ (d. 1972). Three children:
T4Hv a. Beverley Betz (d. c1981) m. Paul Briley. Three children.
T4Hv b. Barbara Betz. Not married.
T4Hv c. George Betz Jr. m. Carol ____. Three children.
T4H vi. Mary Betz (1897-before 1980) m.1924 Ralph Reed. One child:
T4Hvi a. Ralph Ray Reed m. Ann ___. Two children.
T4H vii. Perry Betz (1898-before 1980) m. Mary Spurlock. Eight children:
T4Hvii a. Martha Betz, m. John Butel. Four children.
T4Hvii b. George Wesley Betz, married with two children.
T4Hvii c. Mary Lucy Betz, m. Leo Duroche. Four children.
T4Hvii d. Helen Betz, m. "Junior" Kampschroeder. Two children.
T4Hvii e. Inza Ann Betz, d. before 1980. Not married.
T4Hvii f. Katherine Betz, single in 1980
T4Hvii g. Perry Betz, single in 1980
T4Hvii h. Carl Ray Betz, d. before 1980. Not married
T4H viii. Hattie Betz (1901- ) m.1930 Harrell Guard. Asherville, KA. Three children:
T4Hviii a. Chalon George Guard, d. by 1980
T4Hviii b. Harrell Guard Jr. (1934- ) m. Elaine Linscott. Four children.
T4Hviii c. Mary Carolyn Guard m. Lawrence Lonsinger. Four children.
T4I. Edwin Lewis Deupree (1864-c1897) m 1887 Annora E. Nelson (1868-c1901). He died of appendicitis; after his death, she moved the children to California and then to Oregon. Five children:
T4I i. Ethel Mary Deupree (1888-c1970) m Mark Monze. Widowed early, she moved to New York city as a magazine editor. No children.
T4I ii. Edna M. Deupree (1889-1982) m c1907 Mr. Nelson who died a year later. She never remarried, moved to New York and worked as a magazine writer. No children.
T4I iii. Edwin Henry Deupree (1892-1986) m(1) Ada Edwina Harris, m(2) Augsuta Kaufman. One child from first marriage, and one child from second marriage:
T4Iiii a. Phyllis Elizabeth Deupree (1921- ) m. Edward L. Leech. California. No children.
T4Iiii b. John Edward Deupree (1945- ) m. 1970 Barbara L. Stewart. Three children.
T4I iv. Earl Desmond Deupree (1894-1936) m. Lulu Chapin Amick (1892-1950). One child:
T4Iiv a. Mary Lucille Deupree (1924- ) m. Cyril Vanderheiden. Four children.
T4I v. Lewis Elmer Deupree (1897-1981) m. Rhada Preston (1893-1974). San Francisco area. One child:
T4Iv a. Marilyn Deupree (c1930- ) m. Claude Felland. Five children.
T4J. Charles Jeremiah Deupree (1868-1956) m(1) 1885 IA, Minnie Richardson; m(2) 1896 IA, Maggie D. Killman. He was a farmer and carpenter, first in Harrison Co. Iowa and then in Antelope Co. NE. Two children from his first marriage and four from his second:
T4J i. Leota Pearl Deupree (1886- ). married with children.
T4J ii. Harvey William Deupree (1887-1976) m. ??. He lived in Washington state and had two children:
T4Jii a. Emma May Deupree m. Mr. Randolph. Nothing further known.
T4Jii b. Dorothy Deupree m. Frank Gee. Nothing further known.
T4J iii. Frances Clemmer Belle Deupree (1899-1920) m 1916 Clay Freninburg. One child:
T4Jiii a. Larenia Freninburg m. Ray Helser and moved to California. Two daughters.
T4J iv. Florence Cleoria Deupree (1900-c1986) m.1918 Melvin J. Carnes. Nine children.
T4J v. Chrystal S. Deupree (1907-living 1997) m. 1931 Raymond Cook (c1910-1962). They lived in Omaha. One child:
T4Jv a. Bryce Cook, b 1932, living TX 1997. m. 1955 Buffie Lewis. Two children.
T4J vi. Garnet M. Deupree (1910-1997) m(1) William Mitzner; m(2) Harry Smith. No children.
T5. Lewis Madison Deupree (1819-1864) m. 1842, IN, Mary Armstrong (1821-1905). He moved to Iowa before 1850. He served as an officer in the Civil War, contracted illness during his service, resigned and returned to Iowa where he died from the disease. Eleven children, but the names of the infants who died are not known:
T5A. John Thomas Deupree (1844-1929). Not married. Served in the Civil War and moved to southern California.
T5B. William Edwin Deupree (c1847-1895). Not married. Served in the Civil War from Iowa and moved to Colorado.
T5C. Lewis Madison Deupree II (1849-1915) m 1872 NE, Melinda Candace Woodrum (1854-1912). He was a farmer in Decatur Co. KS but was also a printer. Three children:
T5C i. Gilbert Roscoe Deupree (1873-1958) m.1902 Margaret Anna Wasson (1879-1976). Three children:
T5Ci a. Nettie Mae Deupree (1903- ) m.1925 Philip J. Sloan. Two children.
T5Ci b. Vera Elaine Deupree (1908-1942). Not married.
T5Ci c. Agnes Irene Deupree (1912-1986) m.c1932 Lloyd Thomas Dunn. One child.
T5C ii. Ellen Iona Deupree (1875- ) m.1900 George M. Higgins. Kansas. One child:
T5Cii a. Harlan Higgins (1904- ) married and had children.
T5C iii. Walter Corwin Deupree (1876-1959) m.1898 Minnie Jane Stevenson (1877-1956). Moved to California. Four children who reached maturity:
T5Ciii a. Neta Mae Deupree (1899- ) m.1920 Francis R. Stanley. Two children.
T5Ciii b. Mary Lucille Deupree (1904-1978) m.1922 Theodore Hopping (1899-1971). Three children.
T5Ciii c. Dean Corwin Deupree (1907-1963) m. Jessie L. White (1907- ) Texas. Three children.
T5Ciii d. Wayne Edwin Deupree (1910- ) m.1930 Lucille George (1913- ). One child.
T5D. Ambrose A. Deupree (1851-1903). Not married. Moved first to Colorado, then, by 1900, to Washington state.
T5E. Joseph Walter Deupree (1853-1927) m Jeannette Coleman. No children.
T5F. James Ellis Deupree (1855-1930/1938) m 1894 WA, Lottie Belle Womeldorf, widow of Albert Workman (1863-1930). He was a miner, first in Colorado and later in Washington, where he eventually went into farming. Four children, two of whom survived infancy:
T5F i. George Lewis Deupree (1896-1980) m.1920 Mabel Edna Utley. Washington state. One child:
T5Fi a. Lavon Joy Deupree (1927- ) m.1943 John C. Read. Two children.
T5F ii. Ivan Malcolm Deupree (1898-1975) m(1) Mildred Stahl, m(2) Genevieve Barnett. Washington state. Two children from his first marriage:
T5Fii a. Maxine Deupree, m. Ted Allenbaugh. Possibly one child.
T5Fii b. Beva Deupree, southern California. Married with children.
T5G. Parthenia Anna Deupree (1859-1888/1927) m 1888 IA Bernard A. Gaiser (1861-1939). She probably died shortly after the birth of their daughter:
T5G i. Anna Gaiser, m. by 1927 Mr. Goellet. Nothing further known.
T5H. Mary Emma Deupree (1861-1944) m. 1882 IA, Henry Beck Myers (1859-1906). He was a confectioner in Washington in 1900 but moved to southern California shortly afterwards. She lived in Coachella, Riverside Co. CA. Seven children:
T5H i. Myrtle W. Myers (1883-??) m. Charles Jones. No children.
T5H ii. Pierre Ellis Myers (1887-1945). married (??). California. Two children:
T5Hii a. Pierre Ellis Myer Jr., d. by 1981. Nothing further known.
T5Hii b. Ernest Myers, living 1981. Nothing further known.
T5H iii. Inez Blanche Myers (1889-1952) m. Lawrence Howard Paul. Lived around Indio, CA. Eight children:
T5Hiii a. William Lawrence Paul (1911- ) m(1) Jean Howell, m(2) Marjery Neel. One child from first marriage.
T5Hiii b. Kenneth V. Paul (1912-1967) m.1934 Virginia O'Connell (1911- ). California. Three children.
T5Hiii c. Laraine E. Paul (c1914-1966) m(1) Roy Conner, m(2) Joe Schneider. Six children.
T5Hiii d. Richard M. Paul (c1917-1970) married four times. Two children from secondmarriage.
T5Hiii e. Henry Paul (1920- ) m. Shirley ___. Three children.
T5Hiii f. Helen Bernice Paul (1922- ) m.1941 Joseph Berta. Three children.
T5Hiii g. Leland Clifford Paul (1926- ) m(1) Peggy Hamilton, m(2) Nancy Rasmussen. Three children from first marriage.
T5Hiii h. John Howard Paul (1928- ) m.Alma Jones. One child.
T5H iv. Henry Deupree Myers (1891-1947) m(1) Leila E. Prince, m(2) Lillian Wheat. Two children:
T5Hiv a. Emma Levine Myers (1916- ) married Duke Lee. Three children.
T5Hiv b. Lelia Mae Myers (1927- ) m.1946 Richard C. Read. Four children.
T5H v. Beula Ione Myers (1893-1976) m.1916 Arthur Howell Keough (1893-1935). One child:
T5Hv a. Bonnie Jeanne Keough (1923- )
T5H vi. Cora Harriet Myers (1895-1981) m.1912 Walter H. Roberts. California. Three children:
T5Hvi a. Donna Mae Roberts (1912- ) m(1) Paul Sparks, d. 1942; m(2) Robert W. Roderick. No children
T5Hvi b. Glenn Myers Roberts (1915-1981) m(1) Helen Freeberg. m(2) Ruth ----. No children.
T5Hvi c. Herbert Walter Roberts (1917- ) m. Dorothy Spencer. Two children.
T5H vii. Vera A. Myers (1899-??) m. Mr. Franklin and had no children.