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William Deupree Jr.

William Deupree Jr. (1790-1842) lived in Caswell Co. NC, although both of his marriages took place in Virginia. He m(1) in 1813 Letty Portwood, who died in 1836. He m(2) 1838 Elizabeth Moore, who was still living in 1860 in Pittsylvania Co. VA. He had six children from his first marriage and two from his second marriage.

W1. Mary Jane Deupree (1816-1850/60) m. 1835 Allen Willingham. Halifax Co. VA. Five children:
W1A. Jeremiah W. Willingham (c1836-1857?) No marriage record found. Bible records death in 1857 of William J. Willingham. Same person? Nothing further known.
W1B. Susan Anne Frances Willingham (1839-1924) m. 1860 Samuel Richard Edmondson (1827-1908). South Boston, Halifax Co. VA. Two children:
W1B i. Richard Allan Edmondson (1869-1939) m (1895) Sallie A. Ballow (1869-1948). Halifax Co. VA. Five children who reached maturity:
W1Bi a. Louise V. Edmondson (1897- ) m. 1915 Henry H. Harris (c1888- ). Petersburg VA. Two children.
W1Bi b. Richard E. Edmondson (1901-1964). Not married.
W1Bi c. Samuel W. Edmondson (1905-1939) m. Catherine Mahoney. No children.
W1Bi d. Katherine Edmondson (1908- ). m Henry Hopper. No children.
W1Bi e. Sallie K. Edmondson (1910-1982) m. Lewis Palmer Tulloh. Two children.
W1B ii. Elmer Willingham Edmondson (1871-1931) m. 1913 Elizabeth G. Nash (1889-1974). Halifax Co. VA. Two children:
W1Bii a. Elmer W. Edmondson Jr. (1915-1976) m. 1936 Pauline E. Crews (1919-1980) One child.
W1Bii b. Edgar A. Edmondson (1917-c1982) m. 1942 Dorothy Kiser (1917- ). Four children.
W1C. Andrew Broaddus Willingham (1841-1906) m. 1866 Mildred A.Pollard (1846-1932). Halifax Co. VA. Six children who survived infancy:
W1C i. Mary Elizabeth Willingham (1869-1949) m. 1888 William Alson Gray (1860-1948). Halifax Co. VA. Three children who survived infancy:
W1Ci a. William A. Gray Jr. (1889-1918) Killed in World War I. Not married.
W1Ci b. Cecil Robbins Gray (1890-1944) m. Marian N. Barksdale. Halifax Co. VA. Two children.
W1Ci c. Donnan Evans Gray (1893-1955) m. Kathryn Louise Judd (1909- ). Durham NC. Four children.
W1C ii. Andrew B. Willingham Jr. (1870-1913) m. 1910 Helene Battle (1880-1963). New York State and Richmond VA. One child:
W1Cii a. Helen Battle Willingham (1913- ) m. 1946 Alexander F. Thompson (c1913-1992). North Caroline. He was a doctor. Two children.
W1C iii. William Allen Willingham (1872-1945) m(1) Kate May (d. 1903), m(2) Florence Mansell (d. 1937), m(3) Lila Williams, a widow (d. c1965). One child from first marriage:
W1Ciii a. William A. Willingham Jr. (1903- ). Not married.
W1C iv. Sue Patricia Willingham (1878-1965). Not married.
W1C v. Mildred A. Willingham (1880-1904). Not married.
W1C vi. Edward Wiltse Willingham (1882-1951) m. Mamie Easley. No children.
W1D. Mary A. Willingham (1844- ) m. 1868 John Samuel Price (1845- ). Halifax Co. VA. He was sheriff at one point. Five children:
W1D i. John A.Price (1872- ) m. 1906 Carrie Holt. Nothing further known.
W1D ii. Mary E. Price (1874- ) Nothing further known.
W1D iii. Sue Price (1877- ) Nothing further known.
W1D iv. Louise Rogers Price (1880- ) m. 1925 Horatio M. Acuff. Probably no children. Nothing further known.
W1D v. Pearl B. Price (1883- ) Nothing further known.
W1E. Ella Willingham (1849-1929) m. 1869 Andrew Henry Moon (1849-1920/21). Halifax Co. VA. Eight children:
W1E i. William L. Moon (1870-1950) m. 1901 Wellie Roberts (1871-1912). One child:
W1Ei a. Alice Moon. Nothing further known.
W1E ii. Jemima Price Moon (1875-1966) m. Henry N. Poindexter (d 1949). One child:
W1Eii a. Ella Poindexter. Not married.
W1E iii. Andrew Broaddus Moon (1877-1955) m. 1908 Lula R. Glascock (1885-1992). Four children:
W1Eiii a. Margaret Rainer Moon (1909-1986) m(1) 1932 Thomas B. Traynham (1909-1967), m(2) 1970 R. D. Williams (1908- ). One child from first marriage.
W1Eiii b. Dorothy Willingham Moon (1912- ) m. Frank M. Holdren (1908- ). One child.
W1Eiii c. Eleanor Caroline Moon (1918- ) m. 1942 Charles E. Hundley (1916-1970). Two children.
W1Eiii d. Andrew Broaddus Moon Jr. (1923- ) m. 1947 Marcheta Cunningham (1926- ). Two children.
W1E iv. Thomas M. Moon (1880-1962) m. Sallie Lester (1897-1962). No children.
W1E v. Minnie Livingston Moon (1885-1951) m. 1905 James Addison Glascock, brother of her brother Andrew’s wife Lula. Richmond VA. Three children:
W1Ev a. Ruth Livingston Glascock (1907-1973) m. Travis Jackson Branch (1928-1979). Three children.
W1Ev b. Mildred Overby Glascock (1909-1989). Not married.
W1Ev c. James A. Glascock Jr. (1918- ) m. 1944 Adelaide Williams Boze. One child.
W1E vi. Frances Allen Moon (1887-1968) m. William Harry Via. No children.
W1E vii. Henry Iva Moon (1888-1964) m. Minnie Waverley Landis (1894-1981). Five children:
W1Evii a. Gordon Thomas Moon (1917- ) m. 1944 Elizabeth Holloway. One child.
W1Evii b. Mary Ellis Moon (1921- ) m. 1944 Robert A. Lloyd. Three children.
W1Evii c. Henry Allen Moon (1923-1949). Not married.
W1Evii d. Waverly Moon (1925-1964) m. Blanche Kirby. Two children.
W1Evii e. Lois Moon (1926-1985) m(1) __ Dickinson, m(2) Beverly Dalton. Two children from the first marriage.
W1E viii. Nannie Althea Moon (1890-1975) m. 1918 William Norman Dunston (1872-1939). Richmond, VA. One child:
W1Eviii a. William N. Dunston Jr. (1919- ) m. 1948 Dorothy Neff (1926- ). No children.
W2. Susan T. Deupree (1819-1853/55) m. 1837 James Henry Jennett (c1817-1853). They moved to Franklin Co. MO where they both died. Five children, four of whom survived infancy:
W2A. James Lafayette Jennett (1838-1933) m 1866 Harriett Patton (1843-1933). He served in the Civil War and moved to western Missouri. Five children, four of whom survived infancy:
W2A i. Susan Nellie Jennett (1867-1904) m. Manny Thomason. No surviving children.
W2A ii. Edna M. Jennett (1868-1965) m. 1893 Edward T. Barnes (1871-1975). Clay Co. MO. Two children:
W2Aii a. Harry Carlisle Barnes (1895-1957) m. 1919 Margaret M. Bower (1898- ) Clay and Jackson Co. MO. Six children.
W2Aii b. James Richard Barnes (1898-1982) m. 1926 Ruth F. O’Dell (1903-1980). One child.
W2A iii. Harry Nelson Jennett (1869-1962) m. 1899 Sadie Belle Doyle (1873- ). Kansas City MO doctor. Four children:
W2Aiii a. James Harvey Jennett (1900- ) m. 1932 Alberta Mae Kirk. Doctor in Kansas City MO. Two children.
W2Aiii b. Nelson Tiffany Jennett (1902-1928) m. 1927 Mary Cordelia Burns. One child.
W2Aiii c. Joseph Robert Jennett (1906-1995) m. 1941 Helyn Hudleson (d. 1995). Two children.
W2Aiii d. Mary Virginia Jennett (1908- ) m. 1935 Ross Knickerbocker (1910-1989). Colorado. Two children.
W2A iv. Lula Virginia Jennett (1875-1941) m. Thomas H. Henderson. No children.
W2B. Elizabeth C. Jennett (1841-1866/67) m. 1866 Thomas L. Traynham. Very unlikely that they had children. None ever found.
W2C. Martha J. Jennett (1844-1900/10) m. 1874 William C. Singleton. They moved to Arkansas. Four children:
W2C i. Edward O. Singleton (c1875- ) Nothing further known.
W2C ii. John J. Singleton (c1877- ) Nothing further known.
W2C iii. Mary L. Singleton (1878- ) m. Robert H. Gilstrup (c1876- ). Arkansas. Three children:
W2Ciii a. Fannie E. Gilstrup (1897- ) Nothing further known.
W2Ciii b. Robert E. Gilstrup (1903- ) Nothing further known.
W2Ciii c. Mary Lucille Gilstrup (1908- ) Nothing further known.
W2Ciii d. Archibald B. Singleton (1882- ) m. Myrtle E. ___ (c1888). By 1920 census, seven children (Fulton Co. AR).
W2D. John W. Jennett (1847-after 1920) m(1) 1876 Laura W. Pitts in MO, m(2) before 1888, probably TX, Janeta(?) R. ___ (1850- ). One child, probably from second marriage:
W2D i. Norma Jennett (1888- ) Single 1920. Nothing further known.

W3. Thomas L. Deupree (1821-c1866), m. 1849 Anne L. McCargo. He moved to Texas Co. MO and died there. His widow was not found in later censuses, and no children have been found.

W4. Pamelia F. Deupree (1824-1883) m 1839 John Gwynn (1799-1894). Caswell Co. NC. Eight children, two of whom died young:
W4A. Zipporah J. Gwynn (1844-1895) m. 1861 Philemon H. Neal (1822-1882). Rockingham Co. NC. Six children, four of whom survived infancy:
W4A i. John Louis Neal (1863-1942) m. 1889 Virginia Moore Jennett. Six children:
W4Ai a. Mary Gwynn Neal (1891-after 1965). Not married.
W4Ai b. John Jennett Neal (1893-after 1963) m. 1924 Lillie Voss. He was a doctor. Two children, both doctors.
W4Ai c. Susan Moore Neal (1894-after 1965). Not married.
W4Ai d. Philemon Hawkins Neal (1896-1941) m 1930 Virginia E. Thornton (1899- ). Two children.
W4Ai e. William Mills Neal (1900-1958) m(1) Flora T. Brown, m(2) Donie D. Debardeleben. One child from his first marriage and three from his second.
W4Ai f. Zipporah Virginia Neal (1905-after 1965). Not married.
W4A ii. Mary Elizabeth Neal (1867-1953) m. 1904 Fred D. Hale (1855-1918). He was a Baptist minister in N.C. Two children who survived infancy:
W4Aii a. Elizabeth Neal Hale (c1907- ). Missionary. Not married.
W4Aii b. Ruth Sevier Hale m. R. Harold Bailey. Halifax Co. VA. Three children.
W4A iii. Zachariah H. Neal (1871-1952) Not married.
W4A iv. Philemon Houston Neal (1873-1934) Not married.
W4B. Mary Susan Gwynn (1847-1903) m. c1887 Thomas L. Lambeth, widower of her sister Bettie (W4F below). One child:
W4B i. Loftin Littleton Lambeth. Local philanthropist in Caswell Co. NC. Not married.
W4C. Virginia R. Gwynn (c1852-before 1895) m 1889 James M. Gatewood (1850- ). One child:
W4C i. Lelia Gatewood, m. Richard “Buster” Gunn. Both buried in Caswell Co. NC. Nothing further known.
W4D. Littleton Ayers Gwynn (1853-1936) m. 1883 Martha Ann Blackwell (1855-1941). Caswell Co. NC. Six children:
W4D i. John Onza Gwynn (1884- ) Married, lived in Danville VA. No children.
W4D ii. Bessie Gwynn (1888- ) m. John A Covington (c1887- ). Two children:
W4Dii a. Anne Covington m. ___ Fulghum. Nothing further known.
W4Dii b. John Covington. Nothing further known.
W4D iii. Littleton Ayers Gwynn Jr. (1891-1906)
W4D iv. Permelia Gwynn (1893- ) Single in 1936. Nothing further known.
W4D v. Lafayette Houston Gwynn (1896-1963) m. 1923 Helen T. Florance (1898-1977). Caswell Co. NC doctor. Two children, one of whom died in infancy:
W4Dv a. Thomas Lea Gwynn (1928- ). Also a doctor. Nothing further known.
W4D vi. Joseph Daniel Gwynn (1901-1985) m. Ruby Warff (1904- ). Caswell Co. NC. Four children:
W4Dvi a. Joseph Daniel Gwynn Jr. (c1928- ) m. 1953 June Poteat. One child.
W4Dvi b. George Richard Gwynn m. Peggy Sykes. Three children.
W4Dvi c. William Houston Gwynn m. Jean Foster. Four children.
W4Dvi d. Ruby Marie Gwynn.
W4E. Ella Cordelia Gwynn (1859-1951) m. 1892 William Rufus Stamps (1855-1925). Caswell Co. NC. Four children:
W4E i. John Gwynn Stamps (1893-c1995) m. Mae Hill Pierce. Nothing further known.
W4E ii. Permelia Frances Stamps (1896-1981). Not married.
W4E iii. William Rufus Stamps (1898-1984) m. 1933 Myrtle Hammack. Five children:
W4Eiii a. Jo Ella Stamps m. Roy Butner. New York. Two children.
W4Eiii b. William David Stamps m. Beverly Johnson. One child.
W4Eiii c. Littleton Stamps (1946-1996). Not married.
W4Eiii d. Mary Ann Stamps m. Jerry Huskey.
W4Eiii e. Rufus Lea Stamps m. Janice C. White. No children.
W4F. Elizabeth F. Gwynn (c1862-c1886) m. 1885 Thomas L. Lambeth (1855-1922). No children. He married her sister after she died.

W5. Joseph William Deupree (1827-1862). Killed in the Civil War. Not married.

W6. Benjamin Franklin Deupree (1829-late 1860’s) m. 1862 Louisiana L. Brown (b. c1841, GA) in Alabama. He moved to Macon Co. AL and served in the Civil War. His wife/widow was found in the 1870 census of Birmingham AL with two children; they used the spelling Dupree.
W6A. Estelle Dupree, b. c1863, AL. Nothing further known.
W6B. Douglas Dupree, b. c1866. Nothing further known.
W7. Robert Hall Dupree (1839-1880/96) m. 1862 Cornelia E. Conway (d. after 1906) He always appears in the records as Dupree. Halifax and Pittsylvania Co. VA. Five known children:
W7A. Eudora (Dora) Dupree (1864-1952) m. 1884 Charles L. Dodson (1859-1943). Pittsylvania Co. VA. Five children:
W7A i. James Byron Dodson (1885-1972) buried in Danville VA. Nothing further known.
W7A ii. Lucy Myrtle Dodson (1887- ). Nothing further known.
W7A iii. Essie L. Dodson (1889-1972) m. by 1920 William E. Jennings (1886-1941), a doctor in Danville VA. Nothing further known.
W7A iv. Curtis Harvie Dodson (1893-1986) m(1) Louise Davis, m(2) Mary Conway who survived him. At least one child:
W7Aiv a. Ellen Dodson m. Mr. Brightman. Florida. Nothing further known.
W7B. Wayland Dupree (1867/8), possibly the child named Benjamin at his birth, recorded in Pittsylvania Co. on 14 Dec 1867. If he is W. R. Dupree, he is living in 1906, but nothing further ever found.
W7C. Minnie Dupree (1869- ). Nothing further known.
W7D. Timothy Dupree (1872- ). Nothing further known.
W7E. Roberson Dupree (1874- ) Nothing further known unless he, and not his brother, is W. R. Dupree who appears on deeds with his mother.

W8. Margaret Dupree (1841-1861/62?) m. 1861 Thaddeus P. Davenport. He married again in 1862, so I presume Margaret died. She has not been found in any censuses after 1860.